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South Park released funny parody of Will Smith’s slap

South Park pokes fun at Will Smith/YouTube

South Park spoofs Will.

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HOLLYWOOD — Man, when it rains it pours. A viral South Park cartoon shows rapper/thespian Will Smith slapping the sh*t out of comedian Chris Rock after he poked fun at Jada Pinkett Smith’s depilated scalp at the Academy Awards. “Jada, I love you. G.I. Jane 2, can’t wait to see it,” Chris joked. Will chortled initially. But when he descried R&B singer August Alsina masticating Jada’s coochie, a belligerent Will sauntered on stage to kick some ass. “Wow! Will Smith just smacked the sh*t out of me,” said a shell-shocked Chris. “Keep my wife’s name out your f*cking mouth!” Will retorted. The video’s cessation includes August and Jada canoodling on the front row, making a fool out of Will in the process. Social media reaction was comical. One viewer wrote, “August was down under, while the puppet was saving her honor.”

Another fan chimed in with, “Why did they make Jada’s head so shiny?” A third observer added, “If I was Chris I would have fought his ass right there!” If you recall, Jada (who suffers from alopecia) enjoyed nights of pornographic copulation with August behind Will’s back then disseminated risqué details of their entanglement to the entire f*ckin’ world.

Will has been suicidal ever since.

Watch the hilarious animation.

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  1. OMG, OMG, OMG…
    WILL SMITH HIT CHRIS….. Ok…….Let’s continue to focus on police brutality and stuff that we can change….APPRENTLY he meant to slap the hell out of him about running his mouth… That happened… Let’s move on please.

  2. It doesn’t even matter how you try to dissect it. Will is way too old for what he did. and she shaved by the way..alopecia is really no more a serious of a medical condition than a bunion, only there’s no physical pain involving hair thinning. i can attest we’re going through menopause symptoms at this age, nothing terminal.


  4. Will should have stayed with his first wife , instead of marrying Jada , the longer he stays married to Jada the more his mental health will suffer, its weird how he had an open marriage with jada but not with his first wife…… Maybe because jada suggested it because she made it clear he was not satisfying her!!! Men ! stay away from these demons in disguise.

  5. What a sad fkn situation … I cldnt even laugh about this because it’s so humiliating for all parties on so many levels and if will just let that slide it wld have bn forgotten about within the hr … Maybe even sooner .. But now ! Forget about it .. This shit will live on in infamy for fkn eternity ! Jada is probably more mad humiliated and embarrassed than she ever possibly wld have bn over the joke and letting it go …

  6. Sometimes I would just love to shave Chris rock’s head bald, and see if he likes how it is to be called G-I Jane!

  7. Being compared to GI Jane is actually a comparison of strength, determination, courage, and the ability to do what is considered ‘masculine’ as a woman. Women can be beautiful with or without hair. Having hair would not define her. That was the essence of GI Jane. If the only thing we got from that movie was about that character’s shaven head then it shows how shallow we can be.

  8. Will Smith’s updated Fresh Prince rap:
    “The Oscar Academy told me I was up to no good, so I started making trouble in my neighborhood. I got in one little slap and my mom got scared , she said ‘you can’t slap Chris cuz your wife got no hair'” LOL

  9. My grandma used to say things happen for a reason. And whatever happens good or bad – Its how you take it that counts.
    Well, I think we just needed a reminder- that movie stars are not perfect. And that we should keep our eyes on striving to live holy lives and Gods purposes instead.♥️

  10. I am the only one who doesn’t give a big rat’s ass about this anymore? There are a million things more important than this going on in the world 🌎.

  11. She loves embarrassing him not only because she’s a narcissist but because she can never be a greater public figure than him. She’s jealous of her own husband

  12. So we just gonna ignore that August arm around Jada lmfaooo 🤣😂🤣😂

  13. Covert Narcissist… I feel sorry for him she won’t stop until he dies from stress or self destructs… and the entanglement wont stop it will get worse with her age to self validate herself…

  14. Very toxic woman she is, don’t lose you’re self over a woman, women are not worth losing you’re self or crashing and burning over a girl I seen it happen to alot of guys.

  15. Will got what his woke fake greedy ass deserves outta life. He forgot to be grateful and humble and now all his money means nothing to him and he is the joke of the world. Haha

  16. I still can’t believe he did that. What didn’t surprise me was the snobby, arrogant, elitist Hollywood hypocrites who lecture everyday people about violence awarding him the Oscar and giving him a standing ovation 5 minutes later. I always liked Will Smith but he lost me with this shit.

  17. All this attention for a staged event..
    Win win situation for the Oscars after years of low ratings.
    Some people are just gullible.
    Proof? Keep voting democrat even though they’ve sh*t 💩 on you for decades.

  18. Even animated it still pisses me off seeing Chris Rock get slapped by the spineless Will Smith .

  19. No I’m sorry even that was awkward to watch… it still freaks me the hell out… Will Smith is going to hell…. unless he’s already there… going thru divorce and 10 years banned….

  20. It happened, personally I think we allowed the media to go too far with it.. yeah, smith was wrong! Yeah Rock handled it like a man. IMO it should of just been dropped right there. Get Smith some help and commend Rock for actually being a MAN! And tbh, I forgot where the fuck I was going with the whole damn comment 😂

  21. LOL! 🤣 I haven’t seen South Park in ages. 😅 They’re allowing cussing on there like that now? Must be on cable now.

  22. Fake slap not heard round the world. The South Park slap was more believable than the phoney publicity stunt pulled by two of Hollywood’s most forgotten actors.

  23. Bruhh when Will saw Jada wasn’t laughing, that look. OMG! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. The whole thing still looks suspect, even in a cartoon. Oscar ratings were in the sewer. They fixed that with a Meme event that will be used for every thing up to the next Oscars. This also fixed Chris Rocks popularity decline and did that kill Smiths career….nope.

  25. Even with the animation it’s still unbelievable that those 2 (will &jada) destroyed the whole show, turned it into a thug fest

  26. Funny how everyone applauds Will Smith for defending his wife’s honor even though she openly engaged in adultery with little boys. Perhaps he should look in the mirror before cursing at comedians who make harmless jokes. That besides, he laughed at Rock’s joke before deciding to go on stage and slap Rock. If Duane “The Rock” Johnson were telling the joke, I believe that Will Smith would have remained in his chair.

  27. You know this is so TACKY it’s so fricking SAD funny how JADA LAUGHED I lost RESPECT 4JADA always something if it ain’t one thing it’s another’s I wasn’t going to comment period I feel bad 4 Will he’s been blast since he married Jada Mr.Denzel called it ‘The Devil is busy when your at your highest YEAH TRUE STORY ITS RIGHTS NEXT 2U👺JADA 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY DOESN’T CARE 4BEAUTY EITHER U REAP WHAT U SOW!!!

  28. this whole situation is Jada’s fault! she is in the business and as a so called professional she knows to expect comments from one of the best comedians in the world, the joke was awesome, she just wrecked Will Smith’s career shaming him into going up there and acting like a fool!

  29. Will Smith is just sick he needs help gettin out of that fucken marriage and that bitch of a wife

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