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Black Lives Matter execs purchased new mansion

BLM honchos under fire/YouTube

BLM honchos livin’ large. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LOS ANGELES — “Black Lives Matter” cornerstones Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah are under fire for using charitable contributions to purchase a swanky new mansion in Southern California for a whopping $6 million. The all-cash transaction took place in October 2020 with funds donated to Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. An IRS probe was launched last June after the lesbian trio released a video that shows them sedentary at a table, sippin’ champagne with the picturesque dwelling in the background. As they confabulated George Floyd’s asphyxiation, the ladies must’ve forgot where they were. The video has since been deleted. The luxurious 6,500 square foot home contains six bedrooms, a swimming pool, multiple fireplaces, a soundstage, a guest house and a parking lot that accommodates up to 20 vehicles.

Patrisse, who resigned as executive director in May amid opprobrium over purchasing three homes in Los Angeles, said there’s nothing to see here. It’s her contention conservatives are on a witch-hunt. “It’s because we’re powerful, because we are winning,” Patrisse explained. “It’s because we are threatening the establishment, we’re threatening white supremacy.” When pressed for elucidation, a spokesperson for Black Lives Matter referred to the residence as a “campus” for abolitionists to conduct business.

Black Lives Matter generated $90 million off of Floyd’s death.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell said African Americans are being exploited.

Do you agree with him?

Are mansions necessary?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Had this been black men, black women would have been on this like white on rice, but since it’s black women you didn’t hear a peep no where.

  2. Not just the black community, some $$ came from gullible white Americans also.

  3. Why purchase these million dollar homes? I contributed to their cause, but not for this. I’m angry and disappointed that my donation was used for these homes

  4. So SURPRISING to see black people involved in anything WRONG or ILLEGAL. They’re always such HONEST and UPSTANDING citizens, right? (cough, cough).

  5. That $6 million dollar mansion will be burned to the ground with the leaders of black lives matter inside of it when the revolution begins I promise you that

  6. BLM has made African-Americans believe they’re above the law just look at the numbers throughout the country. Countless stores being looted. Countless stores closing.
    30% rising crime across the board.
    I think you guys get the point.

  7. Sooooo…here’s hoping Black Americans leave the racist Democrat party and support the party that wants to enable them, not take advantage of them. F. J. B.

  8. It’s not the houses, cars, etc. It’s the fact that these b!+@#es compromised our people with no regard, this is why we are losing respect for blk women at a rapid rate, the red and blue team should $#@+ch em, my opinion, 2pac said it best…

  9. Black Americans never asked for this movement, and I never supported it from day one

  10. You were basically ordered to give them money,or you are racist. A fool and his money is soon parted, idiots.

  11. You got what you wanted equality now you’re at the same level white folks are fake charities for personal profit fake movements for personal profit. You know what’s sad? African Americans don’t even care they still will protect these women if they get prosecuted which they won’t. It’s a sad world

  12. A bunch of divestors that capitalize from black men’s death.
    Black men need to realize black women are not on our side.

  13. I saw stuff like this coming a mile away. I’m just surprised it’s come out so late. Donations have been one of the biggest racketeering scams in American history. I won’t diss them too much because there are some that really have made change in building schools and centers for people who really needed help. But people like these women you hear about all the time or sometimes you don’t even hear about them at all because they’re so under the radar.

  14. The fact is that BLM was founded and funded by Jewish American business people! Why?

  15. Cant wait till this organization is destroyed! Cause this is complete BS and embarrassment for all Americans!

  16. Funniest thing is …Cullors is apparently a Marxist-Leninist… Yet she’s building a property portfolio. The irony is maddening

  17. It’s the same game other non profits play every single day minus the media circus, they wanted a private residence where they can entertain rich donors away from the prying eyes of the media to maybe talk them into cutting a few checks? harder to use hotels for this since they can’t control who else might decide to show up and scare the potential donors off.

  18. Would BLM be willing to open their books to an independent audit????

  19. I told y’all BLM was a joke. Anyone that has supported BLM… Hold that L.

  20. The feds need to look at Tamika Mallory as well because she falls into the same category as these WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING….don’t believe me , ask the mother of Tamir Rice💯

  21. Good to hear people finally calling these 3 vile women out and the BLM leadership for what it is. B(ring me) L(oadsa) M(oney). The only lives that matter to those 3 is the ones they are spending all the money on…..THEMSELVES. What about the $6.3 million that Patrisse gave to her Canadian wife to buy a mansion in Ontario? Don’t forget about that little gem. Lead by example and the BLM chapter founders are now starting to be prosecuted and going to prison as well. SHAME ON YOU ALL BLM LEADERSHIP. 😟

  22. BLM = Buy Large Mansions; I don’t even blame the founders, I blame the fools that donated and supported this BS.

  23. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

  24. I’ve always been against this BLM movement simply because I saw the hypocrisy.. they only care about white on black crime but not black on black crime. If we want others to care about Black lives then Black lives need to care about Black lives first. Little black children dying from stray bullets of gangs and nothing is said. Why would other people care if we do not care to speak on our own portrayal of not caring for black lives?

  25. That’s what separates people from animals. Animals don’t need money, humans do. BLACK People as a whole, don’t have many opportunities to get FREE MONEY. So when they do ( 90% of the time) THEY FUCC IT UP!

  26. That’s why I stopped repping BLM last year when I heard of the mansion bought but I didn’t know of the $6M

    Alert IRS & the feds. People are using black men’s deaths to make cash & most of them marry white men or white women if they’re lesbians & live by them.

  27. Crazy these so called black feminists and lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 people
    Milked the deaths of black men to make money 💴 for profit haven’t helped the community or have done anything to help people of color 😂 It’s all a scam and they’ve been milking the black community 😂 😆 😂

  28. Ima identify as black and move in to this 6million$ mansion …
    Maybe change my name to White Prince of Bel air….lol….

  29. Lets be brutally honest here, is ANYONE surprised the Bitches Losers Moron crew misappropriated money.

  30. I also blame some of the so-called pastors in the black community for taking their share of the blood money to herd their followers into the demonic ungodly BLM movement. They need to publically repent for selling votes to the demonic democrats

  31. Charity is the number one hustle in America, with no tax liabilities..

  32. BLM is an LGBT organization that uses the deaths of black men to promote feminist and LGBT issues.

  33. I knew from the beginning they were totally FAKE! I bet if it said “for-profit’ they are getting paid! They are getting paid and use so called “donations” for their own benefit, now they purchase a $6 million mansion! What about the victims of racial profiling? Have they helped them? Why haven’t they (probably never did) started a George Floyd foundation? Or Breanna Taylor Foundation to help their families or victims of racial profiling or have died in the hands of the police? If they cared, they would help, NOT purchase a $6 million mansion!


  35. Selfish selfish selfish=corrupt and triflin’
    We own less than 1% of anything in this country and they blow it on a house🤦🙈🤡 I never supported this corrupt organization. Total disgrace!

  36. It is just like someone winning the lottery, they cannot resist spending when they have not ever had this kind of money in their grasp before. It does not matter that is all donations, the hierarchy think it is now THEIR’s! and THEY are entitled to do what they please with it, even if things bought are property, it becomes THEIR property. They have transferred the money, and decisions about money to themselves, they are the Royal Family of Black lives Matter. A fitting end to all the damage, injuries, burnt down properties, and lost lives it caused as an organization. Utter Greed will be the end of them!

  37. That money should go to black charities, communities because that’s what the donations were intended for. If not than Patrisse would have to claim the money as income and pay taxes on it. How is this being racist and sexist, for charities you have to keep receipts just in case of audits on your income tax form. The FEDS need to go after them… How is it fair for all of us who pay taxes yearly on income?

  38. Bilk-Loot-Money. Blacks who need a place to stay should show up to the 6million $$ mansion. See if they get help.

  39. This should be a clear wake up call to to the millions of people that just get by week to week and to see this in the news. Please stop sending money to this organization. This IRS is conducting an investigation onto this group. They will want an explanation on how a non-profit group like this can spend so lavishly. It will take time. Many will serve jail time for the amount of fraudulent activity. Under no circumstances should the donations given to these thieves pay there lawyers fees. Thats not what the money is for. Remember Jim baker? And his wife? Every 10 years or so a group like this gets exposed for what it really is. Your hearts were in the right place. There’s is just full of greed and evil. Its time for a full accountability of there finances. My sister in-law works for the IRS. She says this is the main talk in the office since the news broke. It’s a big priority.

  40. This organization is a racket. They are taking these naive people’s money and using it for themselves. Like I said this young generation is very highly educated and they’re stupid. They all went to college and sat there day after day listening to crap and passed a few tests because they spelled their names correctly and came out educated buffoons. Carrying signs thru the streets for these charlatans and handing them money. This woman, whatever her name is, she’s a crook. And the man who heads up the NYC branch of this BLM, did you ever hear him speak? He’s a racist SOB. He’s equivalent to that guy Frank James who shot up that subway the other day. Same rhetoric! It’s nonsense. Black babies are aborted more these days than any other babies. What’s that all about? They have no solutions for that! As a matter of fact, this BLM encourages abortion. Free abortions, just the rest of us suckers have to pay for them. Instead of them closing their legs. They want to soak the taxpayers. Now this “itch” bought herself a 6 million mansion. For what? She’s says it’s for her protection! 😂 Don’t make me laugh. She’s sitting out on the veranda, sipping wine and toasting someone. Yes, I can see she’s in hiding!!!

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