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Elderly school bus driver assaults elementary kid

McNabb beat up a kid/St. Helena Parish

Bus driver assaults kid. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

ST. HELENA PARISH — Jerome McNabb, a 72-year-old school bus driver, was thrown in the slammer after he beat the sh*t out of an elementary school kid. The Louisiana ass-whuppin’ transpired Friday afternoon on the bus in front of students. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows McNabb punching the corpulent child multiple times before kicking him. The video was turned over to St. Helena Parish Superintendent Kelli Joseph who reached out to Sheriff Nat Williams. An arrest quickly ensued. “It’s something we will not tolerate,” said Williams. “The superintendent called us and showed us the video. He was arrested immediately.” McNabb is charged with simple battery on a juvenile. He was also fired. “We immediately investigated the actions of the driver of the bus company that is contracted to transport our learners,” said Joseph. “There’s no excuse! There’s no excuse!”

A close source called the kid a “problem child.” An eyewitness said the boy instigated the beatdown by expectorating in McNabb’s countenance. But, like Joseph said, there’s no excuse. Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “When you don’t whoop your kid’s azz when it needs to be, don’t be upset or surprised when someone else eventually does.” Another chimed in with, “That’s why I won’t be a school bus driver… these kids bad as f*ck.” A third observer added, “I bet he was raised by a single mother.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. That’s what happens when à kid spits on an Adult. I blame the parents.

  2. Thank God he ain’t flick out that straight razor. This man actually held back from doing what he wanted to. Nobody is gonna spit on this man. Kids don’t know the abuse we faced in 60’s and 70’s. Kid probably kicked up a traumatic event from that man’s past! Spitting on him was so wrong, but he won’t spit on anyone else!

  3. i dished out some this azz whoopin to a young nigga who ran he mouth last year

    reason why young black ppl on a wrong track is no one beat they azz when they was growing this should be mandatory for any young nigga who not respectin the elders REAL TALK

  4. @tyrone jenkins: You have some trauma and it’s clear. If you think beating a kid like they a grown man your size teaches them respect you’re just as fucked up in the head as this old man. This isn’t discipline. This is boardline deadly assault. He could have easily killed that child and for what? Being a kid and acting up?! This is what really wrong with black men. Thinking this misguided anger to the point of causing someone bodily harm is the answer to every problem.

  5. That lil MF needed his ass whooped. He had no business messing with that old man. He probably thought that because he was old he wasn’t going to do anything. So whatever 🤷🏾‍♀

  6. @candice ridley: hoes like u the problem youngins outta control cause use less hoes like u let them get away with bad behavior u need to be beaten as well this OG a real straight up ni99a who give these outta control youngins what they need and what there isnt enough of in this society i applaud u ni99a all disrespectful young ni99as need this treatment to learn how to be polite to they elders and these stoopld h0es who defend them as well

  7. Chris Rock said it best “ I ain’t saying he should have hit the kid, but I understand” lol. Naw he going to prison tho, at 72 game over

  8. whoa,,, some kids are DEMONS on the SchoolBus,, but the Driver should NEVER EVER put hands/fists/feet/etc on a CHILD

  9. If that was my son im walking to the school bus and fucking him up

  10. Omg Did they press charges?? Did he lose his job?? I hope the fuck not🤨I mean he was protecting himself and hes 72 years old he not working cause he want too😳🤨 he working cause he have too😳. I’m with the bus driver👊🏾💯 OG….kicked his A$$💯🤣😭

  11. The only thing that black bus driver should be beating is my white blonde girlfriend’s cheeks.

  12. If you raise your kids w/manners then they’ll never be in this situation

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