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Love Don’t Judge: Trans boyfriend had baby boy

Matthew and Nuve had a baby/YouTube

Gay lovers had a baby.

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ORLANDO — In this week’s episode of Truly’s “Love Don’t Judge,” homosexual lovers Matthew and Nuve are catching hell after they gave parturition to a bouncy baby boy. Matthew, 25, was born a girl but identifies as a “Seahorse Dad.” Nuve, 25, is a n*gga who’s full-blown Liberace gay. “I’m Matthew. I’m a transgender man,” Matthew said. “I’m Nuve and we’re baby daddies,” Nuve added. The LGBT lovebirds hooked up on Tinder two years ago in Orlando, Florida. Eight months into their dalliance, Nuve made Matthew gravid. Now they’re proud parents of little Lotus. Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “They’re a heterosexual couple with psychological problems… seek help.” Another chimed in with, “Men don’t give birth. I understand that’s what they identify as, but biological men are not able to give birth.” A third observer added, “Disgusting! The devil is a LIAR!” Nuve’s family members are equally pissed. They’re very religious and don’t believe in that gay sh*t. “I had to keep saying, you guys know this is not my friend, right?” Nuve said in defense of his inamorato. “I made a whole baby with this person.”

Matthew knew she was a boy in the 4th grade.

Do you support their relationship?

Are they cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Watch them elucidate their accouchement.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Stupid, you are a woman if you have a facility to carry the baby. You just need some good mental counseling.

  2. This is so disturbing and annoying. If you are transgendered, that is great but please STICK TO THE GENDER you identify as. He is a transgendered male so WTF is he becoming pregnant for?? I am seriously disturbed by all these. This should NOT be supported.

  3. Men can’t give birth. It’s just a creepy chick that screwed up her body to look like a guy. Tyranny stuff.. wierd

  4. The correct tittle should be “through the abomination of science we have changed the hormonal structure of a woman to resemble that of a man’s, though all original reproduction organs are still in tact and functional therefore it really still is a woman and can conceive just as a woman can.”

  5. Why would you change your whole body to be a man then want to have a baby Omg 😳

  6. Despite their fantasies what’s been proven here is you really don’t change genders.

  7. What a way to confuse a kid when he or she goes to school and tells his friends his dad had him for 9 months they are gonna make fun of him and his Woman dad

  8. You always wanted to be pregnant but you also always wanted to be a man? I’m just a little confused…..

  9. As a transman myself, who also plans on birthing my own child, this is beautiful.

  10. So basically it was a woman that gave birth and got pregnant by a man that dresses like a woman.. dear God. Take us out Lord

  11. Here let me fix the Title for you. A biological female who identifies as being male got pregnant by a sperm donor.

  12. I think it’s a shame that evil people put there business out there online and on television for everyone to see and know about and expect others to not judge them. To the CHRISTIANS that say you can’t JUDGE others, get some Bible education as knowledge is power, you can judge anyone just not hypocritically. Even Jesus tell us to judge the things and people around us in Matthew 7:15-20 and John 8:15. Stop reading bible verses partially.

  13. These people invent new words and then say that people are uneducated about what their relationship is. What the hell is a seahorse dad. You expect people to keep up with all these delusions. It’s all vice being disguised as something else. You can’t fake biology, women give birth, so you are a woman. You may want to be male but biology says differently

  14. So I’m thinking if you give birth you are not male unless you’re a Sea horse. Just be honest he is transgender.

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