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Maskers Anonymous man revealed frightening truth

A viral video shows a group of maskaholics taking their first step towards recovery during an anger management session. Mike, a middle-aged white man, was the first to air his dirty laundry. “Hi. I’m Mike and I’m a maskaholic,” he told the gang. The therapist then implored Mike to remove his mask. But, turns out, he was wearing more than one. When asked what brought him there, Mike admitted he almost beat the sh*t out of an old lady at the grocery store. “I lost it at Trader Joe’s,” he confessed. “I got into this screaming match with this little, maskless, old lady and I almost went all Will Smith on her.” Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “Oscar worthy performance!” Another chimed in with, “You don’t even need actors to make this scene. Just go film outside.” A third observer added, “So sad because this is reality for so many sheep. America has lost its soul.”

Watch the video.

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  1. There’s just too much truth to this video it’s hard to believe this is not at least based on true stories and stories and more stories

  2. Thank GOD! Covid is so yesterday, & it was only .03% fatal to healthy adults (even less for kids) under the age of 70 even then.

  3. The FDA classifies masks against covid as experimental. I choose not to participate in an experiment. This has nothing to do with covid and everything to do with mind control and power.

  4. If you are concerned about me not wearing a mask then your shot isn’t working so don’t blame me for your fear.

  5. Masks are nothing more than a “everyone gets a trophy,” trophy, for people who are still pretending to be terrified of the virus.

  6. The idiots that think masks protect them should continue on wearing them as they do in other public places. These people really think it protects them. They are not doing it to protect others. The reason maskers like the mandates is so it is not so obvious who the paranoid idiots are in society. They are not able to think logically. They cannot see the hypocrisy. They don’t understand that if they can breath, a small virus can flow in and out freely. These people are not rational beings. It’s very sad to see. But given all that, I would not be in favor of mandating them to not wear a mask or mandating them to receive counseling for their paranoia.

  7. Happy to report I NEVER put on a face diaper once during the entire plandemic!

  8. If your a mask-aholic it time to change the social media platform and PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A$$ !

  9. Oh, how the tables have turned! I’m now a proud mask-shamer! The mask-wearers nowadays are very mentally ill people.

  10. The Spanish flu plannedemic they also wore masks and most died of pneumonia, Fauci wrote a book about it.

  11. I still see kids walking home from school in 90 degree heat wearing a mask. Almost as if it’s a fashion statement.

  12. Sums up the world today perfectly, people addicted to wearing those things, even when not sick or the rules have been slackened to where they don’t have to wear them, yet, they still do! 🤦🤷
    Sounds about like the Dr Seuss story of the Sneetches! Lol

  13. I still see people wearing them driving down the street alone, or walking their dog, it’s so sad.

  14. CONvid narative anonymous !!!
    For those who can’t seem to give up wearing a mask, taking the b.s. CV19 tests, or taking the jab and multiple boosters.
    Look into cv19 “similarities” with the Spanish flu events!
    Are we Repeating History and don’t Realize it, cause we don’t look and learn from History!
    Love and Peace!!!

  15. ” I ain’t gotta take a mask off,
    cause I ain’t never put s mask on,
    real niggas don’t hide their face,
    this fake 💩 ain’t gon’ last long. ”

  16. Not really even funny…. just true. When parody becomes reality… we’re living in it.

  17. I remember I saw a woman in her car, by herself, with a mask… and a face shield… why!?!

  18. I’m going to use that phrase IRL, “I felt like a black life, for once I mattered!” Lmao, it was great.

  19. Well, at least the people still wearing masks make it easy to distinguish who I should socially distance myself from.

  20. Please believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins he was buried and rose again on the 3rd day! Jesus loves you and is waiting with open arms!

  21. Maskaholics LOVE the smell of their own DISGUSTING BREATH.

  22. Why are people still wearing masks outside with no one else around while walking their dog?

  23. If you’re still wearing a mask I just wanted to tell you that you should look up, because gullible is written on the ceiling

  24. I just want to take this opportunity to laugh at all the fools that took pictures with their masks on and posted them on the internet, and used them as their avatars for social media. We will never forget how pathetic you are.

  25. This is absolutely hilarious and frighteningly accurate. ” It gave me a chance to look down on people.” LMFAO. They are so self righteous.

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