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Mahomes, Chiefs received their Super Bowl LVIII rings

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce & our Kansas City Chiefs flexed Super Bowl rings for the third time.

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  1. Them boys terrorizing the NFL right now, 3 rings and he ain’t even 30 yet, smh

  2. It’s crazy this man already got 3 I watched manning struggle for so long to get just one

  3. As a life long KC fan I can’t believe this, its exciting. 3 superbowl i never thought we would win one. Just being honest

  4. Big man Reid seems like the ONLY one who was forced into a picture with it on. If it were up to him, he probably wouldn’t even take it out of the dang box!!!!
    That man is a super special slice of dat Humble Pie!!!
    Coach Reid, this town couldn’t ask for a better coach, leader and mentor for all of our, talented yet sometimes crazy and stoopid young boys!!!! If you remain true to yourself, forget the three-peat, we gonna have a dang 5 or 6!!! peat!!!!! OUCH!!!

  5. Travis, that’s the only reason Taylor is with you. As soon as you don’t finish with a Superbowl ring she’s dumping you because she’s that superficial

  6. Mahomes is going to pass Brady. It’s just a matter of how long it’ll take him to do it

  7. Why are these overpaid athletes wearing dark shades indoors? People are definitely putting these individuals wrongly on a pedestal!

  8. I know it’s hard to stay humble after all these wins but remember “pride cometh before a great fall”. So please stay humble. It looks much better on you

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