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Mosie: How to make baby without sexual intercourse

Mosie is replacing men/YouTube

Mosie gives women nonsexual option.

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AUSTIN — Ladies if you’re in pursuit of gestation but haven’t found the right n*gga, scientists have discovered a way for you to become gravid minus copulation. It’s called “Mosie” and it’s the first syringe designed specifically for at home Intravaginal Insemination (IVI) — shooting sperm directly at or within close proximity of your cervical opening. Sh*t, my phallus has better aim than that. Nevertheless… not only is Mosie safe and easy to use, it’s also the only insemination syringe clinically proven to be as effective as both Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and knockin’ boots. Not everyone, however, is a fan of Mosie. One critic wrote, “This is one of the most irresponsible things you can do as an adult ESPECIALLY if that kid ends up being a boy. Let’s forget about you for a second have you ever thought what are you going to teach that kid past 8 if it’s a son? Who’s going to be the one to teach him how to fight? How to protect his pride as a man? How to fix a tire? How to play sports? How to prioritize women in his life and safe sex measures (now with the majority of women being single mothers in America you guys aren’t the best option to teach people about safe sex or how to pick the right person to have a kid with especially when you factor in the many options of birth control you guys have), how to have healthy relationships as a man with women? How to operate as a man in the workforce? And how to be strong enough to take care of your family as a man (something you guys also don’t know).”

“It’s especially annoying because this same epidemic is literally destroying the black community,” the critic continued. “If YOU don’t want to make the necessary adjustments to be able to be married to a man (or even a woman)fine but don’t bring a kid into it just because you’re afraid to be alone. If you don’t need a man you don’t need a kid especially a young black kid.”

More than 60,000 families have become pregnant with Mosie.

Will you be next?

Are fathers necessary?

Watch the videos to see how Mosie works.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m 28 and thinking about making this my last option I just feel that I don’t want to deal with relationships and I’m fine if I was a single mother I want to be a mom so I’ll give it a year or 2 see what happens.

  2. I’m doing this in a year or two. I have my own healthy eggs, I’m 27 years old. I don’t want a man in my life, I want to be a single mom by choice. My family is really supportive. Can’t wait.

  3. Why go through the pain of child birth when you can adopt a child and give them a loving home.

  4. The syringe looks quite short compared to medical syringes (used for IUI at fertility doctors). Why does it work despite? How far does it reach?

  5. Better to be a single mom than not a mom at all (unless its your choice to not have kids).

  6. Im 32 and when im stable this is my plan. I have no luck when it comes to men. This is my choice.

  7. My man is already 62 years old and I am 28… I want to have a baby.. If I have no choice we go for mosie.
    I’m just wondering how much it cost

  8. I’m 42 and I frozed my eggs when I was in my 30’s , I’m an antisocial person so I know that the only way for me to have a child is with a donor and alone. I’m not worried about being able to parent my child by myself but I’m worried that if I have a child without a father when he/she’s older will feel bad about not having a dad, and I don’t have a big family to help me, so I’m still trying to make a decision.

  9. Do children need dads and mothers? Thats my biggest concern.

  10. I’m doing this, as soon as I get financially stable. Too many horror stories of husbands killing their wives/partners and kids.

  11. @Marian Tea: But Mothers make a difference.👍🏻💜💕❤️

  12. I just think a child needs…. or should have the love of both parents…

  13. I’m 34 years old I was thinking about being a single mom I’ve always wanted to raise a baby by myself without a man!!!

  14. Having a father is essential. I grew up without a father and I can say that it affected me psychologically.

  15. We all long for happily ever after story with both amazing parents but we don’t all get that and im just glad science ( with God’s understanding I believe ) made it possible for women to experience motherhood even without a loving husband or partner.

  16. I will never fault someone for doing what they want. But I won’t hesitate to say that this is a horrible decision to make. It’s one thing to be a single parent based on circumstances. But to choose this is not wise. Life will just be harder than it has to be. If one is okay with working harder and struggling more than that is a personal decision. Many end up on government assistance. Many end up regretting it. A kid is an 18 year minimum legal and economic responsibility.. Research your potential path in life before taking it our you might end up lost in the end. To each their own.

  17. What about the kid wanting two parents? What about what the kid wants?

  18. America hate fathers and father hood. That’s why this society is going down the drain.

  19. Much better than having a married single mom who also has to deal with an unhelpful weight, on top of childcare. No wonder why a lot of divorces come after the birth of a child. Someone would think that, you know, becoming a father would actually make them grow up a little, but they still end up not taking care of themselves, not helping with children and the not fun parts of childcare, like cleaning up and being an actual parent. Nah bro, if you want someone to be your mommy, go back to your own mom.

  20. I mean sometimes you end up being a married single mom anyways but, I like the fact that there’s no shame in it anymore. While we’re here why is there more shame than being a single mom than , being a deadbeat father?

  21. Here are the facts: MOST drug dealers, gang members, serial killers, mass shooters, drug addicts, high school drop outs, and teen pregnancy are from SINGLE PARENT HOMES.

    You should NEVER want to be a SINGLE MOM.

  22. Children need fathers ! Period. You may “not need a man “ but the child is not you !

    The study’s are there ! Look at stats on single mothers homes. Please.

  23. All the CHILD needs is MOMMY , get the f**k outta here with that needing both parents bs

  24. This is sad. If you’re not married you should not be having children and God will hold you accountable. Secondly children need a father. You pretty much ruined that child’s life. You’re a selfish human being and I feel bad for that child. Only a true bafoon would WANT to be a single mother. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. Why would you add to the single motherhood epidemic just because men don’t want you ?

  26. Downfall of modern women…well you got your freedom but don’t know what to do with it….

  27. It is good to have both parents but it’s not a must I grew up in a single parent household my dad was murdered and my mom did the best she could but I also no someone who had both parents and they had a horrible childhood so I just think as long as the kid is loved it doesn’t matter if it’s one our two !!!!!!

  28. This is sick. My mother was/is a single mother, and I wished I had a father in my life. You need both parents in the household.

  29. Can’t wait till they have a mosie kit for men not trying to be funny but just being a smart-ass.

  30. Im 25 and i decided to become single mom by choice. My big reason is i was a child of a terrible divorce and custody battle. I don’t wanna do that to my child. I feel like im dodging all that by doing it by myself. I know i don wanna do that to my child like my parents did. If someone wants to come into my life after i have my kid thats fine, but they have to know they can’t adopt my kid till my kid is old enough to decide that for themselves

  31. Mosie is great they help everyone! Including lgbt couples/people (lesbians and transgender individuals.)

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