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BrainBridge reveals plan to effectuate head transplant

BrainBridge is ready to move heads/YouTube

Head transplants have arrived. 

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NEW YORK — Damn. Cybernetics have hit fever pitch. Pretty soon we’re all gonna be androids. BrainBridge, a neuroscience and biomedical engineering startup, announced it has integrated advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to effectuate head transplants. Kid you not. The state-of-the-art apparatus promises to succor patients suffering from untreatable conditions such as stage-4 cancer, paralysis, and neurodegenerative maladies like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. BrainBridge’s mission statement is, “Breathing life into new bodies, one head at a time.” The procedure would entail grafting someone’s head onto the body of a brain-dead donor while maintaining the memories, cognitive abilities and consciousness of the transplanted convalescent. And, get this: robots will perform the surgery. “The process employs advanced high-speed robotic systems to prevent brain cell degradation and ensure seamless compatibility,” BrainBridge said in a statement. “The entire procedure is guided by real-time molecular-level imaging and AI algorithms to facilitate precise reconnection of the spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels.”

If you’re worried about safety, don’t sweat it. Hashem Al-Ghaili, the molecular biologist behind the project, said the system has been vetted and assessed by specialists across multiple related fields. “The goal of our technology is to push the boundaries of what is possible in medical science and provide innovative solutions for those battling life-threatening conditions,” Al-Ghaili told reporters.

“Our technology promises to open doors to lifesaving treatments that were unimaginable just a few years ago.”

As exciting as it may sound, head transplants won’t be happening anytime soon.

Al-Ghaili said the first procedure will take place in about 8 years.

What’s scary is noggin transfers are only the beginning.

BrainBridge expects to expand its services to include other parts of the body.

“In the short term, we expect the project to result in spinal cord reconstruction breakthrough and whole-body transplant but in the long term, the project will expand into areas that will transform healthcare as we know it,” the company said.

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “Brain-dead donor? Any volunteers?”

Another person added, “This takes transgender to a whole new level.”

Are head transplants ok in your book?

Have scientists gone too far?

Watch robots perform the procedure.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Or… you could just eat healthy, workout & take vitamins & live to 120-150, which is the new life expectancy for the super healthy…

  2. Heads will eventually be transplanted onto absolute robotic bodies. There will be no ‘takeover’ by ‘machines’. Instead, it will be a gradual synergy between the mechanical and biological. We will eventually become one.

  3. Shouldn’t they start w/ a hand or leg or something? They go leaping straight for the head??

  4. Absolutely ridiculous.. we don’t even have automated robots doing routine surgeries.. never mind a surgery that hasn’t even been tried ever in real life!

  5. WAIT, wtf…
    This is not a joke? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    This is the funniest scam I ever seen.

  6. I don’t think my insurance will cover this. Will they have financing available?


  8. The body would reject the host head and it would deteriorate. Humans are not Lego’s

  9. You all doomed if you have no belief in the Resurrection.
    PRAISE YAHWEH /JEHOVAH only he has the power to give life and his promise to restore all positive memories after death

  10. The bones wont match, the veins and tissue wont match and lets say even in the most ideal situation if heads were interchangeable, would the body listen to the new head which gives orders based on old body? This is just waste of time and money and a scam.

  11. If it works It increases human trafficking and rich people will never die.

  12. If the brain only needs a young body and is capable to live for 100s of years, why not make a clone and transplant into that body. This reduces rejection as well and gives the illusion of immortality.

  13. So rich people will be effectively immortal while the poor are treated like donor bodies.

  14. Where do we go to sign up. I also want to keep my hands and penis. I’m ready for testing. Me first

  15. As I look through these comments I can see that all of you are in total denial about all of this and its just a scam to get funding. This is technology that has already existed for who knows how long and its not for everyone its only for the globalist elite and they don’t need any “funding” because they control all the money that gets printed. All the globalist are doing now is just slowly revealing the highly advanced technology that hoard and keep to themselves.

    This video is also a perfect explanation for why Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and Dr Fauci have these strange looking lines on their necks and different facial features. They got head transplants so they can live forever.

    This is very real and it’s only available for the globalist.

  16. My only concern if that happened to me, is that my new body would have a smaller dong than my original one…

  17. So since your brain is one of the first things to go during alzehimers and Parkinsons cuz it sends signals to the body how would you be able to fix the alzheimers and maintain the consciousness and memories of the person switching heads.

  18. I think by the time we would have the know-how and technology to do a head transplant, we would know how to cure the disease, or repair the injuries, of the old body anyway. I do know, however, that I am in dire need of a brain transplant.

  19. i’m wondering if head transplant ever happend would it extend the persons life if for example the patient is in his/her 50’s and the body is 20?

  20. I’ve had discussions with my students over the years about limb, and organ transplantation and the possibility of a head transplant. Aside from the immune function and rejection issues, and the psychological stress, the big hurdle is the connection of the innumerable nerves of spinal cords. The arrangement or position of certain nerves most likely will not align. Imagine trying to move your hand and instead you exhale, or try to swallow and can’t, instead you choke. The autonomic nervous system must match up for body functions to be regulated properly by the brain, not just the skeletal muscles and sensory nerves. If a map of the donor nerves and their function and the same of the recipients nerves then some kind of interface, (perhaps electronic) used as a connector and nerve impulse router capable of transferring millions of signals every neno seceond from one spinal cord end to the other, with a power source that can last decades then it might work. There is something called a diamond nuclear battery that promises to last a century or longer so a power source is within grasp today but technology is still too macro for such an endeavor. Many of these nerves are microscopic and there are a lot.

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