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Mother of five dead after falling out her party bus

Heather leaves behind 5 kids/YouTube

Birthday girl falls off party bus. 

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LOS ANGELES — Heather Garcia, a married mom of five (ages 1 to 10), died early Sunday morning after she fell off a damn party bus while celebrating her 30th birthday. The tragic accident transpired around 3 a.m. on 101 freeway in Los Angeles. Heather was reportedly so inebriated, she tripped while dancing then fell backwards out the door onto the freeway. She was then struck by a vehicle. Heather was pronounced dead at the scene. “I don’t know how the door opened,” Heather’s brother, Juan, told reporters. “Nobody knows how the door opened. The door shouldn’t have opened up.” Heather’s husband, Army veteran Rafael Corral, cried during the news conference. “It’s just something that is a nightmare … that doesn’t happen. It should not happen,” he told reporters.

“You expect when you pay for a service so that you don’t drink and drive or do anything illegal … you get there, somebody takes you there safe, and you’re going to get back home safe because that’s what you paid the service for.”

Social media reaction was heartless. One viewer wrote, “She must have been really drunk to open that door and fly off into oncoming traffic. Those back doors are emergency exits. Never heard of any failing like this. Stupid people do stupid things on alcohol .🍺”

A second viewer chimed in with, “Damn, she should have just partied at home… rip. 🙏”

A third viewer added, “Damn, five more welfare children for taxpayers to support!!!”

Is the bus company liable for Heather’s demise?

Will you donate to her GoFundMe page?

Watch Rafael blow a gasket.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This is truly sad and tragic, but who the heck is standing and dancing on a bus that’s flying down the 101 freeway? Doesn’t CA have a seatbelt law?

  2. Irresponsable. Shouldn’t be out partying especially with 5 kids to take care of.

  3. The door opened because she fell through it. Its so sad, but people do stupid deadly things while intoxicated.

  4. I’d be squealing crying as well if a women left me here on Earth with 5 🖐🏾 whole @ss kids to take care of by myself. Especially living in Cali.. I’d be boo-hooing and asking God why on national television.

  5. So she mistook the emergency exit for the bathroom door? That is like something out of Final Destination. What a terrible way to go. God Bless those kids she leaves behind.

  6. This is a perfect example of “when its time to go, ITS TIME TO GO”

  7. Dude this sucks and don’t want to be a dick but….5 little kids? Should’ve been celebrating at chuck e cheese or something with the kids. Smfh

  8. Five children and she’s still going on party buses and getting hammered?

  9. So she was out drinking instead of watching her kids? Sounds like someone who didn’t deserve kids in the first place!

  10. Her husband allowed his wife to go out and get drunk. That Simp… first thing she did was get wasted . Poor kids . Husband deserves no love. He has no balls. He shouldve stopped her.

  11. Mother of five needs to go on a party bus? No, she needs to stay home with her damn kids. Smh.

  12. Something is weird why was she dancing by the bus door something is not adding up.

  13. Mom of 5 kids, 10 and under yesssss must be nice. What are you doing in a party bus leaving all those young kids hone? I mean just saying. 🙄

  14. Just needless. Not saying parents can’t make time to have fun, but if you have five kids at home and you decide to get on a party bus, best make DAMN sure you won’t be falling off that bus.

  15. Damn the way her husband described how she fall sounds like some final destination shit

  16. No, I will NOT be donating to their GoFundMe page. If you can’t afford to financially take care of five children then you shouldn’t create them in the first page. The mom didn’t die of cancer.
    She died because she was out partying 🥳🎉 on a bus.

  17. Wtf is she doing on a party bus.? Having a moment of relief from her children or what .? Like I said before, some women and men can’t be parents, just because you breed them doesn’t mean you’re qualified to have them. Im sure I speak for a lot of unplanned pregnancies.

  18. Why wasn’t this mother of 5 partying with her kids? Could have spent the $$ on something she could do with her kids to celebrate her birthday. Prayers to her 5 kids.

  19. Had to have been very devastating for the driver of the car that hit her after she fell onto the freeway. A lot of people’s lives were affected by that tragic accident that night.

  20. Oh my goodness!!!!! What a sad and senseless tragedy!!!!!! She was a BEAUTIFUL woman with BEAUTIFUL children. I couldn’t IMAGINE growing up without my mom, she’s my absolute everything!!!!!!! I will be praying for those children!!

  21. Each kid is probably the spawn of a different baby daddy. 😉 😂 RIP 🪦 tho… 🙏

  22. Stay at home, we are still in a pandemic…. if you go party you get what you deserve….

  23. When you’re 29 with 5 kids and have no life outside of motherhood and staying at home constantly these things can happen when you get just a tiny bit of youthful freedom in you.
    5 kids? WHY? We’re already booked up with too many humans on this planet.

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