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Black Panther actress gay?

Kehlani & Letitia got freaky/The Feed

Letitia & Kehlani go viral. 

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LONDON — Welp, she looked butch as hell in “Wakanda Forever.” Now we know why. A viral TikTok video shows “Black Panther” actress Letitia Wright gettin’ freaky with lesbian R&B singer Kehlani in the VIP balcony section of Fabric London nightclub. Cell phone footage shows a scantily clad Kehlani grinding on Letitia who was decked out in a manly black suit. Can’t lie, Kehlani looks sexy as hell. Me and my phallus are suckers for Stiletto boots. If you recall, Letitia — an outspoken Christian — turned down movie roles in the past because of her morals. Now she appears to be a high-profile member of the LGBTQ+ community. Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “I knew Black Panther was pushing a gay agenda.” Another chimed in with, “The same Letitia who was using her religion to judge folks?” A third observer added, “Kehlani finna write a song about that Vibranium dildo.”

Letitia spoke with The Independent recently about the importance of establishing credence within Christ. Now she’s munchin’ carpet. “The world is so fickle and there’s not much that you can really put your hope in to make you feel whole,” she said. “Even now I’m going through a new transformative stage of my life with understanding who I am, but with God you can really just get through these situations. It’s been beautiful to have my faith in Jesus, which is worth more than anything.”

New transformative stage?

Looks and sounds like Letitia is officially out the closet.

Click the view button and watch the ladies get their grind on.

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  1. I know a lesbian when i see one. Just wait… Her career is fresh. Some people scared to come out. Give it 2 yrs.

  2. It’s okay to be gay seriously,,,I’m a lesbian myself and it’s a rough world out there,,,stay strong and proud,and love yourself for whom you truly are!!!

  3. As a young, queer person, coming out wasn’t the decision I should of made. I’ve known for a very long time that I was queer and after years and years of trying to discover myself, it was amazing to put a label on who I was. From having crushes on my best friend, to kissing a girl for the first time, I was finally able to understand who I was. It was so freeing to know who I am, and I know I can change my label, my pronouns ect whenever they apply best to me.

  4. I was the oblivious bisexual stereotype – didn’t come out until I was like 23 and in a relationship with a guy (we’re still together lol). A lot of my friends were gay/bi/pan and it was a joke in most of my friend groups until one day it just clicked in my brain. I’d never really thought about my sexuality too much because I just liked everyone, I was attracted to so many people that I just thought it was normal for everyone to be attracted to anyone regardless of gender. When I eventually “came out” most of my friends laughed because they were just like “finally” 😂

  5. Letitia didnt look gay in the first Black Panther. Now she looks like a dude. Somebody must’ve turned her out.

  6. To all whose stuck in the closet, we know it’s scary at first, but you being yourself is more important than others’ opinions. Trust yourself. And be who you wish to be, dont be scared to be who others expect you to be. 🥰

  7. I’m 36 & don’t feel the need to come out. On the other hand my sister is 42 & came out & my family treated her like she was diseased. Things were said like, “Why does she have to be so open about it? Why does she have to be so in our faces about being gay? She’s going through a phase.” Seeing her experience that, turned me off to wanting to even tell anyone, especially my family that I favor women.

  8. @Bussin Egyal: A good Christian woman humping the air… Grabbing her crotch and wearing male attire LMAO

  9. Never understood the point of 2 gay women being together. What do they do? Rub their coochies together?

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