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Protesters in Wyandotte County seeking ‘monumental’ changes with KCK Police

Protesters seeking ‘big time’ changes. Blog King, Mass Appeal KANSAS CITY, Kan — No justice, no peace? A coterie of demonstrators in Wyandotte County took it to the streets Wednesday afternoon in what they’re calling a “March for Justice” in downtown Kansas City, Kansas — claiming there’s been “decades of misconduct” by the KCK Police Department. “This will only begin ...

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Sniper kills police officers ‘ambush style’ over the fatal shootings of black men

Sniper kills cops over black deaths. Mass Appeal Wire Reports DALLAS — Houston… er… Dallas, we have a problem. The American public has reached its boiling point over a pair of fatalities linked to police brutality in the past 48 hours. According to multiple reports, former U.S. Army reservist Micah Xavier Johnson opened fired ‘ambush style’ on police officers Thursday during ...

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Will and Jada are rebounding quite nicely in the aftermath of Academy Awards snub

Will Smith not fazed by Rock’s remarks. Mass Appeal Wire Reports NEW YORK — Less than 24 hours after skipping the 2016 Academy Awards, an upbeat Will Smith was spotted on the New York City set of “Collateral Beauty” on Monday (Feb 29th). The “Concussion” star and wife Jada Pinkett Smith boycotted Sunday night’s event amid mounting frustration over the lack of ...

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