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Russian President Putin proclaims Jesus is black

Putin had the guts to tell the truth/YouTube

Putin says Jesus is black. 

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MOSCOW — Russia President Vladimir Putin set the internet ablaze the other day when he disseminated a video that shows him telling his soldiers, “Jesus is black.” Critics, of course, are trying to discredit the video. But, if you read your Bible (Revelation 1:14-15), here’s the physical description: “His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes like a flame of fire; His feet were like fine brass, as if refined in a furnace, and his voice as the sound of many waters.” Well, I’ll be damned. Putin is telling the truth. Now the million dollar question: Who’s the white dude in the portrait? Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “When did they start lying to us that Jesus was white?” Another chimed in with, “Thanks Putin for the truth. I salute you for that. And to you white-skinned people, please don’t feel bad. We are still one in the eyes of the Lord. Putin is only unveiling the truth.” A third person added, “Putin revealed the truth about Jesus to expose the lies of white supremacy. It’s making white folks upset because they are forced to accept the truth and can’t control the lies anymore!!!”

What’s my take? Well… I looked in the mirror this morning and, guess what? I resemble Jesus. So do many of you. It’s plain as day. Even Stevie Wonder can see it. I possess a few white follicles of hair, and it’s wooly too — especially when I grow it out. I’m blessed with a bronze dermis and, after a few drinks, my eyes are as red as a campfire. My voice even sounds like a tsunami when I’m pissed.

People get scared of me and everything.

Man, I can’t believe it.

We are indeed created in God’s image.

No wonder Satan hates our guts.

We’re a spitting image of the Messiah.

Heck, I figure as long as I don’t screw up too much, I’m practically a shoo-in for heaven.

Dude, this really made my day.

About to celebrate with a cold beverage.

Wish Jesus was here to turn my bottled water into wine.

Telling you dawg, I’m sated with newfound confidence.

Y’all better start kissing my ass; might need me as a reference on Judgment Day.

Y’all can start by distributing reparations.

I’m serious.

The Bible doesn’t lie.

Neither does the mirror.

The resemblance to Jesus is merely a biblical fact.

There has to be value in that.

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  1. God bless Russia and president Putin for bringing up the truth about black people and black Jesus Christ .🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. First it’s the white man’s religion. He done stole y’alls heritage and traditions and made you worship his false idols. Now it’s Jesus was black, and whitey changed his identity. Can y’all please make up your mind?


  4. So why are some Russians so racist….??? a lot of Europeans are, those who claimed they worship the black mary and baby in Italy, Greece, Switzerland and Germany…etc….Are the most racist….makes no sense to me…Spiritual Jealousy? Guilt? Judgement will expose the hearts of men and women….

  5. I get it but black people still looking for someone to save you save yourself.

  6. They are doing a great job with mind control aren’t they. If Jesus ever existed why did he shift from races each day lol? Nothing divine has a face similar to that of a human’s or an animal’s. Soon y’all will make him look like your rulers and presidents. Stop with all of this religious bull$h!t. And those scripts are dirty af, they need to be cleaned better.

  7. I can see that hell is going to be full of white people. Many will not bow to Christ when he returns because of the color of his skin. They will deny him and try to kill him again.Unfortunately for them this time the bible says he is coming with a sword. They would rather die and go to hell than bow down and repent.Yashua will oblige them.

  8. Putin never said that. It was a fake translation of his speech. Guys, stop being naive

  9. If you read the book of Duderonomy you’ll see that it explains why we as black people have gone through what we’ve gone through and why we don’t know who we are… it’s part of the curse in the Bible and your answers are all found there. Join the walk people. Now that you know what are you gonna do with it make it work and do what we’re supposed to do educate others and live a life that is ours taking back what is ours what is our inherited right spiritually as well as physically

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