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Elon Musk believes Tesla humanoids will take over

Elon Musk lauds Tesla bots/YouTube

Elon Musk explains Tesla bots.

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HAWTHORNE, Calif — If you’re sick and tired of being solus, amity is on the way. That’s because SpaceX honcho Elon Musk announced his precious Tesla Bots will now serve as both your sex odalisque and employee. Yep, it’ll jerk your phallus and give you head between staff meetings. The 50-year-old billionaire revealed terrifying news on Lex Fridman’s podcast. “It could develop a personality over time that is unique,” Elon explained. “It’s not like all robots are the same. That personality could evolve to match the owner, or whatever you want to call it.” I’ma call it my ho. The Tesla robot — nicknamed Optimus — resembles a human, stands 5-feet-8-inches tall and weighs a Beyoncé-esque 125 pounds. The android can perform a plethora of “boring or dangerous tasks” that slothful humans simply don’t want to do. The robot can also carry up to 50 pounds and it can be “the perfect buddy” for friendless dweebs.

Optimus doesn’t have a face. Instead, it has a screen in place of its countenance and its bodily movements and cognitive abilities are controlled via artificial intelligence. If you recall, Elon predicted androids will be superior to Homo sapiens at everything by 2030. So, as humans, we only have a few years of dominance left. Optimus should be available for purchase sometime in 2022.

Do you plan to buy one?

Will Optimus replace humans in the workplace and bedroom?

Listen to the podcast and/or watch Elon break it down.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. A good number of people use service animals to help them with one’s daily life . I could see a great benefit for them having a service robot . And being human I can also see some benefits on the more companion side as well . Just don’t go all EX Machina on us . I already have enough things to plug into my computer . And I am sure also that women do not want a vibrator asking them who is your daddy .

  2. I can see it now, these robots patrolling lockdowns making sure everyone is a good little boy and girl 🙂

  3. I love the fact he is soooo incredibly smart but has trouble with public speaking.

  4. The biggest problem to humanity is a human having nothing to do. Take jobs away and you’ll have chaos. I would say 2% of people have the ability to not sit idle and be productive, the rest would fall into sloth and degenerative behavior.

  5. He keeps saying AI is the most dangerous thing in the future and now he’s creating it, its like playing god.

  6. The idea of personal ownership of these AI humanoid robots is laughable. These elite dont even want us owning our homes or vehicles. What makes you think you’ll be allowed to own a robot?

  7. Can’t wait to play that one Netflix movie about that family that has to fight robots irl

  8. What happens to the poor people who work hard to earn a living and lose their jobs?

  9. It’s funny everyone is so afraid of robots, but we all know the same people will end up buying them for their house lol

  10. Replace more humans with robots and still have humans struggle to make a living under huge corporations that can afford them.

    Also, he’s so afraid of AI and he keeps pushing the robot paradigm. Mental.

  11. Its all very sweet and cute until they start being used against us 👍🤦‍♂️

  12. I own a restaurant, my choices are hiring a dish washer for $10 an hour or buying a $1 million dollar robot.

  13. This is just like how the matrix came into existence. It starts with them building robots to do the unwanted jobs.

  14. 1) For companionship, one may not necessarily need an expensive humanoid robot to overcome loneliness. a scalable intelligent conversational software is already good enough.
    2) Military: what if we arm/weaponize Tesla Bot?

  15. Lex is holding out for a gorgeous sexy clever robot – I can tell. Perhaps in his heart of hearts he believes his true and equal match could only be a robot and not a human? 😉

  16. Then we just slide into the Matrix without knowing it.
    “The Kingdom of Heaven Descended upon the Earth”.
    666, the number of the Beast = sixth letter of Hebrew alphabet “w”
    666 = WWW
    Its happening right before our eyes.


  18. Elon in a couple 40 years if he still lived: i have made the new tesla soldier, it has 30 guns stored in it with the capacity of 100000 bullets and its very huge and is able to transform into a tank with 5 cannons with 10 boosters to able to reach mars as we conquer the whole world til i die, cya… The next elon musk

  19. He said A.I will be the reason for world War, and he is himself developing robots wow!

    It’s like saying “hey this poison will kill you and and btw hi I’m elon musk, biggest manufacturer of deadly poisons especially manufactured to kill human beings”

  20. There’s 100% chances that if these bots started thinking on their own, then it’s the end of the world!!!!!!! , They take over human civilization! Deadly sure about it , Elon knows about it but still replicates robots???? Bruh!!!

  21. I feel like Tesla will be the Skynet of the future that will destroy humanity

  22. Musk is full of it… You may put a fuctioning Tesla Bot in your home, and soon thereafter you will have to dismantle it, right after you hear the first bad news that a Tesla Bot accidentaly killed a sleeping baby because it took it for a mulfunctioning tool, or some type of trash, to be discarded to the garbage can. oopsIdiot apes playing God.

  23. the only people who’d be able to afford this could easily get a human friend

  24. Great it’s the end of the world The robots are gonna take over there going to kill us all

  25. These are his workers in the future, “boring and repetitive” and then what humans will do to earn their living? They talk about their economy, they want to be richer and richer

  26. Elon Musk going to skip Robocop stage and just jumped into Terminator ….

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