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Pizza Hut Karen received spanking from employee

Karen got put in check/YouTube

Pizza Hut Karen humiliated.

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NEW ORLEANS — Law enforcement officials are investigating after a white woman at Pizza Hut got knocked on her ass by a black employee for tossing a pizza at her. The altercation started in the lobby then spilled into the parking lot. It was also captured on video. TikTok footage shows Karen having contretemps with lesbian manager Sweets Williams over her order. The corpulent customer demanded a refund despite the fact she ingested half the damn pizza. After being told she wouldn’t get her money back, Karen threw the pizza over the counter and scurried towards the exit. A pissed-off Williams chased her down in the parking lot then shoved her to the pavement. Karen fell on her ass and threatened to call police. Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Gotta admit though those bread sticks are worth fighting for.” Another added, “Domino’s and Papa John’s are better. And they don’t beat you up in the parking lot.” Williams told investigators Karen also spit on her.

Watch the crazy video then watch Williams tell her side of the story.

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  1. Shit makes me sick tbh …hope she got sued and arrested I mean I can’t believe this pos girl trying to claim assault over a light weight cardboard box that wasn’t even shoved on her much less
    (thrown at her )…people make me actually sick to REALIZE I’m part of this fuked up society she straight up assaulted that old woman .. swear to God if she don’t get arrested and charged with assault like fk USA fk this world seriously

  2. Damn why didn’t the manager just act with a little bit more common sense and just call the law on her and now she’s going to have the law called on her as a manager and she’s probably fired… Find another way to get back at somebody don’t humiliate yourself going outside of your store chasing somebody down.. the manager needed to be out of her feelings!!

  3. @I Am The Walrus: Tossing a pizza like she did is a form of assault. But I do agree, the employee went too far.

  4. “IM cAlLiNg CoOpErATe”. I’m sorry lady; but right about the time you said that, was the time you should have been calling Jesus.

  5. Tell ya what… someone throws hot pizza on my legs best believe I am whoopin some ass

  6. Karen spit at her and threw the pizza at her.. 🤨 Best I can say IS Karen was lucky and I totally understand the sister! Sister controlled herself; this is what Karen’s NEED to experience

  7. Don’t fuck with a minimum wage stud, they have nothing to lose, and zero fucks to give. There’s nothing you can throw at them that they can’t fucking handle. How do I know been with a couple of them. Bi, but studs are still the sexiest breed out the alphabet mafia.

  8. It’s food! How else are you suppose to conclude food Is not up to expectations unless you eat it? She and her family probably took a slice each and ate it, then all came to a realization it sucked, it sucked so much Karen felt compelled to go complain, she could have been more respectful, left, filed a complaint with corporate, but that manager is plain unprofessional in my opinion.

  9. Sweets handled this like a normal human being! Food service workers deserve respect💯💯💯💯

  10. Some people don’t care and will throw down. I always tell people don’t pick on others because you don’t know their mental stability, some people can SNAP. Which is the risk you take when being arrogant. Specially don’t call black people the N-word because that one person might be having a bad day and don’t care of any repercussions- We are not our ancestors

  11. Ha ha ha well done lady just because your an employee dose not mean you get to be treated like a piece of shit welldone lady

  12. That’s exactly what she gets !! You can’t go around doing treachous things and expect not to.get your karma .She better be glad that was the only thing that took place wit her it could have been way worst . I bet she know now she can’t be going around messing wit just anybody !!

  13. With all the virus going on in the world the biggest one is racist .I remember when I worked at McDonald’s a customer did the same thing got a quarter pounder meal ate it all but a small center piece brought it back said it was not cooled fully wanted another one all the manager did was cut the center out of a new burger and gave in to the customer the customer was wrong and he knew it.

  14. No that’s very bad. What the employee did was wrong. That woman could have cracked her skull hitting the ground. She flung the pizza on the ground. She did not hit her with the pizza. I personally would have gotten a bucket of pizza tomato and Alfredo sauces and poured them over her vehicle. That would be an appropriate response. Pushing her is just wrong. These kids nowadays have no respect for older people. My mother has done some many horrible things that deserve a fukk u, but at the age of 49 I still show her the utmost respect. This woman is at least late fifties. Lesbian chick is about early to mid twenties. You NEVER insult or attack an older person old enough to be your mother. All u do is pour sauce on her car. At the very most you may want to tell her to fukk off , if you can’t control your temper. What if she had passed out or got a seizure. Besides, you didn’t even give her an azzwhopping. You just made her a cool 100 k. These lesbians want to be men right? Well no man I know would have pushed that woman. So you either act like a man or go find a skirt and start acting like the girl you are supposed to be. Ridiculous. Having said all that, who the hell does this karen think she is to be screaming at underpaid workers. She deserves what she got, but it was a wrong move by stud. By the way I am black. Just in case you want to call me an Uncle Tom, because after all , black people can’t do anything wrong nowadays. So when u call out a brother or sister for uncouth behavior , you must be an Uncle Tom or not woke. Well, eff u in advance. If white and u are reading this, don’t come commenting with your pandering remarks thinking I am one of those self loathing African Americans who want to be in your side. Eff u too. Eff all you disrespect kids. Eff all you idiaatic woke people with your nonsensical outlook on life. In fact eff the whole world. Everyone seems to be full of shyte nowadays. Only people I want to hear from are objective human beings. Not people who look at life through the prism of race. I don’t give a fukkkk about what you think

  15. It’s just funny the amount of people that agree with and would do the same thing to an older person. 90% of the population is petty and it’s pretty pathetic. Sure the old bat probably deserved a shove but she’s harmless. Oooh she shoved a pizza at the girl, oh my god that’s so bad. Lmao I would have laughed and told the lady to leave.

  16. 7 years ago I was working taco bell drive thru and a guy tried throwing his food back threw the window at me so I deflected it back and some flung back on him, the rest on his car. Then he tried it with his Baja Blast except that time it all went back on him in his car. He drove off angry af and my friends in the background laughing it up 😂🤣

  17. Karen assaulted the employee first and experienced swift street justice. If Karen’s got wrecked more often, they’d behave much better and the world would be a better place

  18. @joana lorenzo: I don’t understand calling a shit head pizza hut employee a “stud” for physically assaulting an old lady customer for being upset for disgusting pizza. Damn shame.

  19. The poor customer service and attack on the white woman was racially motivated. Physically assaulting someone is never ok I’d fire that employee in a heartbeat. She didn’t offer good customer service (which is to make her a proper pizza & retain her business) then she assaulted her creating lawsuit liability for 🍕 Hut. Pizza Hut shouldn’t hire racist thugs.

  20. I think most of you got this wrong. You just jumping on the bandwagon. But If they served you a cold pizza with dry sauce tell me you wouldn’t complain. What if this was your mother. Most people can’t think for themselves and that’s how certain people stay in power keeping non-thinkers following. But I digress. There is a motto that should still holds true today. “the customer is always right.” Hello did we forget who pays employees salaries? oh yeah Right the customers. If they’re not happy fix it. Would you rather lose customers or gain customers. Oh wait, you don’t care it’s not your company right? That’s one crappy manager if I ever seen one. Give me one good reason she couldn’t take care of a simple complaint? I”ll wait……….! (Crickets) Put a little sauce and reheat the pizza you dumb mgr. Make your customer happy. It’s not that difficult to put yourself in her shoes. Better yet give her a fresh Pizza. It only cost a couple of bucks to make. But Noooo! you’re too stupid, you rather frustrate the hell out of your customers. To make matters worse the mgr follows her outside and assaults the paying customer. You got her money, and her pizza, now what do you want blood? You should be fired on the spot. Don’t let the door hit you. I smell something yup! yup! I smell a lawsuit for Pizza Hut! Too bad I haven’t taken the bar exam yet. Ca-ching!!

  21. Was the white woman wrong. Yes! She should not of shoved the pizza over the counter! However the worker is dead wrong! She assaulted the Karen! Karen was clearly no longer a threat and was retreating. Never once did I see the Karen shove or threaten her. Sorry. The employee needs to get a 500 dollar fine and some community service! She is lucky as hell Karen is not hurt! Suddenly instead of simple assault she would now be facing felony assault! Needless to say the employee is fired form her POS job! If I was Karen I would be contacting an attorney! Pizza hut just donated some cash to Karen’s retirement fund!

  22. My mother used to act like this chick. All came to an end one day at Long John Silvers, where they accidentally gave her the wrong side. She turned her basket upside down, dumping the side all over the table and floor. Mind you, we had my older and younger siblings there and I wasn’t about to let her set a fucked up example for them. So I took her keys and her phone and informed her that she will not embarrass me like this and she will not be leaving until she cleans up all of it. She was angry, but she cleaned it up. She complained on the way home, she did not learn her lesson. Cue Sunday service. I pull the pastor aside and force her to have a conversation with him about. She’s never acted a fool since.

  23. That Pizza Hut manager is a bully. She knew damn good and well that this lady is built like the Penguin from Batman and would have extreme difficulty getting back up again once knocked down to the ground.

  24. Regardless of how Karen someone is that employee has sh*t customer service skills. Regardless.of how someone treats you don’t don’t put your hands on them or shove them to the ground. But one look at the employee explains it all.

  25. 😃 It’s sad all-around, but I cannot help but laugh at the ridiculous of it all, 😂.
    I love that the white lady still feels that she has her white, protective force field when she says “touch me again!” She’s lucky all she got was an embarrassment of her pride(assuming she has any shred).
    No fucks were given that day at PH.

  26. If it were me, I would have hopped the counter and showed them how to make a pizza.

  27. White lady/ “Karen” was wrong for pushing the pizza over the counter. I’m no expert on the law, but I would bet that white lady can NOT be charged with assault for what she did, but the black lady/employee DID assault the white lady 2 times (on camera), and I don’t think she would be legally justified either, like, I really don’t think the employee can actually claim “self defense”, and honestly, I hope that both woman are charged in some way or charged with something for their behavior, their should be some kind of legal consequences for their behavior because BOTH of them behaved badly, but honestly, I must admit, the employee did do exactly what many people would like to do or only think about doing, but it still isn’t ok.

  28. The way she came out that door…😂😂😂 Let me tell you… People need to stop playing with ppl. Is it that bad for you to throw shit at ppl cause you mad about an order. I mean damn…I get ppl paid for shit, but ppl make mistakes as well. Ask nicely… Like how many times did they mess up that one order.. give them a chance to fix it or make a complaint. Don’t be throwing shit and expect ppl to take that abuse. Hell nah….I had a lady throw a pen at me and I caught that bitch and threw it right back. I don’t give a damn about this company name on my name tag. You will not throw shit at me. The devil is a lie… She started the fire and ole girl came with the smoke…

  29. @D Kwa:Saying the pizza box didn’t actually hit her is like saying if u swing on someone and miss it doesn’t count as assault lmao listen the lady assaulted her she went outside to confront her and she pushed her down before the lady could assault her again that is 100% legal it does not matter if she went outside after her u have every right to confront someone who just assaulted u……I work in a convenient store and people have this idea that because they walk out of the store that erases what they just did but it doesn’t……I’ve pepper sprayed so many people at the store I work at i have not been fired or arrested the cops just laugh because people are so entitled they think they can just abuse people at their job but guess what u can’t

  30. She didn’t throw the pizza at the manager, she shoved the pizza off the counter then the manager followed her outside and assaulted her. Yes old lady is a drama starting b****, but the manager was very unprofessional by following her outside then assaulting her.

  31. That $8 an hour job not worth all of that I support what the employee did

  32. I feel sorry for the pizza manager. I just feel she wasted her existence on serving upper class customers that pay her salary. I will pray for her.

  33. The manager never should have followed the lady outside, let alone shove her to the ground once outside. She is lucky that she didn’t lose her job and Pizza Hut get sued. If you were assaulted by the pizza being pushed at you, deal with it legally, you had no right escalating the incident.

  34. A lady coming in to complain about a pizza that didn’t have enough sauce on it should not end like this.
    Sweets sure had a lot of excuses for why she let this Karen get the better of her.
    So what?! Lady was upset about not getting a refund for the crap she dished up, and shoved said pizza off the counter and it bumped your leg. Get over it. That is NOT a reason for you to chase her out of the store and shove her twice; once resulting in her falling on the asphalt.
    Why is dude pretending this was racially charged too? Ugh. Pathetic

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