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Latino student said N-word, black teacher assaults him

A viral Twitter video shows a negro substitute teacher beating the sh*t out of a Latino student who called him a “n*gga” in class. The ass-whuppin’ transpired at Richmond High School in California. “Say it again,” the teacher said while standing face-to-face with the teen. As soon as the kid repeated “n*gga,” the burly educator whupped his scrawny ass then threw him out the classroom. The teacher was fired immediately, sparking a massive protest from hundreds of students. “It wasn’t right for that word to get used,” said Markeith Anderson, a junior who organized the demurral. “It gets tossed around on campus.” Leonie Goff, a senior, added, “I think [the teacher] was just at his limit because at Richmond High that word does get tossed around a lot, so we just want to stop it.”

In addition to gettin’ canned, the teacher is also facing misdemeanor battery charges.

Watch the beatdown.

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  1. We’ve allowed everyone to profit off the word and rap culture has made some folks too comfortable saying it…

  2. Better this teacher school him on using the word now then out there in the streets. This tough love may have saved this kids live.

  3. You have to teach the children…that teacher taught that boy a valuable lesson 👍🏾

  4. This is what happens when specific people allow someone not of the lineage to say the N-Word. I have always checked those not of my culture for saying it. If you’re the one that allows your nonblack friends to say it. Know that when they leave your presence it’s with an ER on it.

  5. Don’t get bold and then hide behind “You really gonna fight a student“, Yes, absolutely, anti black hatred won’t be tolerated no matter who you are.

  6. His backs friends should have told him saying that word comes with consequences.

  7. I understand that the teacher is upset but if the teacher had pulled the student aside and explained how his words and actions are not tolerated. And show this kid love instead of hostility. These kids go home to empty house and no love. Let’s try saving our youth.

  8. Latino kids have it bad imitating and using derogatory statements towards Black people, the fact is that they use the N word as if they have any remote ties to it while their own parents instill Anti-Blackness into them.. p.s Bloop.. get peter rolled everytime.

  9. The only reason he felt comfortable saying this word is because his black friends let him say it. Stop letting your friends say the N word, no matter what race they are. That way, these situations won’t happen.

  10. Its kind of nice to see someone other than white people disciplined for using that word. I always wondered why everybody else gets away with it.

  11. I have always taught my kids actions have consequences. The question you need to ask yourself is are you truly prepared for the consequence because most people underestimate consequences just like what happened with this anti black racist student

  12. GOOD! We need to start checkin these racist minorities who keep disrespecting us. Some Latinos have become too comfortable using that word, then got the nerve to check the white box on their applications. Enough is enough.

  13. 🥰Soooooooooooo Proud of My Beautiful Black Men Who Stand up for what’s Right.

  14. Why use disrespectful inflammatory language towards a teacher then play victim when you receive instant consequences. Shame on the school district for holding the teacher accountable but not the student also.

  15. Little Mexican kid kept using the N word. This triggered the teacher who is unable to contain his emotions. L both sides

  16. Looks like the teacher was the one escalating the confrontation, acting like a thug and using violence instead of being the responsible adult man in the classroom. He should be charged for putting his hands on a child

  17. Everyone’s tough until they get checked and embarrassed. Good teaching moment for spoiled kids

  18. I teach and everything is funny until something like this happens. The students thought it was hilarious until the teacher showed him what it was really about. The parents of that kid more than likely never come up to the school to see about that loser kid but will run there when somebody does what they should have been done.

  19. The ones supporting the teacher clearly got abused by their parents how the f*ck can anyone support this

  20. everyone’s saying the kid’s disrespectful but really blacks have incredibly low impulse control which is why he beat up the kid for saying 1 word

  21. Looks like the little punk needed a reality check. Probably from a single mother home with no repercussions for his actions.

  22. If this kids dad has any balls, it should be game over for that teacher

  23. I understand the teacher wasn’t putting up with the disrespect, but I be dam if I allow a kid to make me lose my job & possibly my freedom over mere words. Now the teacher life is turned upside down and the student gone about his business and possibly gonna get paid for this lesson.

  24. Y’all praise teachers like this until it’s your kid on the receiving end…what if that kid woulda hit his head hella hard and got brain damage or even worse

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