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Dave Chappelle: He’s either ‘cloned’ or has an imposter

Real Dave vs Fake Dave/YouTube

Dave Chappelle has a clone. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Uh-oh! YouTube vlogger Jake the A$$hole released an explosive documentary that gives veracity to the notion Dave Chappelle has been cloned. If you recall, the 49-year-old humorist walked away from a $50 million dollar gig at Comedy Central in 2005 after having an acute conclave with Illuminati confrères. They proferred suggestions on how to modify “Chappelle’s Show” before imploring him to don female raiments during comedy sketches. Dave was so terrified, he migrated to Africa without notifying his wife ‘n’ kids. A year later he returned to Hollywood, did a sedentary chinwag with Oprah, and he ain’t been himself since. That’s because Dave has been replaced with an imposter — or a clone — with a buff physique and lighter skin complexion. Plus, Dave’s cousin said was extirpated and supplanted when he rebuffed the Illuminati’s cross-dressing proposal.

Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “When I first saw Dave when he returned, my first thought was that can’t be Dave. It was obvious. It’s either a clone or a close body double with a ridiculous huge body.” Another chimed in with, “Yes, he most definitely has been replaced.” A third observer added, “He was killed, cloned and replaced just like Kevin Hart who died in that car crash.”

Will you miss the old Dave?

Should we cancel his phony replacement?

Can the Illuminati be stopped?

Check out the documentary, Oprah interview, and cousin’s testimony.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I knew there wuz sumthin up with that nigga……. dont even look like Dave

  2. So are we ruling out the fact that he has aged 17 years since 2006, and has smoked cigarettes that entire time? What even is the basis for this theory, Dave looks different now? Idk about you, but I don’t look the way I did in 2006.

    It is such a massive leap to jump to him being a clone or replaced with an “imposter”.

  3. The hand to the side of the face Oprah with the one finger up by her eye . That’s a sign . Shes disgusted with him . When he was on comedy central her and Cosby tried to get him to tone it down about giving blacks a bad name . Id be surprised if Dave made it to the air port that day to go to Africa. I think they got him before he got there .

  4. They did the best they could they use facial recognition software and everything… they got the closest person they could but, it’s obvious to me, and when he came out w/ one pant leg rolled up in the special he did w/ the one dude that sings I forgot his name. I knew… mission completed Dave’s gone.

  5. The dress deal, was the reason they replaced him… he wasn’t compliant and proved he could not be under control,,, and him talking about it on Oprah sealed his fate… he was un compliant w/ the rituals, and speaking about it broke the vow of silence.

  6. @See No Evil: I agree. He sold his soul and then didn’t abide by his contract. That is grounds for being executed and replaced.

  7. After watching this Netflix show called the travelers…… I see this and I understand that this isn’t the same Dave from 2006. That was the last time we as the world saw him. They killed the Dave that was the type to take a stand for what he believed in, took his body and there’s a new consciousness within the body one they can control and make money off of and push their agendas further!

    There’s no amount of money in the world to make a positive person go against what they believe in as seen before he walked away from 50 million. The only type of people to accept that is those that view money as the ultimate goal, and once they see that with that amount of money comes a life of control! If he walked away from it then, it should indicate that Dave never went into comedy and stand ups for money he did it so he could bring awareness to the minds of people in the world on how it really goes and that alone brought him joy and peace knowing he made a difference!

    Now after all these years they finally are able to bring out their work and put the body back into the spotlight but that isn’t the same soul in there! They injected his face to make him appear as if he gotten older and fatter but you can see it took them some time and work and they can never recreate what is already original but if they can fool 90% of the people they are fine with that! This place is always trying to recreate what God has already created, you can’t clone an original in no type of way and that’s what makes everyone in this world unique because there’s only one you! People will sellout themselves to be someone else and that’s what happens in the world and in Hollywood you have to be someone else something else and you don’t belong to yourself anymore you’re owned by someone or something else!

    I know there will still be some folks to say these things aren’t possible but if you believe that you believe there’s a fat white man with a beard that has reindeers chauffeuring him around on December 25th to bring you gifts!

  8. It’s the real Dave he’s just old as f**k and worn from all the weed smoking

  9. @GreekPerspective: I think the old Dave had stories of the Illuminati coming after him. I don’t believe this is the real Dave at all. Aging is a Mf but I don’t buy he just aged.

  10. I AGREE 100%! This is NOT—- I repeat——- NOT Dave Chappel. He may look somewhat like him, but his mannerisms are different, he’s not funny at all, and I feel like this dude is emitting a FAKE vibe all around in his aura. RIP The real Dave. You were a funny, funny dude.

  11. Oprah looks horrified because he’s breaking the vow of silence

  12. Yeah, when he supposedly came back I knew that was not Dave. Just no way he would be what they made him out to be. Absolutely sad.

  13. @Rocker Chick: I agree, I couldn’t even handle his new special on Netflix, not even the same vibe as the old Dave

  14. Doood.. See how agitated she is!!! That evil beeotch is involved Opra is a satanworshipping evil witch.!! Fukuopra!

  15. I don’t even think Oprah Winfrey is the same person. I think the change came around when her magazine Harpo started around 2000

  16. Did you guys notice the Will Smith Oscar slap that wasn’t Chris Rock they should do an exact same video on Chris Rock that mother f*** looked not like Chris Rock

  17. No one is going to lie to me
    He came back looking like a damn gerbil 🐹

  18. Oprah was the head man in Chicago of the Illuminati. He probably took the down elevator that very day after the show. Eventually they moved the operation to Ellen’s Island. Oh, yeah they replaced Oprah with a puppet as well at some point. Fat Oprah, or skinny Oprah? Can’t decide. Watch the Donald Marshall interviews if you haven’t.

  19. i don’t believe this new guy is dave at all. his politics did a 180. i’ve dug into this topic and found tons of changes. i am convinced that is not Dave.I am a skinny life long smoker and i’ve learned tobacco stunts your growth. I can not put on a pound to save my life. I don’t see how on earth he packed on that weight all while being a chain smoker. not possible. Dave was also friends with Conan Obrien, he was on his show countless times. since new dave arrived conan and “dave” haven’t spoken once. that’s the rumor. Conan knows. I was always a huge chappelle fan i didn’t fall for it for a single second. miss you Dave

  20. Kamala Harris and Adele are obvious clones too. The new Kamala has black eyes. The old one had light brown
    The new Adele is totally different

  21. I don’t think that the real Dave Chapelle is still alive . This new dave chapelle , isn’t funny , not in your face Dave Chapelle kind of way . He is not spontaneous , there is nothing funny about this dave chapelle. It’s like he has no more ideals or jokes in his head and when he tries to tell a joke , it’s just flat ! But don’t mention God Almighty Jahweh or his son Yahshua Ha Mashiyah’s name , cause you will be blocked out or lose the connection . People this real ! Pray and praise God Almighty Jahweh in Yahshua Ha Mashiyah’s name . It’s not Hollywood any more it’s Hellyworld now ! God Almighty Jahweh is and will always be in control , Thanks to God Almighty Jahweh in Yahshua Ha Mashiyah’s name .

  22. Let me point this out. Real Dave Chapelle would never wear GRILLS. This nigga had diamond grills on at mark twain or whatever.


  24. I studied anatomy and do not believe Dave is the same person because all of his features are a different size and shape. Maybe not very different but different enough, also the amount of space between his features are all different. For example: the amount of space between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip, the bottom of the nose to the outer edge of the eye etc. Also the shape and size of his skull is different. His voice has changed, but not just the pitch changed, he no longer has a lisp. His lisp was so evident before also the delivery of his speech has changed as well. The mannerism of how he spoke is not the same. But besides his physical appearance and voice change HE is different, you cannot put your finger on it but hes not the same. Dave was a down to earth, humble laid back conservative who would have never walk back what he said. The soul behind the window of the eyes is a dead give away. Dave always had love exuding from his eyes. This new Dave’s eyes exude arrogance. His cousin said his whole family was switched out because they knew it wasn’t him. Don’t know what they did, but I do know in my heart and eyes that is not Dave.

  25. When these Celebretie$ sign their name in their Blood on the dotted line, they sign their own death certificate. The enemy of mans souls is now spiritually able to use their likeness, their name, etc. No, it is not Dave Chappelle any more. It is likeness of Dave that is acting under orders from the Evil one.

  26. I’m a natural hair care specialist, even his hair texture is different his mustache hair was thin, fine and straight. I don’t know what that is growing above his lip.

  27. Idk how cloning works. And I don’t think even steroids could change your body and mind either in a years time. But do believe they replaced him with ‘something’. He leaves for Africa saying the hell with the money. Comes back and he’s all for it? I believe he didn’t play ball like these nameless people wanted, so they replaced him with whatever that is who would for them.

  28. Dave wouldn’t sell out so they offed him and cloned hin. He was making them billions of dollars and they weren’t gonna let him stop

  29. When I was a teenager my best friend was obsessed with Dave Chappelle, then recently I seen some footage of him and I was like that’s not him,, age and weight don’t change a face that much and mannerisms are stuck with you your whole life,,

  30. I dunno man, it could be just that he’s getting older, but there’s something I can’t put my finger on that seems off. I think it may be the eyes, old Dave had a warm friendly look in his eyes, now they seem colder and kind of vacant tbh, I remember seeing his 1st netflixs special and how jarring it was, something was off.

  31. Idk if he’s been cloned, or replaced by a lookalike , but I agree that whoever or whatever this is , that’s not Dave… just his cadence alone is a dead giveaway , not to mention his features, and body language. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  32. Fake Dave. Either cloned or trained likeness because certain tendencies can’t be changed, mimicked but certain traits cannot be mastered with a big personality like the Real Dave Chappelle. Also to alter his physique would take too long to bulk and gain that much muscle. Speech patterns don’t line up, smoking still wouldn’t do that much damage.

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