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“They Cloned Tyrone” on Netflix is a chef-d’œuvre

Jamie Foxx’s movie is dope/YouTube

Jamie’s Sci-Fi film an instant classic! 

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HOLLYWOOD — Nancy Drew, eat your heart out! Last night, yours truly descried Jamie Foxx’s Netlix film “They Cloned Tyrone” and it’s really good. Here’s the synopsis: A coterie of white scientists set up shop in penurious black communities to conduct lab experiments on low-grade negroes (i.e. pimps, prostitutes and thugs). The trial run entailed genetic engineering, human cloning and brainwashing via mRNA. In addition to that, our melanin was extracted then given to white folks so they can enjoy darker skin and kinky hair. You even see Caucasians donning Afros. Ain’t that a bitch? Look… regardless your ethnicity, be proud of your race. If you’re white, be proud to be white. If you’re Hispanic, be proud to be Hispanic. If you’re Asian, be proud to be Asian. I’m certainly proud to be black and wouldn’t trade with anybody. Besides… if God wanted everybody to have the same pigmentation, he would’ve made us that way.

I digress. Back to the review. The secret society also tampered with negro hormones by inserting mind-altering narcotics into urban sustencance (fried chicken, soda, etc.). With the push of a button, black deportment was instantly manipulated and that includes Alpha Males being relegated to behaving like emotional, feminine Beta Males (à la Pookie & Ray Ray).

Then, towards the film’s cessation, the lead geneticist transmogrified the entire black community into a zombie apocalypse. And, get this: He effectuated hypnosis to control their physical movements like a character in a video game. “I know it’s unpleasant, having no control,” the racist told a black man in full-view of his African American peers. “We own you! That gold chain around your neck. That sweet, fine grill. That .45 in your hand.” Don’t chortle ’cause ain’t a damn thang funny. This type of sh*t is happening as we speak.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates has a 666 patent that gives him autonomy to implant microchips in our dermis to make us work for him in exchange for cryptocurrency. What’s sad is globalists ain’t hiding sh*t. Simply Google Patent 060606 and you’ll see everything you need to know. Telling you dawg, white folks showed negroes no leniency in this film. “They Cloned Tyrone” is a modern day “Roots.”

Jamie produced the movie and it probably got him extirpated and replicated.

Blog-O-Meter Rating: 5 outta 5 popcorn bags

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  1. GREAT MOVIE! I don’t watch movies at all these days cause of how boring and repetitive they’ve become, but this right here I enjoyed every minute of it kudos to the directors and actors as well as the editors, everyone involved that made this masterpiece right here possible!!

  2. Modern Hollywood is garbage. That being said, this is an absolutely fantastic movie, on so many levels.

  3. I busted out laughing when he knocked all that food off the table and said it’s in the fuckin chicken

  4. So this why they try to take my man Jamie out 👀👀👀 now they clone Jamie

  5. Most racist and anti-white movie I have ever seen. The evil white man tries to keep black people down, so revolting and destroying cities seems a good thing.

  6. @georgfriedrichhend: Well as u can see Nature & GOD himself are turning on u ppl. Just pay attention to climate & state of the world! It’s coming, buddy! We will be on top soon… Ur children will serve my children!

  7. THIS WAS KILLER GOOD!!!! and the theme Erykah Badu’s “clone tyrone?” GENIOUS!!!!

  8. Yo-Yo, Fontaine, and Slick Charles = Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby Doo 🤯

  9. They were An Amazing “BIG3”….hope there’s a part 2, 3 and 4…!!!

  10. I’m mad no one noticed that they were playing back that azz up in the church

  11. Its a good film but honestly, its a twist on the plot of undercover brother and pootie tang. I like a lot about the movie but the overall them was a little too heavy handed and stereotype driven for me. I walked away not feeling there was a new message for Black people. Just the same one, the white man oppresses, we must come together and break the systems 🤷🏾‍♂️ There a subtle really well delivered themes it was just a bit of a miss for me

  12. It’s a blend of “Boondocks”, “Get out” & “Cabin in the woods”

  13. This movie was phenomenal so much hidden secrets that’s being revealed in every hood any project there’s a pimp a D-boy and a prositute . I will bet my check everybody done saw uncle, friend,some one that they know inside this movie.if not the blind lead the blind in my old man voice🤔🤔🤔

  14. This is showing us black folks the truth. Just different social programming. We have always been the target because we are the true chosen hebrew people scattered in slavery. Read Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 in the bible.

  15. They’ve put it in a film to make those unconscious people think it’s just a movie real ones know what’s going on with that film….

    Did y’all notice the white Men clones with a Afro???
    Did you notice the notes they were taking as the black Women was on the phone with her homegirl talking about leaving her man cause he was broke???

    Wake up y’all this film was highly detailed

  16. White folks love chicken too, see em all the time at Popeyes chicken.

  17. Heres my two cents:
    it started out fine and was fun but in the end it got sus really quickly. So this is a pop cultural movie about black people being manipulated by a small secret group of people, which already as that already as antisemitic undertones, but thats fine if its desolved correctly, but then the Head-Scientist rambles on about something that sounds exactly like “the great exchange” conspircacy, that the alt-right and the identitarian right wing movements propagate. Kanye probably liked this.

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