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Roe v Wade: Madonna said women’s rights in jeopardy

Madonna in deep despair over Roe v. Wade/YouTube

Madonna scared for all women.

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WASHINGTON — Madonna said she’s surfeit with trepidation after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and a female’s constitutional right to abort a fetus — a law that’s been stationary almost 50 years. The controversial ruling came down last Friday igniting massive demurrals nationwide. “My Body, My Choice” be damned, the 7-time Grammy winner believes it’s open season on women’s rights. Hell, gays might be next. “I woke up to the terrifying news that Roe v. Wade had been overturned and that legislation has decided that we no longer have rights as women over our bodies,” Madonna, 63, tweeted after putting on a concert in support of Pride Month. “This decision has plunged me and every other woman in this country into deep despair. Now the Supreme Court has decided that women’s rights are no longer constitutional rights. In fact, we have less rights than a gun. I am scared for my daughters. I’m scared for all women in America. I am just plain scared.”

Social media reaction was cutthroat. One person wrote, “If you’re grown enough to sleep around carelessly then you’re grown enough to reap the consequences.” Another chimed in with, “Women’s rights? What about that baby? Abortion is murder.” A third person added, “When I was a baby growing inside my mother’s womb I would not like someone to come along and kill me… Would you?”  

President Joe Biden blamed voters for the outcome. “It’s a sad day for our country but it doesn’t mean the fight is over,” he said, exhorting Americans to elect more pro-choice legislators in the House and Senate during November’s midterm elections. “We need to restore the protections of Roe as law of the land. We need to elect officials who will do that.” 

Trannies are already in the process of replacing biological ladies.

Now many believe women’s rights are in jeopardy.

How do you feel about the Supreme Court’s decision?

Are you pro-choice or pro-life?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. White women freaking out!😂😂😂now deal with it! Your votes put these white men in power 😆😆😆😆

  2. Your body your rights. Then dont beg for tax payers money to raise kids from multiple men

  3. This problem would be solved simply by all that do not want babies, to get the jab. And by the way… it would be nice to see a lot less celebs and baby killers, so go get the jab!!

  4. These are the same idiots that were condemning us for not taking vaccines.. And were promoting them

    Now they are crying my body my choice

    Hypocrisy at it greatest

  5. I’m 100% pro-life. There’s been a good effort to support women who have chosen life. But now more than ever we need to do better. We need to make adoption more affordable. We need to do a sweep of the foster care system. We need to make sure that mothers and fathers who choose to keep their children have the resources they need to raise those children. Free school lunches example small example. Now is the time that we stand up and show what it means to really be pro life. Let’s let them all know we’re not just pro-birth but we are pro-life in that we are pro-safe happy life and we will do everything possible to make sure that that happens for every life.

  6. We aren’t even allowed to call ourselves “women” anymore, because men in skirts and lipstick call that “hate speech!!!!” We women are non-people. The left and transgender advocates cry fake crocodile tears, they don’t give a sh-t.

  7. JESUS CHRIST IS OUR SAVIOUR, he died for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day.
    Jesus answered, I am the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE.
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life
    Choose life (Deuteronomy 30:19)


  9. Questions for late-term abortion advocates:
    1. How late is too late for an elective abortion?
    2. If you are going to say that there is no limit, should the foetus be provided with anaesthesia before being ripped limb from limb inside it’s mother’s body?
    3. If the answer to question 2 is “Yes”, why?
    4. If the answer to question 2 is “No”, what is the difference in a baby’s ability to experience pain a day before birth, and a day after birth?

  10. Bring morality back to America! If women can’t take it upon themselves to be moral in the eyes of God, they should have morality thrust upon them by law! It’s time to mop up the cesspool brought on by progressive values! People should not have the right to live a lifestyle outside of that which the Bible commands! Praise Jesus!

  11. I’m sorry women, but you wont be able to murder your own babies anymore. Still, isn’t it something that we allowed for this demonic idea to be normalized for 50 years?

  12. These ‘Celebs’ are a joke, shows us how sick these people are

  13. If YOU don’t take contraception and YOU don’t do monthly pregnancy tests YOU are responsible for causing a baby to feel pain (if abort after 8 weeks) because YOU were selfish/careless/couldn’t control your sexual urges. People need to take some self responsibility, causing a baby you created to go through pain because of YOU is simply evil. How someone can be so horny and selfish to not take these measures and then call themselves pro choice……you made a lot of choices and all were bad.

  14. If women can opt out of being a parent then men should have the same right without being financially burdened for the next 20 years. Men shouldn’t be forced to pay for something women ultimately can destroy.

  15. Black people STAND DOWN! Best believe this ruling will somehow find a way to be excluded from the black communities.

    The last thing WS America wants to do is encourage any way of increasing the black population, especially since abortion is a powerful tool when decreasing the black birth rate.

  16. I generally can’t believe America has made such a regressed decision, SO SHOCKING. As a gay dude, I am very worried about the overturning of gay rights in America. This is how it starts, not allowing women the freedom of their own bodies. If you look at the countries which deny women the rights over their own bodies you see increased child abuse and a long list of other negative things in society.

  17. If we can’t define what a woman is, we can’t demand women’s rights. If you want to see who is sabotaging women’s rights, look at the men in dresses demanding that women can’t speak up and say a woman is an adult human female. According to the left anything can be a woman. And women just have to suck it up and put up with AGF men being able to invade our spaces.

  18. I cannot believe this comment section.
    Please support women’s rights to do what they want to their own body. Oh my god.
    Why would you care more about a fetus right up until the moment it turns into a human and then you can take away its rights too the second you see its a woman.

  19. I don’t care what women do. God did give us free will I don’t have to answer to their sins so let them do what they wish I don’t agree with it, oh and one more thing remember the words from Joe Biden the constitution is not absolute I looked it up and abortion was a right and it states it is not absolute but 2nd amendment says shall not be infringe

  20. GASP You mean Women for once in their sheltered bubble wrapped plastic lives might have to take a tiny bit more accountability in maybe 1/3rd of the United States?

    Women have it far too easy, they want “Equality” well then let’s give it to them.

  21. “I Am Woman” (Hear me roar…by Helen Reddy) was the feminist anthem in the 1970’s. If A O-C were to sing it today it would have to be called “I Am Birthing Person….” Yeah, that’s what she called a pregnant woman reacting to the Roe decision – a birthing person! This is how screwed up the left is!

  22. Abortion is murder women don’t have the right to choose as to whether or not that child should live or die. Just give birth and give it up for adoption or to the nearest fire station you don’t need to kill the unborn baby it’s disgusting and I will never support abortion so yeah I’m glad they changed the law and they should keep it that way.

  23. It’s astonishing how anyone would think this is a positive thing. We’re gonna have a LOT of unwanted, unloved babies put in foster homes…I just hope this country is ready to pay for these kids. What a damn shame.

  24. Satisfaction gained watching these cry babies complain they can’t off their own kids

  25. Excellent decision. Finally, the decision will cause women to double think who they sleep with and long repercussions of their actions. No one’s talking about rape etc. victims, but sex has never been so cheap for men – and women don’t even know that. If you keep breaking the speed limit one day you will be caught by a camera have to pay a big fine, instead of finding a way around it, try not to speed!

  26. I’ll ask a question I already know the answer to… are the states banning abortion going to provide free healthcare for the children they are forcing women to have?

  27. The most sacred place on the planet is also the most dangerous one…
    … inside the mother’s womb. 😣

    The babies are under siege.

    The very people who think a baby forming in the womb is merely a clump of cells …
    … when a single bacteria 🦠 is discovered in deep space are also the very people who cry out, “LIFE!!”

  28. If woman can choose to terminate a pregnancy even if the father wants the baby then a man should be able to opt out of child support if she decides to keep the baby. A woman can opt out of her responsibilities because she doesn’t feel ready yet force a man to take care of a baby if he feels he’s not ready.

  29. “Who wants to ban abortion?” Everyone: Yeah!

    “Who wants to adopt those babies then?” Everyone: uhhhhhh…

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