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Sexy black woman lists 5 reasons ladies are single

A video has gone viral that shows a prepossessing popsy elucidating a quintet of non-negotiable characteristics eligible bachelors typically look for in a girlfriend or wife. The 5 traits are: 1) Physical Attraction, 2) Cooperation, 3) To Feel Wanted, 4) Accountability and, 5) Feminine Energy. In other words… if you want a man, you better show some booty, buy a weave and learn to compromise. It’s also her assertion many single ladies are obstinate, cantankerous and self-absorbed. “Relationships are a two-way street,” she explained. “And if you want to find and build a relationship that lasts the test of time, you’re gonna have to care about your partner’s happiness and their needs just as much as your own.” Social media reaction was priceless. One man wrote, “Protect this woman at all costs!” Another added, “She forgot the most important part: Cook, clean and take care of the kids and be Godly. Don’t wear a ton of makeup and look good without it. If you butt ugly without make-up it’s a dealbreaker. Don’t smoke cigarettes and don’t be a drunk.”

Do you agree with the vlogger?

Are single women preoccupied with their own feelings?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Women don’t want to be feminine or women, but then wonder why heterosexual men don’t want them 😂😂😂

  2. she has HUGE b00bs👀

  3. 6. Slob him regularly and swallow. If ya don’t like it, fake it. No head is an absolute deal breaker

  4. 1. Submissive
    2. Exude Feminine Energy
    3. Cook and Clean
    4. Clean, Well Kept Tw@t

  5. 1. Not overweight
    2. No substance abuse issues
    3. No mental health issues

    80% of women can’t meet these low standards

  6. Prostitution will NEVER be an obsolete profession. 9 times outta 10, a n1gga just wanna bust and not deal with all the headaches that comes with relationships. Its too much time and work for a dude who just wanna stack his bread right now. Am I wrong?

  7. Looks are great but they fade.
    1. Loyalty (which includes trust/honesty)
    2. Must be fi$cally responsible.
    3. Must have culinary aptitude.
    4. Must be clean and hygienic.
    5. Must be strong, especially at the knees.

  8. You can tell this chick is not very attractive without that wig and pound of makeup. Judging by her tidday size she probably has 2-3 kids.

  9. She should start a seminar for women cuz she speaking facts but tha honest truth is woman don’t care about being wifey no more they rather be a side chick jus to feel like a boss cuz men treated them that way

  10. Succubus tells you everything you want to hear in the beginning. She is just repeating red pill content

  11. B!tches spend 10s of thousands of dollars to look like trannies…… I don’t get it

  12. True, but hőes don’t listen to each other when it’s positive

  13. No! Number ONE is SUCK DICK and SHUT UP!
    Then everything else she said follows.

  14. these offbrand carpet munching bishes gonna try to cancel her… she speaking A1 facts tho… you fat ugly whooooores better listen

  15. i didn’t hear this chic mentioned anything about cooking and cleaning. If you can’t cook or clean stay the F away from me i don’t give a damn how bad you are.

  16. Nope she dead ass wrong cos she forgot cooking. No man wants to marry a woman bringing him fish fingers and chips every night or ubereats that you paid for. Take notes ladies if you can’t cook but look good you won’t last as a wife.

  17. She’s dead on 🎯 But she forgot 1 thing…. Honesty. Example: Like how she really looks without all that makeup on.

  18. I need consistent pu$$y and she gotta have a positive attitude and she can’t be a lazy bum, that’s literally all I need.

  19. Women nowadays believe they’re entitled to your resources without putting in any work themselves 😬 they just wanna spend your money, sit on ig displaying their body for other niggaz, then when they get tired of you move on to the next simp

  20. Black women….white women and other women beat you simply by growing their own hair out of their heads…what man wants a woman that glues and sews another race of woman hair to her head? Black women you look like clowns and only good for sex…stats prove that.

    Also why do the least desired women on earth (black women) feel like they know everything that a man needs? Black women can’t even keep one Baby daddy but they know everything about a man?

  21. She nailed it.
    But we all know these bìtches will not listen to her. In fact they will probably drag her across social media

  22. Babygirl fake azz fuk. She only looks good in da club. When she gets home, she takes off her wig and looks like a nigga.

  23. I normally nitpick things but I’m just going to say I agree with everything she said. It’s all well thought out and presented very succinctly. Even men can learn from this by learning the type of things we really should be valuing. And if we flip a few key words around here and there we can figure out how to make our value higher to women just based off this advice.

  24. If she isn’t accountable, she’s not a wife. She must have ”feminine energy are else there won’t be a relationship! Just that simple. Thats why I’m single. The woman in the video has heavy makeup on. She favors Lynn Whitfield without the forehead! Every words she spoke is TRUTH for all mature people 35+

  25. @Bruce Lee Roy_Glow Gawd☥: What you said is so true. This is why I avoid dating black women. They all think and act like they all that, “I’m a Queen” and treat men like shit. Real talk

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