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BrainGate Video: BCI microchip allows handwriting and texting via telekinesis

BrainGate makes ‘mental texting.’  Blog King, Mass Appeal STANFORD — Check this out: A coterie of neuroscientists invented a microchip that, when inserted into the brain, allows us to type words (without using our hands) just by thinking of a sentence. No bullsh*t. Here’s how it works: once signals are dispatched to the encephalon, the brain-computer interface (BCI) decrypts the information ...

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Dr. Vanden Bossche believes COVID-19 vaccinations will turn us into ‘zombies’

Vaccine scientist forecasts doom.  Blog King, Mass Appeal GERMANY — Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a renowned vaccine scientist who has collaborated with numerous pharmaceutical corporations, is sounding the alarm over the mass inoculation of coronavirus vaccines worldwide. In a recently released video, Dr. Vanden Bossche said it’s imperative we “halt all COVID-19 vaccinations immediately, or uncontrollable monsters will be unleashed.” ...

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