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Study says COVID vaccine contains technology glitch

Vaccine has protein-making flaws/YouTube

COVID vaccine has glitches. 

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CAMBRIDGE — Uh-oh! Got some COVID vaccine news and it’s really juicy! In a shocking development, scientists at the University of Cambridge’s Medical Research Council announced results of a virology study that shows more than 25 percent of us who took the mRNA jab suffered from an “unintended immune response” created by a technological glitch in the way the vaccine was construed by our bodies. Ain’t that a bitch? Now they tell us. Virologists don’t believe adverse effects were concocted, at least not yet. But the vaccine is hardly perfect and, because of that, nonsense proteins were created instead of the desired COVID “spike” proteins used to imitate coronavirus which leads to antibody production (sort of like a protein-making machine). In other words… if you got injected with Moderna or Pfizer’s vaccine, your body should’ve received a string of genetic material (like a worm) that tells your anatomy to create a specific protein that safely mimics the disease.

Well, according to the study, a quarter of the inoculated got the wrong damn worm — which means instead of producing the correct protein, rogue proteins could be created and they’re capable of causing “frameshifting mutation” as they slither throughout our bodies. Should that occur, the aforementioned 25 percent could morph into completely different people — like zombies.

Not saying it’ll be like zombies in the movies (at least I hope not).

But, we become different beings when our DNA changes.

Dr. James Thaventhiran with the Toxicology Unit said there’s no need to panic. He’s not worried about transmogrification. Zombie Apocalypse be damned, Dr. Thaventhiran believes it’s still in everybody’s best interest to get the jab. “Research has shown beyond doubt that mRNA vaccination against COVID-19 is safe,” he said. “Billions of doses of the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines have been safely delivered, saving lives worldwide.”

In Australia, many who took the jab are receiving big compensation payouts — claiming the vaccine made ’em sick.

One person was awarded $2.2 million in damages even though Pfizer and Moderna can’t be sued.

Microsoft honcho Bill Gates staged a pandemic rehearsal called “Event 201” just days before COVID went viral.

Does this research change your opinion of the COVID vaccine?

Are we better off trusting our natural immune system?

Watch the shocking report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’ll still never forgive those who demonized people for not having the ‘Jab.’

  2. Are we forgetting NATURAL IMMUNITY ?????? To suggest that only through vaccinations one diminishes the possibility of catching a virus is LUNACY !!!!!

  3. Is anybody else getting tired of seeing needles going in to arms? Jezus, enough already!

  4. You can not call it a vaccine until it is already a licensed vaccine. Those are just experimental drugs.

  5. This just in: A new study reveals that past studies are in fact correct! Amazing.

  6. mRNA products are the “gift” that keeps on giving… (not in a good way)

  7. Does this really come as a surprise to anyone?!? Well, apart from those of us who DO NOT trust governments & who did not, would not & will not ever trust or take that vaccine, or any other vaccine that is pushed that hard by any government! Far too many things, especially in the last decade, called a conspiracy theory is actual conspiracy!

  8. The idea that a vaccine can stop infection is beyond wishful thinking. I’m STILL waiting for them to stop the common cold… another virus.

  9. Where’s the data showing any of the vaccines did what they were supposed to?? Must have missed it🤔🤔

  10. I thank God every day that I didn’t allow them to scare me into that mess! It was a crime against humanity what they did

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