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Child Abuse Video: Youth football coach ‘smacked’ 9-year-old player in the head

Gerrell Williams assaults player. Blog King, Mass Appeal KISSIMMEE — Youth football coach Gerrell Williams will spend the Christmas holiday behind bars after he smacked a 9-year-old player twice in the head during a tournament. He also grabbed the youngster by the throat. The heinous ordeal transpired on December 7th in Kissimmee, Florida. It was also captured on video. Cell ...

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Online Date From Hell: ‘Cheap’ bastard pummeled woman over expensive date

Woman regrets ‘online dating.’ Blog King, Mass Appeal ATLANTA — Here’s another reason to remain skeptical of online dating. Benjamin Fancher is facing charges after he pummeled a chick he met online because she cost too much money during their date. No bullsh*t. The heinous ordeal transpired Wednesday night in Atlanta, Georgia. According to police reports, Benjamin met Brittany Correri ...

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Police Assault Video: Deranged suspect pummeled a police officer with his gun

Jose Guzman pummels cop.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Law enforcement officials with the Los Angeles Police Department released a graphic video that shows 29-year-old Jose Guzman pummeling police officer Anthony Freeman. The ass-whuppin’ transpired on September 26, 2020 inside the Harbor Community Police Station. Body cam footage shows Guzman barging into the lobby where he encountered the ...

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