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ESPN analyst callled Caitlin Clark a “white bitch” on TV

Caitlin catching hell from black players/YouTube

Racism hurting the WNBA. 

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BRISTOL — Uh-oh! Quondam NFL kicker Pat McAfee, host of ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show,” is under fire after he called Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark a “white bitch” during his monologue. Caitlin, a rookie selected No. 1 overall in this year’s WNBA Draft, is catching hell from black players because of her popularity. Since Caitlin entered the league, viewership is up, arenas are selling out, and players are now flying chartered instead of commercial. Yep, WNBA players are moving on up like George & Weezy. Not to mention, Caitlin signed a groundbreaking endorsement indenture with Nike worth $28 million over 8 years. And, as part of the deal, the company has agreed to give Caitlin her own signature shoe. Conversely, blacks aren’t garnering the same level of pecuniary love and they’re pissed. Chicago Sky guard Chennedy Carter shoved Caitlin to the floor in retaliation for getting elbowed. Fever coach Christie Sides told reporters she sent dirty plays to the league that show Caitlin “getting hammered.”

Race is definitely an issue in the WNBA.

Pat obviously felt the need to lash out on behalf of Caucasians.

“I would like the media people that continue to say, ‘This rookie class, this rookie class, this rookie class.’ Nah, just call it for what it is,” Pat ranted while presenting a slideshow. “There’s one White bitch for the Indiana team who is a superstar! Is there a chance that people just enjoy watching her play basketball because of how electrifying she is, what she did, what she stood for…? But instead we have to hear people say that we only like her ’cause she’s white and she’s only popular because the rest of the rookie class is doing what they’re doing. That’s a bunch of bullsh*t.”

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “The Jagerboos in the WNBA are angry because their ugly, man-like personas failed to attract the attention of men to the league. In all fairness, Caitlin Clark is no looker either. But apparently she’s got skills.”

Another chimed in with, “It’s very simple… bigoted lesbians with dark complexions are pissed off because a ‘white’ heterosexual woman can play basketball much better than they can. As a result, she garners more attention and money and they are all overtly bitter and jealous over it. They in turn are turning what should be a huge boon for the WNBA into making the league look like an even bigger joke than it’s ever been.”

A third person added, “As a former woke black person, I’m thrilled that these spineless, snowflake, sycophants are finally being exposed. I’m talking about the angry, petty, emotionally non-regulated, lesbian BLACK women.”

Caitlin said she doesn’t mind being bullied.

To her, it’s just part of the game.

“I grew up playing basketball with the boys, so, like, it’s always been physical and feisty and that’s what it is,” Caitlin said.

“You gotta find a way to hold your own.”

What’s my take?

The NBA is experiencing something homogeneous.

The league’s two best players, Luka Dončić and Nikola Jokić, are portly Europeans with zero athleticism.

But, like Caitlin, they’re fundamentally sound and lethal on the hardwood.

Many black players, in my opinion, rely too much on their physical qualities.

Caitlin is a cash cow because she can dribble, pass and shoot while preferencing the mental aspect of the game.

Her commerciality is based on those attributes.

That being said, being “white” certainly helps Caitlin — mainly because Caucasians dominate home attendance, season ticket sales and television viewership.

Case in point: Roughly 77,000 fans pack Arrowhead Stadium every Sunday to watch our repeat Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs — at least 60,000 of ’em are white.

Not to mention, all mainstream television networks have Caucasian proprietors.

Ditto for corporate advertisers and endorsement companies.

So there’s clear-cut, monetary advantages that come with being white.

That said, do you feel sorry for Caitlin?

Will jealousy destroy the WNBA?

Watch Pat call Caitlin a “white bitch” as a term of endearment.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. People are so mad that a straight white girl is center of attention and I’m ALL here for it! People are tired of having diversity pushed down their throats and it’s clear all the DEI players and managers are scared of what Caitlin Clark could mean for their careers!

  2. She’s the Larry Bird of the WNBA.

    Remember it was said by somebody on the Detroit Pistons “If Larry Bird were black, he would be just another player”….true story.

    They don’t like the fact that she is good and she captures the public spotlight. The women’s league should be glad to have her.

  3. If they lose Caitlin, they are back to commercial flights, low attendance, low viewership, and no more sponsors

  4. Same as the NBA! Hate on Jokic, Luka, and any white player that is better than them. WNBA is just the same. Women are even worse though. Hating on a white girl is the woke and acceptable thing to do with these folks. Hope Clark fights through the hate and takes over the WNBA and makes it better

  5. The media is to blame for all this drama, and it will continue to fan the flames.

  6. Caitlin Clark should sue Chennedy Carter for assault.

    Carter should be banned from the league and prosecuted.

    If the races were reversed Clark would be in jail now.

  7. Pat McAfee has such a way with words, apologize to CC but tell everyone else they can lump it. You can tell by his context he did not mean it to be disparaging. Men talk to their best friends like that.

  8. Here’s the raw truth everyone is afraid to publicly state. First of all, none of the new white conservative heterosexual fan base is in the least bit interested in Demon Reese! And no one should expect us to either! Only the Woke political movement would disagree. We are interested in the white, straight conservative player. There is nothing wrong with that! If white heterosexual conservative sponsors want to inject $ billions into the WNBA solely because of Clark , why do the black angry lesbians resent this? Jealousy that’s why! Ugly people are jealous of attractive people. Fact of life! Criminals are jealous of non criminals!. Fact of life! And black Demon Reese is jealous of white Caitlin Clark! Fact of life! White people prefer white heroes! Fact of life! This black on white violence will not end because black and white racism and violence never ended in North America. Racism against ghetto, looting, burning, criminal, Gangbanger blacks subsided after 911 because the we had Muslims, Islam and the middle east to hate! And with good reason! But now Clark has diverted the attention of millions of conservative white heterosexuals to women’s basketball, we don’t like what we’re are looking at one bit! We like Caitlin Clark and Kate Martin. But we are not interested in all the black ghetto culture and angry lesbian bullshit! And we tried to tolerate it right up until you started beating the shit out of our girl Caitlin. And now it feels a lot like the black players are using Clark as a whipping post to vent their hatred against whites !

  9. Angel Reese still believes that she is the reason people are watching. It’s always “I” with her. Meanwhile, CC always says “people are watching our team” not people are watching me. She always acknowledges her team, or the whole WNBA.

  10. Clark just should make the money sign after every score she makes make them more jealous

  11. Clark does not belong in the wnba.. She should of stayed in college one more year. She can’t play defense and she definitely has no handles. All she does is go left and shoot. I know Nike is regretting giving her that huge deal. Lol.

  12. Caitlin Clark is why the WNBA is being viewed. NOT ANGEL RESEE!! Just No. 22 in Indy!

  13. CC paid by NIKE 28M and more MILLIONS from other endorsments . THAT’S WHY THEY ARE JEALOUS

  14. Why is the “it’s because she’s white” even a thing? If a black superstar showed up in the NHL and black people suddenly were packing NHL arenas to watch him, he’d be hailed as basically Martin Luther King 2.0

  15. I just want to be on the” No Holds Barred “ No one is talking about the fact that C.C. just elbowed Carter in the face. If we going to tell a story tell the whole story. Don’t make Caitlin out to be a soft ass. I am a CC fan but I don’t want her coddled ball out and prove

  16. Shut that shit up bra, keep it classy, she is a hellva ball player and will be one of the faces of the league going forward, but stop that classy shit, cause during the tournament the last 2yrs SHE WAS TALKING CASH SHIT TO EVERYONE , was that classy or just playing ball

  17. Imagine it was a black girl being treated like Ms. Clark.. the racism cries would be louder than you could ever imagine

  18. Facts! Caitlin should just start her own league and let wnba perish

  19. People are so fucking offended over anything these days. This is so stupid

  20. He was giving her her flowers!!! Using street talk. Yall grow up and get out ur feelings

  21. It’s called white girl hair jealousy.. Just look at how these black girls want that soft bouncy flowing hair they can never have..

  22. WNBA is wild. Complains that’s no one cares or gives them their spotlight. An amazing player comes in and brings attention to the league and they complain about everything under the sun. I guess we could go back never talking about the W.

  23. He loves her. Thinks she is the reason the WNBA is popular now. If you don’t watch his show you don’t know how he talks. He should apologize for NOTHING. Rock on Pat.

  24. If he had said “black bitch” he would be immediately fired regardless of the context, just sayin

  25. Had any journalist of color said what Pat said, ESPN would’ve fired him immediately!!!!!!!!! #Fact

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