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Moms ‘twerk’ in front of students in school gym

A viral video shows a trio of black mothers competing in a twerk contest in front of the entire school. Raw footage shows the voluptuous hotties gyrating their butt-cheeks inside a packed gymnasium satiated with students. The erotic threesome also humped the basketball court as the crowd cheered ’em on. Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “The future is doomed. Are these your queens?” Another added, “Now I see why all the girls nowadays are nothing but hoes… they get it from their mama.”


Did the ladies go too far?

Is it ok for women to shake what they mama gave ’em?

Watch the sexy video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Come on my sisters. We gotta do better than this. Still love you tho! Black love is black power!

  2. But, why tho…..and kids hyping that dumb shit up like it’s cool. Just ew bro. Mom in the black boots/thumbnail was the most fit one, but damn a lot of women fall off after they have kids bro. Value just drops.

  3. @Guest: I know. Lol. White men dont even like white women. White women dont like white men either. White people want us. Must be sad.

  4. These adult women fully clothed dancing in a college gymnasium but y’all weirdo’s still offended acting like you ain’t got a porn tab open at this very moment but you see this video and now you have ethics and standards 😂🤣 stfu you judgmental bastards 🤦‍♂️ Your opinion is not valuable. The internet just makes you think it is🤣🤣🤣

  5. They twerk an fight, they twerk an fight and fight….the weave head and hood rat shooooow!

  6. That’s worse than any azz whoopin. Having yo mama Poppin her cheeks in front of your whole school

  7. Bring back segregation and if there are certain intelligent blax they may join a white school if they wish after passing an iq test

  8. Look at all the 1950’s Karens in the comment section. lol It’s just dancing.

  9. I would sue the school, these parents did not gather everyone in that gym and got the speakers themselves. This was orchestrated and if the principle and teachers are allowing this kind of behavior in a place of EDUCATION, imagine what else they are allowing TEACHERS and students to get away with.

  10. Imagine showing up to school the next day and the homies are like “damn yo momma could swing that my nigga!” 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

  11. White people are corny, but at least they don’t do stupid schitt like this.

  12. I’d have no respect for my momma if something would’ve happened like that while I was in school…

  13. When I was on school if the kids danced too provocatively during a talent show it was stopped. Now look, the adults are performing this trash in front of kids like it’s normal. That song alone shouldn’t be played around kids. They should fire the principal for allowing this, sexualizing our children.

  14. These black hoez that are so called mothers,are straight trash 🗑️,All they do is teach there daughters to be hoes in training and condone there sons killing each other or dressing up like a lil f@gg0t$….I h8te these generations of so called queens

  15. I definitely understand why their baby daddy’s never returned from the store with the milk 14 years ago Tf

  16. OMG. There’s some Hoes in this House! There’s some Hoes in this House! If you See em point em out! LOL

  17. America is descending into savagery and complete degeneracy.
    All communities but particularly the Black community.
    The whites too are F__ed up , but the Blacks… wow
    The Blacks really take it to the next level.
    What a cesspit of a country.
    Absolute collapse of values and morals.

  18. Get a DAMN JOB

  19. Fukin n1ggers and you people wonder why you can’t get ahead. And don’t bring up athletes and rappers because that shyt don’t count.

  20. It’s so funny how white people come on here and Shame black people but y’all dont be saying nothing when y’all white ass up here doing embarrassing things just stfu Karen and Ken go f your cousin and leave us alone 💯🤔🖕🏿✊🏿

  21. This is crazy and no one is stopping and say “THIS IS WRONG!” This is the reasons why our kids are mentally messed up, the Black woman acts like a damn Ostrich. Completely lost her mind, and the wicked cycle continues.

  22. the first one in red did a pretty good job you can tell she nasty

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