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Lady killed by man she met online during their 1st date

Eleni Topaloudi brutally murdered/YouTube

Popsy killed on the first date. 

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ATHENS — When online dating goes fatally wrong. YouTube vlogger Anna Solves released the murder documentary of 21-year-old Eleni Topaloudi who was raped and tortured by a man she met on Facebook and, get this: She was killed on their first date. The femicide transpired on November 27, 2018 in Athens, Greece. Eleni, who was sick and tired of being alone, received a Facebook message from 19-year-old Aleksandër Luca — an Albanian immigrant who lived nearby. The horny teenager pulled into Eleni’s apartment complex around 10 p.m. to pick her up. But he wasn’t alone. Aleksandër was accompanied by his Greek friend, 20-year-old Manolis Koukouras, who was chillin’ in the back seat. Eleni anticipated a one-on-one tryst. She felt a third wheel would only get in the way. But she went along with it anyway to eschew being rude.

Manolis comes from a very wealthy family. They own 60 percent of the real estate in Greece, and that includes businesses and restaurants. So instead of taking Eleni to a bistro, the fellas inveigled her into joining them at a summer house owned by Manolis’ parents. Eleni never stood a chance. As soon as she got inside, the predators raped her, beat her with a clothes iron, stabbed her multiple times, then dumped her into the sea. Eleni’s corpse was found by two fishermen 24 hours later.

Aleksandër and Manolis were arrested and charged with murder. The trial lasted 2 years mainly because Manolis’ parents expended boatloads of mazuma to keep him out of jail. First, they coerced court members into recruiting an all-male jury. Then, they had the female prosecutor ambushed while she was headed home. Fortunately, the tactics weren’t enough to sabotage the case.

That’s because two female victims from the past testified against Aleksandër and Manolis.

Turns out, both have a history of victimizing women.

The jury had heard enough.

Ditto for the judge.

Aleksandër and Manolis were convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

To add sodomy to incarceration, both were raped by inmates which goes to show karma is a bitch.

One mo’ thing.

Call it déjà vu but in 2017, Eleni was offered a ride by three men at a party.

Instead of taking her home, the fellas took her to a secluded place and gang-raped her.

Eleni survived that lapse in judgment.

But she paid the price this time.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Her weakness ,she didn’t know nothing good comes from the internet….her parents didn’t raise her right….too bad for her… easy

  2. If youre going to date people you meet online do NOT let them pick you up!! Make plans to meet at a public place. But if you do decide to let them pick you up, and theres an extra person there do not get in the vehicle!!! While i feel like this is common sense stuff, a lot of people do it. Especially in the moment because you dont want to appear “rude” or you feel like you may just be overreacting.

  3. i’m sorry i know it’s his fault but it’s also partially her fault. Common sense.. don’t get into a car with two men you DON’T know.. i know she was looking for love and everything but don’t allow it to make you stupid. And she did it twice! Why didn’t you learn girl?

  4. Now days u can not trust any one
    These two were heartless 😈😈
    Now they get what they deserve in prison
    Prays to family and friends

  5. So she got in a car with two males. One she didn’t know from a can of paint? Better judgement could have had a better result! Why do women get stuck on stupid when it comes to men? Like you coulda simply turned around and went back into your house but nooooo you wanna impress a boy & look at what happened 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. She should of went with her gut instinct when she hesitated when seeing another person going with them. So sad !😭😫

  7. It was her fault! She went with two strange men to an unknown place at night.

  8. Manolis’ parents have blood all over their hands! Thinking that they are above the law and their evil son should get away with such an horrific crime that includes murder reveals their true nature. They literally made a monster! I feel that life should mean life, not just a set amount of years. If you purposely take a life that is not due to self-defense, then your life should end up in prison until your death. I hope these two men get what they deserve while in prison. My thoughts and prayers are with Eleni’s parents, family and friends. She was naive to go out with someone she only knew on FB for one week, especially allowing him to come to her apartment to pick her up. Meeting someone you don’t know in public is the safest choice. Still, she was young and naive, and no one deserves to die because they made the wrong choice. RIP, Eleni.

  9. The 1st red flag to me was a stranger picking u up at 10pm for s 1st date…. thats late, especially since u dont know each other

  10. Those guys had abs. She knew what she wanted. And they took what they wanted.

  11. Y’all chase that 6 foot (+) muscle bound dude. Not understanding, he can and will turn that prowess on you. Males are not your protectors and providers. They are your predators. The mass majority of them have degeneracy on the brain at all times. They are the number one reason women exit this world before their time. You are supposed to be hyper aware and critical of them. Never go anywhere alone with one. Especially if you aren’t packing that cold steel.

  12. I believe that, The biggest criminals in the 🌎 are either Wealthy families, White Collars, Police and The Crown🤔 I’m sorry but that’s my opinion because I’ve seen to much of this crime going on and Police not helping but always trying to sweep a complaint like this Under there dirty Rug😡

  13. Ted Bundy once said that people would accommodate him because they were “more afraid of being rude than dying.” If you feel you’re in danger, being rude can save your life.

  14. Sadly, nowadays its survival of the fittest, if you are feeling odd about something/someone, thinking someone would not do this, you are wrong, 2 random f*cks killed a woman in a terrible way that night because she was too kind to accept or trust her guts, always trust your guts, keep an eye on your back

  15. I can’t imagine the horrific pain she went through, how disgusting are those 2 idiots for taking her life away. My opinion for all the ladies out there please don’t trust anybody just for looks, if you go out in a date give friends your location, take a mini knife in your purse, pepper spray or anything that can help you defend yourself.. specially don’t let nobodypick you up from your house, instead meet the person in a public place..

  16. I am from GREECE. this case shocked the whole world. they were all crying because of the horrible torture they did to Eleni Topaloudi. an equally shocking Greek case is that of Pispirigou. of a mother who killed all three of her girls so that her husband would not divorce her.

  17. Instead of fighting against femicide can we focus on teaching both females and males basic personal safety. I mean predators will always exist, but it doesn’t make sense to make it easy for them to make you their victim. Stories like this are ridiculous because they’re so avoidable.

  18. This story really pissed me off.. i cant believe what was said to defend those piles of shit and how that country is still living in ancient times. It is truly unimaginably disgusting. I literally got sick to my stomach that these disgusting creatures are still breathing. I pray what is done to them in prison continues and hopefully takes their life.

  19. I’m not being rude,or disrespectful
    But WHY WHY do women go with total strangers,I mean it was a red flag before she get into the van,two men against a young lady,she being the weaker one

  20. I went on a date with a very beautiful guy from a campus. I was preparing for a week to finally go on a romantic date but when we met he said let’s leave all hypocrisy and not have a date but have sex instead coz eventually we will have sex anyway so why wasting time. I started complaining and he said that I must be beaten so I immediately rushed towards a crowded spot and waited until he leaves I was very scared.

  21. Disturbing how she was gang raped, then a year later one of the friends of one of the gang rapists targeted her again. The police there are horrible, or this wouldn’t be happening so regularly and easily.

  22. Lets hope they both continue to get themselves a second arsehole torn, over the next 25

  23. That was despicable. It is one thing when parents try to save their psycho kid, and a whole other level of sociopathy to slander the very victim of the shithead they raised. It is unbelievable that femicide isn’t recognized as a crime in greece. May they never see the light of day again. Glad to hear they are getting raped in prison.

  24. First red flag: the guy bought another male individual to their date! I would turn down the guy flat right there and then. Ladies know your worth…💪🙅‍♀️

  25. Manolis & Alekandor – Cold hearted EVIL monsters, that thought they were above the law. 25yrs, not long enough…😠😠 Sick of these rich people thinking they can get away with anything simply because Mommy & daddy will get them off the hook. It’s sickening…😡 I hope they enjoy their time in prison. Like they say Karma’s a bitch..always comes back to bite you on the ass.😂😂😂
    RIP Eleni 😢🥀🙏
    Love, healing & prayers to family & friends. 🙏❣️🙏🌹❤️🌹❣️🌹

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