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Anti-Vax Hate Radio: Howard Stern says unvaccinated folks deserve COVID death

Howard and Robin hammer unvaxxed.  Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — It’s open season on unvaccinated Americans and Howard Stern has anti-vaxxers lined up within the crosshairs of his media rifle. The 67-year-old radio personality spewed a profanity-laced diatribe Tuesday morning, saying those who eschew Bill Gates’ COVID vaccine deserve to die. Howard, an advocate of involuntary inoculations, said ...

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Satan Video: Netflix released trailer for “Lucifer” season 6 and it looks devilish

Netflix released “Lucifer” trailer.  Blog King, Mass Appeal HOLLYWOOD — “Sin and sinner.” Netflix released the season 6 trailer for “Lucifer” and it looks devilish. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, God jettisoned Lucifer from heaven and expedited his ass to hell to rule for all eternity. But, after succumbing to ennui, Lucifer infiltrated earth through a parallel dimension. Now ...

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Black Lightning star vs. Illuminati?

China McClain is leaving ‘The CW.’   Blog King, Mass Appeal ATLANTA — China Anne McClain, who plays Jennifer Pierce in The CW superhero series “Black Lightning” raised eyebrows the other day when she released a video professing Christianity and how her faith in God coincides with the cancellation of the show. Despite three successful seasons, “Black Lightning” is calling it ...

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