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Love Stinks 101: Why men prefer a bad smelling vulva

Jessika Patten elucidates reasons why nasty men prefer a malodorous coochie prior to having sex.

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  1. Funky musty P🐱 is good P🐱. No fishy smell, but that musty P🐱 tells me she’s turned on and wanna smash.

  2. I was hitting my girl and i smelled a foul scent that she never had. I knew she had cheated. My joe went soft and i got off of her told her to douche. I wasnt mad i was not with that stanky nut some other dude left in her. Trifling of her but women are.

  3. I guess different strokes for different folks. For me, there’s NO WAY I could go through an episode with a smelly woman. I’ll literally get sick and quit cold turkey! Present yourself to me in the same respect you expect me to present myself to you.

  4. O no, A stinky pussy is an unclean pussy. unless we just came off long hike or left the gym. But that would be sweaty not stinky. Matter of fact, If I take out a woman and her armpits stink. I will be taking her straight home after the date and that will be the last date. Even with myself, I recently started dating . I was over this lady house and we got into some heavy petting. I thinking this woke up my testosterone because my testicle funk went into overdrive and I told her I’ll see you tomorrow. Even though I’m 64, When I got home I smelled like I had hit puberty all over again.

  5. I knew a young girl that could clear rooms when she took her underwear off.

  6. I noticed a drastic change in my smell after eating so much junk food and drinking a ton of soda. I thought it was about my diet and turns out it is

  7. There’s some nasty men out here. Aint no way Im putting my mouth on a dirty coochie.

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