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An LGBT cartoon teaches children it’s ok to be gay

A viral gender identity cartoon from “CBC Kids News” shows animated friends Ruby and Sid confabulating what constitutes being a boy or girl from an LGBT perspective and parents are pissed. The Woke tutorial transpired inside a hospital nursery. “Awe. Hi baby. Are you a boy or girl?” Sid inquired as he stood behind the window. “Funny you should ask Sid,” Ruby said.

“One of the first things they check when a baby is born is what kind of body parts they have. They do that to determine a baby’s sex. [But] the way your body looks on the outside is only part of the story. Your sex refers to your physical body parts, remember? But there is also something called gender which is how you feel inside your body and who you know yourself to be. And your gender, how you feel on the inside, doesn’t always match the sex you were called when you were born. Let’s say you were born with a penis and you feel like a boy inside. In that case, your sex and your gender match.”

Sid countered with, “Well, what if you were born with a penis and you know you’re a girl inside, not a boy?” to which Ruby replied, “Then your sex and your gender don’t match.” She also said it’s ok for boys to play with girls toys and vice versa.

Is the cartoon inappropriate?

Are educators indoctrinating our children?

Watch the Woke animation.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. You can feel however you want to feel inside, that’s your right and you deserve to be comfortable. But why force people to call you something that they themselves don’t believe in. I will respect you and let you live your life, but don’t force me to think like you because what you believe doesn’t apply to what I believe.

  2. I identify as the gender that doesn’t have to pay taxes. What is this utter make-believe, fantasy vomit?

  3. This video is trash.
    Stop trying to brainwash boys and girls into believing this garbage.

  4. I’m a 28 year old male, but I identify as “Marisa” a 67 year old grandmother. Eat your vegetables.

  5. Call yourself whatever you want, but i aint calling you that, keep your delusions to yourself

  6. LGBTQ community are challenging some very basic and strongly ingrained ideas, including how we use pronouns…to be honest, it is not easy to warp my head around all this…

  7. This video made me feel very happy as it’s a great video to start off learning about different identities!

  8. So what I understood from this video is this;
    Literally everyone is either transgender or in denial. Because I know of and heard of 0% who don’t hold both masculine and feminine traits to their individual persona.
    Nobody is 100% masculine or feminine.

  9. The fact that some transphobic grown adults need a KIDS animation to explain this to them😐

  10. I don’t have a “deep personal sense” of being female. I am female because I was born a girl, and since I’m not mentally ill I don’t try to change that

  11. This is contradictory. How can gender identity exist unconnected to one’s sex AND simultaneously be a deeply held belief that one has the feelings of a certain sex?

    If gender identity is infinite and unrelated to sex…it’s just personality.

    So, you’re just sexualizing personality, which is creepy, and possibly pedophilic.

  12. So we arent even gunna pretend to not brainwash kids in public school?

  13. Woman is from Venus. Man is from Mars. Every other gender is from Uranus.

  14. @Forest n Fren: I wish schools would go back to teaching grammar and math

  15. This doesn’t make any sense. Gender is meaningless without biological sex. If gender was different from sex then we wouldn’t define genders with sex. The gender “woman” is defined as “adult human female,” and female = sex. Gender ideology is just a religious belief with no basis in reality.

  16. This is nothing more than indoctrinating children into embracing regressive sexist stereotypes – you know, the same ones that genuine feminists have been fighting against for the past hundred years. The “left” has become an embarrassment, and understand that there are increasing numbers of liberal/left-wingers that are no longer buying into this sexist garbage.

  17. Being gay myself it pisses me off so much when people say that so many people are gay now and things are turning gay. The only reasons for why people think this way is #1 there are more people on earth now so literally there are more gay people #2 people are actually just feeling comfortable enough to now that they come out and don’t stay closeted there whole live and hate themselves for who they are and not being able to be themselves.

  18. Yeah… Wish it was that easy to tell this to your parents.
    I’m non-binary (or atleast not in the binary genders) and my mom was like: “… You need a psychologist”

    Yes. So good luck everyone and stay safe

  19. Now a days it’s just “Whatever your personality and prefferences are” is your gender like wtf is wrong with people

  20. Hollyweird recognizes over 60 genders, yet only give awards to …. MALE & FEMALE. IRONIC.

  21. This is all wrong!!! Don’t believe this!!! There are only two genders that’s it!

  22. Let kids be kids. Children are at school to learn how to read, write, math and history not gender identity.

  23. There are only genders boys and girls God made only men and women! You are still the gender you were born God chose you to be. You choose to change your gender. Don’t feed all this shit to little kids because you want them to know you decided to change your gender

  24. I’m really happy I grew up in the 70s. Our cartoons had coyotes and roadrunners killing each other in an interesting variety of horrible ways. There was a bit of violence but they didn’t make you diabetic from over sweetness. This is bad.

  25. I had no idea that this was on tv for children. I am shocked. It’s disturbing.

  26. I actually was given a gay children’s book called “our rainbow flag” for my daughter. It’s actually one of her favorite books. Unfortunately, we read it a lot. I honestly was not aware of the objective that is out there. Initially I thought “okay, it can’t hurt to read it to her” but now I’m questioning why I even need to do this. No one ever read gay children books to me and I’m not out here harassing the gay community. I could careless. But now I am starting to feel like there IS an objective here

  27. parents: this show seems to be safe for kids
    special woke episode: hey kids, it’s gay time

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