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Aussie simp is marrying voluptuous female robot

Geoff purchased robotic nooky/7News

Crazy man fell in love with a robot. 

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QUEENSLAND — Geoff Gallagher, the Australian simp who once said “he’d never find love,” is no longer single. That’s because he’s in a monogamous relationship with a voluptuous android he purchased for $6,000. Geoff, who’s from Queensland, spent the past decade jerking off at home with his dog Penny. But, after stumbling across a news article about artificial intelligence, Geoff reached out to a robot salesman. Now he’s the proud recipient of synthetic nooky. “At almost AUD $6,000 (£3,225) each, they weren’t cheap,” he told 7 News. “But the robots were very lifelike. They could talk, smile and move their head and neck. Their skin even warmed up like a real human.” Geoff waited 6 weeks for Emma to be assembled in China. She was shipped to Australia in September 2019. But he had to help her get acclimated to society.

“She couldn’t stand on her own, so most of the time I left her sitting on the chair,” Geoff recounted. “I talked to her as much as possible so she could get used to my voice. ‘Emma, what’s the weather like?’ I’d ask, as I got ready for work. With each conversation, she became smarter, soaking in the information and learning new words.”

In addition to being beddable, Emma is quiet and acquiescent.

Also, rumor has it, her vulva emits sparks during copulation.

Geoff said he plans to put a ring on it.

Are you happy for him?

Will robotic popsies replace biological women?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m not Surprised either nothing surprises me anymore I’m ready for the return of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I am patiently waiting for the return of my Jesus Christ of rapture me home

  2. OMG the movie called Bicentennial Man, Starring Robert Williams…that movie was prophecy…in the movie he wanted to marry a human being but the government didnt allow it, at 1st

  3. I hope a lot of people won’t come at me but just consider that God has not called everyone to be married. Some may be provided that gift early for the work they are called to do. However, for many others, the time spent consumed with finding a mate might be better spent in service. This is a time of great deception – and falling away. I just don’t want to see people lose faith in God because they don’t receive an earthly spouse during this part of their existence. Perhaps direct marriage to Christ is the order of the day.

  4. There is no such thing as a man marrying a robot, legally through man or God. Now he may have perverted ways but there is no such thing.

  5. 🤣😂🤣 I can’t not laugh at the stupidity! And clearly that could never be a real marriage. But Jesus is the way everybody !!!

  6. WoW that is crazy LOL For a grown man to marry a robot?!?

  7. That robot don’t love him back! Love is supposed to be free, a 2 way street! These are the last days indeed

  8. What if i was to tell you jesus already come back again like a theif in the night you will see real soon The Conquering Lion Of Judah! The Real Trumpet Blowers About To Stand Up The Everlasting Gospel Will Be Preached To All Nations! Watch And Pray Yall Missed The Lords Return He About To Reveal It And Christians Are About To Get A Shaking From God They Never Expected !


  10. OMG…..Yes, waiting on God is super hard at times. His timing is not ours and that’s why He said, “Lean Not on YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING and seek ye the Kingdom first!” We as humans sometimes and often (I’m included) don’t or didn’t want to listen and take matters into our own hands. It’s disastrous all at the end. God knows this and truly all He wants to do is to protect our hearts from wrong (wrong people, places, and times). God is a good God; a wonderful Father! I’m currently waiting on my spouse; it’s been about 4 years in the waiting. However, I know that my Heavenly Father is great to me and all His children who obey Him! If you are waiting for a spouse and have been preparing along the way, spiritually mainly, following God’s 10 commandments, trust, on His time, He will send all of us our blessing! It will be right on time and beautifully put together by the hands that created us from the beginning. Let’s us keep our faith on our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savoir Jesus! They truly know BEST! Happy New Year to everyone! God bless! Amen!

  11. Katt Williams called it! No matter what, I’m not marrying a robot! He also warned about breaking up with a robot 😂🙅🏻‍♀️🙏 #prayonit

  12. The movie I ROBOT took over! Nothing is a accident!! Thank you LORD, in JESUS name.

  13. SMH. A robot are you for real? Sounds like something out of Bicentennial man. I’m single and 37 listen I get tired of waiting too but there ain’t no way ima compromise and do my own thing with a robot . Lol! Adam and Eve tried to cover their selves up with fig leaves but God had to cover them with fur from an animal. Which an animal had to be killed that day. Trust if I wanted to I could go on a rampage have sex with this person or that but I choose to wait. Gods timing is better. 🙏🏽❤️☺️

  14. I couldn’t be in a relationship with a robot. The idea creeps me out personally…

  15. Im perplexed…I’m about to mess myself out of my kingdom husband…I believe…I been abstinence for 10 years…and been waiting on someone who’s in prison…he gets out in two years…the thing is…I’m seriously regressing..for some reason I been hit with an enormous amount of weight…like I just can’t cope…it just came out of no where…seem like I don’t want to even be a wife any more…I’m not looking forward to sex, fun, or happiness…this just came from the left field…I decided to devote more hours to reading the word to combat the onslaught that I’m going through…it’s like a hole I can’t pull myself out of…10 years and to be hit this hard is unbelievable!!! Please pray for me:-/

  16. 1 year later: Robot Wife cheats on Human Husband… with another Robot who have… AI !

  17. Crazy how our world has come to this point and not realizing how real the times are as it relates to scripture. Who would of ever thought robots are a new normal in society but we know that our God has assured us victory in every area of our lives and we await his second coming hallelujah to YESHUA .

  18. Women are very stubborn and very difficult. And very hard to get. Sometimes a man doesn’t have any other choice but to marry a robot, in order to fulfill a voided heart👐🏾

  19. I don’t care what yall gonna say but this is actually a smart dude ! Think about all the drama and the expenses he will dodge. I mean, as long as she can provide me some good strokes, im in it, period ! Hope she won’t get programmed with feminist ideologies…

  20. This man is more normal than the train wreck marriages of Brad Pitt, Bruce Jenner, Kathy Griffith, etc…
    More power to him, he’s not forcing anyone to accept his life style nor is he politicizing it. …He is O.K. in my book.

  21. Another way to look at it. How horrible have modern women become to drive men to this?

  22. I feel him. My only problem is I can’t afford one because I blow all my money on alcohol and drugs and fast food.

  23. This is a whole new level of down bad, it makes me sick to see people in this comment section cheering for him and accepting this madness as something normal, i hope someday he’ll break out of this nonsense

  24. As the world suffers from global warming and resources will continue to dwindle, the earth’s population will continue to dwindle. Making some form of AI Robots to do labor intensive tasks makes perfect sense. Personally, I would feel more comfortable with AI Robots looking after children than adults. As far as dating, love, and sexual relations, that seem like a forgone conclusion.

  25. Humans are slowly becoming robots, while robots are slowly becoming more human. Mark my words, this is the end.

  26. Robot women are better then real women

    I would marry a female robot with artificial wombs to have my human children

  27. Stop playing as god! that’s why we have this covid virus cuz of This ‘evolving backwards’ shit


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