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Black dude evicts wife & daughter after DNA test

Husband evicts wife & kid.

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows an indignant black dude throwing his wife and 3-year-old daughter out in the street after a paternity test revealed he is NOT the father. Yep, he evicted their asses with zero contrition. Cell phone footage shows the adulterous damsel unwrapping a gift her hubby proffered only to discover it’s a medical exam satiated with DNA results. “Why did you cheat on me?” he asked during the perusal. “You and your daughter have until the end of the month to get out of my house.” Dayuuummm! Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “Where’s Maury when you need him?” Another chimed in with, “Never love a child that is not yours. If the woman is unfaithful, let her and her illegitimate offspring be on their own.” A third observer added, “I would’ve threw her out too… cheating ass. She would also pay me back child support with interest.”

Did the husband do the right thing?

Should he forgive and forget?

Watch the sad video above.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. There should be a law that a DNA test be done between all parties involved at the time of birth. This would probably save alot of infidelity of your mate. So crazy

  2. He has every right to dump her,file for divorce,for being deceived.

  3. Men don’t sign any birth certificate until you get a DNA test. Hell to tha no

  4. Black women need to stop wearing fake hair. It looks so bad. It looks like they’re wearing a mop on their head.

  5. She’s only sorry because she got caught they always tried to play the victim

  6. 1 in 3 men THAT HAVE A REASON, come to find out that they are raising another mans child……I dont like those odds….NO KIDS FOR ME IN THIS LIFE TIME…TO MANY SUCCUBUS OUT HERE

  7. I don’t know how this happened. Dude slipped and tripped and his dick fell in.

  8. “I forgive you”. Something you should never say when you realize your child isn’t yours or when your wife cheats on you or does something wrong to you that’s unforgettable and unforgivable.

  9. Why do I have the distinct impression that I was lucky never to have gotten married? As much as I love women, I just can’t solve the human equation of the infidelity of women. But there is the unpleasant reverse as well. People just need to show principal in their lives . I can actually feel his pain. I’ve felt it before myself. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

  10. ironically funny, it used to be the otherway around before, men are afraid on DNA testing due to screwing around, now that men are socially better and figuring things out, women are fearing those tests now

  11. Some advice for every man out there who becomes a father. One day when you’re watching the baby and your wife is absent remove a little hair from the baby’s head. A few hairs will do dont make it noticeable. Then quietly visit a paternity clinic (two if you wanna be absolutely sure) and test the baby’s paterity. Do this for EVERY child your wife bears you. No exceptions no matter how much you love her. You remember the Russian proverb: trust but verify.

  12. Stop teaching men to accept slackness ,, if he was a hoe as well then that’s a given but i see too many good guys that’s straight 100 that have these fates happen to them and just like that mother telling him to put up with that 😏 shoot probably she’s guilty of the same sht i probably would want to get a test done on myself with my dad because this is bananas🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. I would still love the child and but the child have the right to know who is her father. I would still help wit the child but her father have to play his role. 3 years is a lot

  14. This is why DNA should be given at birth. She was and is banking on his bond with the child.


  16. No way in hell would I keep a woman like that. Got me taking care of the side dude’s kid….that’s pathetic

  17. There is no way he should accept her back!! And for his mother not to understand is Insanity!! How can this cheating mother explain what happened to her daughter, because she must no the Truth!!

  18. Sadly, too many of us are the adult children of infidelity, cheating, oops, I’m pregnant. We never met our fathers. Step-father mostly wanted your mom’s tail, not you. This is a painful part of life, for many.

  19. Bullshit ! I know it’s a story but the guy in the story should change his name to Smith ( as in Will ! ) I understand something like this must be horribly hard on the guy and the kid, but her fake tears wouldn’t have made me budge, in a story as this, because it’s very well known now that in all North America, 1 out of 3 father aren’t the actual father of the kid(s), the only person responsible in this is her, she did it,
    She hide it , and she denied it until the last minutes, the guy should have made sure that both parents know this, her parents to, so they know the truth about why he’d thrown her out and ended the relationship, it’s not as if you meet a woman who already has kid , he was made believe she was his, and that’s one of the most disgusting thing to do…….just over cheating ! so she hit two scores in the top worst thing to do, kinda hard to beat, and he should have let the parents of the women known that when the kid is getting older and she’s old enough to understand the situation, to told the kid the story, and that if she want to see him, he would gladly would, but he wasn’t capable to continue as if anything had happened, knowing he thought he was her dad for 3 years to learned with the effects of a bomb that he wasn’t.
    About her tears like in so many exemple we’ve seen on the net of story’s kinda like this, the only true things she was regretting wasn’t all that bullshit !……it was just of having been caught.
    And for last think of that and the facts that it’s been proven that 1 out of 3 father in North America isn’t the real dad of the kid he thinks,
    Especially when you hear women yelling ‘’ all men are asshole, and all men cheats ! ‘’ in the real worlds yes theirs men who cheats !
    But reality shows that women in general cheats way more then men.

  20. I bet at the end of the day she’ll find a way to blame him😂

  21. The little girl can stay because of my love. The mother has to go.. KICK ROCKS CHEATER!!!!

  22. I don’t know why but I’m thinking about this a lot these days. What would I do if I found out my child wasn’t mine after years of raising him/her. A part of me thinks I could just kick them out, but another part of me would want to just bury it deep down and pretend like I don’t know. I would probably leave my wife, but I don’t think I could abandon the child, I just don’t have it in me.

  23. Women like this make it hard for other good women that doesn’t cheat.

  24. What gets me is at time index after he says its a surprise. The look on her face. You can tell he really didnt want to give that bad news but had to for truth sake. And it also shows how he wanted the child to be his own but the disappointment was hard for him.

  25. females that lie about who the father is should go to jail for fraud and fathers that don’t pay child support should also go to jail. job done.

  26. Younger me would have honestly prolly killed the bitch. Older me, the me of today? Id walk away and not throw my life away for some parasite. These bitches are vile now days bro

  27. I don’t do kids…just how I roll, but this type of clown behavior happens more than most people realize!

    Why would he do this !?!?! Biiiiiitch you cheated on hiiiim and now have the audacity To tell/ask with some sort of authority, why would he do this …. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what the incarnation of a thot is ! “ from the streets she came , from the streets she will return “ ( I feel soooo sad for the daughter )

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