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Chappelle ‘slams’ Candace Owens, Laura Ingraham & Trump in his Netflix Special

Dave Chappelle hammers media. Blog King, Mass Appeal YELLOW SPRINGS — Never one to bite his tongue, Dave Chappelle delivers his best Richard Pryor impersonation in his Netflix stand-up special titled “8:46,” which references the length of time former police officer Derek Chauvin genuflected on the scruff of George Floyd prior to his death via asphyxiation. “This man kneeled on ...

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Following a 35-year hiatus, Eddie Murphy returned to emcee “Saturday Night Live”

Eddie Murphy returns to SNL.  Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — After a 35-year hiatus, Eddie Murphy brought his black ass back to “Saturday Night Live” to host the season finale. R&B vocalist Lizzo was the musical guest. During his opening monologue, Eddie was interrupted by comedians Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Kenan Thompson. The Brooklyn native ...

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Comedienne Mo’Nique files discrimination lawsuit against Netflix over Amy Schumer

Mo’Nique files Netflix lawsuit.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Mo’Nique is finally putting her attorney fees where her mouth is. After spending the past few months bitchin’ and complainin’ about Netflix policies, the blackballed actress is suing the popular streaming service for racial and gender discrimination. In the lawsuit, the 51-year-old comedienne is accusing Netflix of paying Amy ...

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