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Black bachelorette shuns scientist, prefers a ‘thug’

A viral video shows a blasé black chick on Melli Monaco’s pineapple dating show shunning an eligible bachelor because he’s successful… not a thug. The 27-year-old navy man is a nuclear physicist, he’s educated, he’s remunerated and women think he’s handsome. The Al B. Sure clone also sports a curly coiffure. Yet, the bachelorette was completely unnerved by his achievements and quickly cut him off. She basically called him boring. “I need a man with some personality,” she explained. “I’m really good at reading people.” Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “Queens like men that beat their asses tho!” Another chimed in with, “She’s single baby mama material.” A third observer added, “She said he needs a personality! She needs to get a f*cking clue.”

Do women hate nice guys?

Should urban popsies stick with Pookie and Ray Ray?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She might have thought he was too good looking for her. You never know what these chicks are thinking.

    But that’s definitely a thing. There are women out there that will reject a guy if they feel like he’s going to get more shine than she does.

  2. I’ve said it a million times, if a BW don’t wanna mess with you it’s because you’re doing something right

  3. My brother is similar to this guy. he has plenty of nice black young ladies that bare interested in him. She is not attracted to him her choice. Doesn’t mean that there aren’t any young black females that wouldn’t be attracted to him. She is only ONE person.

  4. This chic proves that many women like drama, this brother is not the type of guy she’s used to and wants to keep her on her toes.

  5. This man has a lot of good things going for himself. Him being boring has nothing to do with him being rejected. He got rejected because deep down inside that woman knows she can’t control that man. Shout out to Rom Wills he mentions in one of his videos that a woman can’t control a disciplined man. Nowadays that’s what women or going for they are looking for a man to control and when a woman is looking for a man to control that tells me mentally she is still a “little girl” because she only thinking about herself. Now “GROWN WOMEN” would not have rejected him.

  6. I was in the Navy and yes there are nuclear physicists. As a black father this is the kind of man I hope and pray my daughter will be interested in when she grows up.

  7. Most black women want chaos, let’s keep it real. They watch TV shows and see the arguments and destruction and think that’s a healthy relationship.

  8. Rejects a f*cking nuclear engineer!!!! With an education, and still young!……only to most likely get with a tattooed up ex-con. And wonder why black men leave them & go elsewhere 🤔

  9. This woman really thinks she looks really good. She is okay…l think she is way over her head.

  10. She seemed to be respectful to the guy. She is just young and dumb. She will probably be old and bitter unless she listens to a woman who been there and done that. One thing I will say is, money is not everything. She needs a guy who will also treat her right and be honest. All that personality, swag crap is for the birds. They want a man with all this confidence and unrealistic grocery list of other qualities until they are cheated on and beat on so many times and now they are old and nobody wants them except for sex, if that. That is when many woman change their preferences. It’s too late by that time, so be ready to be alone.

  11. The girl is shallow. The man told her what was important to him. She never asked what he does outside of work etc. She is a typical modern day woman. She’s dead ass combative she needs to be right. 🙄 These women say they want ” their Russell Wilson” when they get it they run. He is to successful to smart for what she actually wants. The men see through this very easily. People think he corny they way he talk how does a nuclear physicist supposed to talk. 🙄

  12. Black women always say they want a man who has something going for himself . She literally meets a freaking nuclear physicist and she gets rid of him in 2 minutes You cant make this stuff up SMH

  13. Typical black female in their 20s dismiss any guy that isnt perfect in their eyes. Then when they are in their 40s with 5 kids they will be like I just want a good guy SMH

  14. Maybe he was boring. Maybe he had the personality of a doorknob. His profession doesnt make him the RIGHT man for her.

  15. The guy is a martial artist, is a nuclear physicist, in the Navy, handsome. What the hell do these women want.

  16. I don’t think she rejected him because she of his job title, I think she rejected him simply because he seemed lame to her or he didn’t exude swag, in my opinion. Let’s call a spade a spade lol he wasn’t man enough for her. He’s looking into the future and she wants to have fun, or “healthy balance”. The fact that she didn’t ask him what he likes to do for fun(despite time restrictions) shows she wasn’t really interested.

  17. She said bro didn’t have personality she couldn’t even keep a conversation she didn’t ask no questions I bet she didn’t know what a nuclear physicist does . Pay attention if she don’t ask questions stop talking

  18. Bro, he’s a fucking NUCLEAR PHYSICIST dude is years not even years, EONS ahead of her

  19. Sheesh??? A lot of women haters or down-low homosexuals in the comments section huh??? Let me start by saying…I LOVE WOMEN and all of their complexities. Like the universe…they are created in such a way. I especially LOVE BLACK WOMEN. The guy seemed robotic and that’s okay. He was just not for her but for someone who could appreciate his demeanor. Highly-favored academic or career achievements does not solely constitute the ideal mate. The man or woman has to have some charisma…personality and a magnetic character to truly attract just about anyone. He seemed very robotic and…that’s okay for another type of woman. Do better fellas. Stop tearing down women and help to build them up. If not…leave them alone entirely. I can’t survive on this earth without women.🙌🏽

  20. She did Two things. Made herself look ridiculous and selfish and Made Homeboy Famous

  21. Listen to the video closely. They wouldn’t have worked out anyway. He has a bachelors degree in business, he is shipping off to the navy to become a nuclear physicist in the military, he isn’t a nuclear physicist yet. He is still adding value to his self & he isn’t ready for a serious relationship yet because he is just beginning a new chapter/ lifestyle for himself. Stay single & stack your coins my Guy.

  22. Jesus himself could point out the man she should be with she would still be like but he ain’t this or that more respect to this brother to being so accomplished at that young age he dodged a nuclear headache

  23. I’m not mad at her for rejecting the brother because I rather that then she hook up with him knowing she’s not into him and screw his life up now with that being said I don’t want to hear her years later past prime saying there’s no good successful brothers around

  24. Dude, leave these stupid a$$ black chicks alone and find you a white girl, she’ll be more likely to respect and appreciate you.

  25. She was intimated by him and tried play it off!!! I saw that in her facial expressions. Girl bye!!😑😑😑😑

  26. He was literally telling his whole life story ,FOR WHAT,…to get REJECTED!!!!! Im not Explaining Shit!!!! And it’s really whoever rejects first wins I guess.

  27. Man look here, that young brother is “going” places. She did him a favor. Women are always looking for some dude to entertain their asses…

  28. Dam she must be boring herself if she needs to be entertained I know a couple of females like that

  29. From experience, the guy was most likely telling the truth. The guy works his ass off and he’s most likely tired. The woman who rejected him only wants to party and have fun and will regret her decision in the future when bills and rent gives her a reality check.
    But she can always do only fans.

  30. nuclear physicist salary make 160k a year she rejected him also dude seemed humble and very smart this is why women don’t deserve good men .

  31. I have a type. And it’s wrong. It’s a terrible type. So I’ve stopped dating for now. And I’m wanting to switch it up, but right now Im working on myself so when I’m ready to date again I have more to offer the right man, a good man, who deserves a good woman.

  32. There is no problem in turning down a guy like that. She did nothing wrong, however i would bet my entire crashed crypto portfolio she gonna come back in 10 years like ” Men aint sht, where are all the gud gais???”

  33. This is 2022. Why are grown ass women talking about “swag” in a man??? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  34. He didn’t have that pookie and rayray DNA that she’s looking for 🤷🏾‍♀️

  35. My problem with the whole thing is…She never gave dude a chance to show his personality. She asked those interview ass dating question. “Tell me about yourself…” what did she expect. You dont have to like someone or their accomplishments but you led that conversation (interview) to dude listing things about himself. Maybe if there was some depth in the manner that she interacted with him, he could in turn show the “personality” she feels he lacks.

  36. Rejecting one young man that joined the navy to be a submariner = she wants to be a baby momma to a dope fiend. Got it!!! lmfao
    Or better yet, die alone asking where the good men are hahahaha
    She could easily end up married to a English teacher, garbage man, accountant, electrician, who doesn’t approach talking to a girl like he’s doing a college interview and who can probably make her laugh. Dude was smart no doubt, but he came off RIGID, not light hearted , and dry! He mentioned martial arts for 2 seconds…in my mind I’m like well what kind of martial arts? Grappling? Jeet kun do? ..
    Maybe dont make a first encounter so drab, and make it more light hearted. This young lady couldn’t imagine even having a giggle with this man. That’s why she was disapproving.

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