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American Idol’s Mandisa found dead in her house

Mandisa found dead in Nashville/YouTube

Mandisa dead at age 47.

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NASHVILLE — “🎵It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.🎵” American Idol alum Mandisa Lynn Hundley has migrated to that big recording studio in the sky. The Grammy Award winning singer kicked the bucket last Thursday. She was only 47. Mandisa was found deceased inside her home in Nashville, Tennessee. Cause of death unknown. “At this time, we do not know the cause of death or any further details,” Mandisa’s rep told CBS News. “We ask for your prayers for her family and close-knit circle of friends during this incredibly difficult time.” Because Mandisa struggled with mental illness, there’s reason to believe she committed suicide. If you recall, during a 2017 interview with “Good Morning America,” Mandisa admitted she contemplated killing herself. “It got pretty bad — to the point where if I had not gotten off that road, I would not be sitting here today,” she said. “I was this close to listening to that voice that told me, ‘You can be with Jesus right now, Mandisa. All you have to do is take your life.’ It almost happened. But God is what I say. He saved my life quite literally.”

The plus-size vocalist competed on season 5 of American Idol, finishing in 9th place. Mandisa would go to have a phenomenal career in Christian music. She won a Grammy for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Album” in 2014 for her album “Overcomer.” And, she received 5 nominations. “Mandisa loved Jesus, and she used her unusually extensive platform to talk about him at every turn,” said David Pierce, media officer at Christian radio network K-Love.

“Her kindness was epic, her smile electric, her voice massive, but it was no match for the size of her heart.”

Mandisa, if you recall, forgave American Idol judge Simon Cowell for calling her fat on national television.

“Do we have a bigger stage this year?” Simon cracked after Mandisa made it through to Hollywood following her 2006 audition.

She’s been insecure ever since.

Man, depression is a bitch.

Do you think Mandisa committed suicide?

If so, is it possible to get into heaven?

Was she sacrificed by the Illuminati?

Watch Mandisa discuss her struggles in her last livestream before death.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. It’s so sad because people who’s really hurting are the biggest advocates on social media…I think they use it in attempt to help them get through but I don’t think it’s healthy because they’re lying to themselves! ️

  2. It’s so sad that black women still suffer from being insecure about being black! We just have to truly believe it and let it go! I’m a light skinned black women and I remember having insecurities because my ex used to cheat on me with Spanish women. What I had to do is get me a man who loved my kinky hair and my thickness. Although, as I gotten older I allowed myself to love myself for who I was kinky hair and all.

  3. May the LORD almighty have mercy and grace in her soul and she can finally rest spirit! Satan won’t win!!! I’m sadden by this as I would listen to her song “Good Morning”… RIP my sister!!

  4. I have kinky blonde hair and have been made fun of most of my life. This is really sad. I’m 57 and I am just in the last year getting to be ok with my hair. People are cruel! I wish I could have been her friend. I only have 1 and I rarely get to see her. Life is so lonely!

  5. Stress and depression can weaken the body… I hope her soul is now at peace.

  6. One thing I tell myself when going through hardships; There is no way I can suffer worry and anxiety when Christ told me to cast my burdens to Him. Whatever it is, I taught myself not to care. I give my troubles to Him and sleep peacefully…And everything is sorted sooner or later. I even forget about the problem; and trust me they are many. Stop caring, let your Heavenly Father do the worrying, relax in Him. That’s what Faith is. It took two depression seasons to learn this. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you.

  7. The question is, why are these young to middle-aged ppl getting sick and dying.
    I think I may know: but we can’t solve a problem that the collective will not admit.
    RiP I hope more can awaken.

  8. And she never got to be married here. But she got married in heaven to Jesus. Thank you Mandisa for being a big inspiration to me in my childhood and teenhood ️

  9. It is definitely a battle, but when those negative thoughts and feelings come to you, you have to command them to go in Jesus’s name! You can’t call it back by saying I battle with depression or stuggle with depression! You have to make sure after to cast that spirit out, you keep it out by confessing it is gone in Jesus’ name!

  10. I clean part-time at night for a second job, and listen to music while I work. “Good News” by Mandisa came on, and it was just heartbreaking to hear. I pray she is resting in God’s Arms now, and at peace. Rest in Heaven and fly high, beautiful Mandisa

  11. People who claim Christ is their savior need to stop saying she is in hell if she killed herself. If she could send herself to hell by suicide that means she was her own savior. We are not saved by our obedience and do not go to hell for disobedience, people, this is what Paul’s letters and Galatians was all about. Going to heaven is a free gift! That sounds blasphemous to human minds who want to be their own God, but it is the gospel.

  12. Mandisa said in her own words that she won’t suffer pain and hurt once she departs and leaves the earth that message from her literally sent chills throughout my entire body ,i knew then at that very moment..she had to have been suffering from severe case of deep dark depression…. and lo and behold my greatest fears were true cone to find out she’d been struggling with depression since the passing of her most endearing beloved friend First Lady Lakesha Mitchell back in 2014 oh my God friends and family and friends of God depression is a silent killer RIP beautiful Mandisa you will never ever be forgotten

  13. Even if she did take her life her family has not said the cause of death yet. So you should not be posting blogs like this.

  14. I dealt with depression for a year, but with God’s perfect help…I am depression FREE now for 22 yrs now!!! Glory Hallelujah!!

  15. She was trying to encourage herself in the Lord. Mental illness is real. So sad.

  16. Another “Whitney” gone wrong!!!
    Sold her soul for the treasures of THIS SATANIC WORLD️
    Period. End of story.

  17. Im sad she never got to experience marriage or motherhood. im 42, never been married, but i am a mother. I’ve been single for 14 yrs.

  18. There has to be a Special Place in Heaven for black women because we have to endure so much in this life

  19. It’s all Simons fault, he put her down, Simon has to watch what he says on AMERICAN IDOL

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