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City Girl Judge terminated after assaulting an officer

Christina assaulted a police officer/YouTube

Atlanta judge strikes cop. 

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ATLANTA — First, Fani Willis. Now this. This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to quondam Douglas County probate judge Christina Peterson who was removed from the bench after she was caught on video assaulting a police officer in front of dozens of witnesses. The frenzied ordeal transpired around 3 a.m. on June 20, 2024 outside the Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. Bodycam footage shows Christina pushing the cop in the chest and swiping away his hands as he’s busy de-escalating a situation involving a security guard escorting a female patron out of the nightclub. “Let her f*cking go, let her f*cking go!” Christina yelled. The 38-year-old Democrat, visibly drunk as hell, claimed she was simply trying to protect the woman from an abusive man. During the donnybrook, Christina asked her BFF to “record, please.”

She also told the arresting officer, “God is not pleased… I want to get booked. I’ll be in here with Young Thug and Woody.”

When asked to give her name, Christina told him, “You can Google me and find me anywhere in America,” before adding, “F*ck you!”

A barefoot Christina was handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police cruiser. She was also arrested and charged with simple battery and obstruction of justice. The Judicial Qualifications Commission found her guilty of “systemic incompetence” and the Supreme Court of Georgia had her jettisoned from the bench. She’s also banned from being elected or appointed to any future judicial position in Georgia for seven years.

Christina’s lawyer, Marvin Arrington Jr., called the fracas a good deed gone wrong.

It’s his assertion had Christina not intervened, the assailant would’ve beat the woman’s ass.

The victim concurred, saying, “He viciously attacked me, punched me in my face and Judge Peterson was the only one to help me.”

Marvin also questioned why the attacker wasn’t arrested while Christina was.

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, “This woman WAS a judge? How on earth did she manage that in the first place? Where are our standards?”

Another viewer added, “Utterly disgusting behavior. Alcohol shows your true colors. Glad she is off the bench.”

Sadly, acting inappropriate is nothin’ new to Christina.

Since being sworn into office in December 2020, babygirl has faced a whopping 50 counts of misconduct.


Watch Christina act a damn fool.

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  1. Judges and Psychiatrists: if they weren’t on one side of the bench/desk, they’d be on the other.

  2. She was actually breaking up a fight & the cops thought she was fighting so they did this sister dirty she about to get paid

  3. Everyone in the US of A knows why she got the job. No, it wasn’t her education, her legal knowledge nor her vast experience that got her the job in the first place.
    She got it because she’s a bf.
    Now, as everyone can see, she’s been fired for acting like a bf.
    When someone does it to themselves… is it still considered stereotyping? LOL!!!

  4. God help us if she’s in charge of judging justice! This is why our country sucks now. Look who sits in our highest, most respected positions.

  5. A judge is still clubbing. Shows her decision making. She wouldve never had to defend an uruly woman if she hadnt been there to begin with.

  6. Imagine all judges would start going to night clubs and criminals to church. That would be Isaiah 5:20

  7. She ended her career! As a Judge you have to change your lifestyle. Your lifestyle affects your career. They both must line up the same. I hate this happened.

  8. I don’t care what yall talking about it’s something going on period

  9. This video does not prove that she hit the officer. However, it seems as though they are using this opportunity that they’ve been looking for to fire her because of some of the ethic issues they already had with her on the bench unfortunately, she gave them what they were looking for while trying to be a good Samaritan at the same time.

  10. America is fast becoming a clown nation. Somebody pleeease tell me… Who made this joke a judge?

  11. So many people here have convicted her already. It’s not even clear she committed a crime. Wonder if she’d get the same treatment if she was white.

  12. Shes a probate judge! So it’s not like she’s going to be judging real criminal cases she just decides what happens to people’s belongings after they’re dead… She shouldn’t even be able to decide that

  13. She has no right to judge or sentence anyone when she’s out in public acting like that that’s absolutely crazy she needs to no longer be allowed to be a judge. Glad she was fired asap.

  14. A judge shouldn’t be hanging out in a night club anyway.
    Somethings you just can’t do as a judge.

  15. I agree the judge was wrong.
    But why we can’t have this same energy for President Trump. I agree she’s not acting like the officer of the court.
    No more than he acts like a leader of this country.
    But y’all want this woman jail for breaking two laws,
    Trump is free on 30 something counts
    And was found guilty.
    She was released from her job
    But we gone have a convicted felon as president.
    Show me the balance.

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