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Skip Bayless rips LeBron, calling him a big quitter

Skip Bayless rips LeBron/Clutchpoints

Skip slams LeBron.

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LOS ANGELES — Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless is catching hell after he called LeBron James the most “under-criticized superstar” he’s ever seen. Skip, 70, uttered the remarks during a chinwag with “Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe. “LeBron James, over the expanse of his career, has been the most overprotected and under-criticized superstar I have ever encountered,” Skip said much to the chagrin of Shannon, 53, who retorted, “Skip nobody believes that. He’s been the most criticized.” The Los Angeles Lakers, preseason favorites to win the NBA title, failed to qualify for the playoffs and Skip blamed their shortcomings on LeBron. He also referenced comments made by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert who once said LeBron “quit” during the postseason. “He has gotten a free pass,” Gilbert said in a phone interview with The Associated Press a few years ago.

“People have covered up for [LeBron] for way too long.”

Social media reaction was vicious. One fan tweeted, “He’s the most criticized by fans but not the media, the NBA, SJWs because he’s the most protected player by the loudest voices. LeBron is the most overrated player of all time. Time will prove many of us right. FYI, most watched playoffs in 10 years. The fans have spoken.” Another fan insinuated Skip is obsessed with LeBron. “This is exactly why LeBron is the most criticized superstar because he is not even playing in the playoffs and Skip is still talking about his ass,” he wrote.

“Find new material for Christ sake.”

Skip is on record saying Michael Jordan is superior to LeBron.

Do you agree or is Skip a hater?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I have to be honest…I could never become a LeBron supporter because of the King James Burger King commercials. Dude was crowned King James before he accomplished ANYTHING in the NBA; that rubbed me the wrong way.

  2. He’s not complete genuine about his criticism. He does it for entertainment purposes. No matter what he says, he knows people want to know what him and Shannon thinks, and his criticism of LeBron brings in the MOST clicks.

  3. Skip Bayless is so outrageous sometimes I often think he’s playing the devil’s advocate. Some of the stuff he says, there’s no way he believes the crap coming out of his mouth.

  4. Skip is a clown. A rich clown, but still a clown. Take him or leave him, but that’s what he brings to the table; idiotic takes meant to provoke a response.

  5. Bayless knows he’s human clickbait at this point. He needs a target to hate on, because he knows it gets buzz from people agreeing or disagreeing. He’s a troll pretending to be a sports reporter.

  6. He’s been doing this to Lebron for 15 years tho 😂 like religiously every single day

  7. First of all, Skip has not played in the NBA. He played in College and shot 2 points. SMH. He and Stephen A are jealous of Athletes.

  8. Listening to Skip and Shannon is like listening to Idiot versus Idiot.

  9. Bro they are paid to have opposing views on players. I’m blown away that people get so worked up over this. It’s entertainment!!!

  10. Sounds like an unhealthy, borderline homoerotic obsession lol

  11. Obviously LeBrons career would be the same whether or not if Skip Bayless was covering him. Can we say the same about Skip without LeBron? Honestly I wouldn’t want an NBA without Bron but I really wonder what everyone would have talked about for this long lol

  12. This dude skip bayless is ridiculous. Skips opinion about Lebron has to be disqualified. It’s like asking Isaiah Thomas about Michael jordan this is personal more then professional. His relentless criticism of Lebron only shows how great Lebron is because he has to nit pick and continue to push the finish line to what greatness is evertime he crosses a new milestone. Not everyone will be brain washed to thinking the way Jordan did thing’s is the only way to be great. Skip is great at controlling the narrative and trying to water down lebrons accomplishments like winning to scoring title as a Longevity award. When it Should be perceived as longevity of greatness Because there have been 20 plus players NBA players that have played 19 or 20 years but have not been consistent great, lebron consistent all-star Appearances in all NBA team selections speak for themselves. But skip rather support anybody who he thinks can be a threat to lebron, People like kaw-bye kaw-lie kaw-why even bother playing Leonard who is younger than lebron but has knees older than skip bayless . So skip should keep going after Lebron and nit pick it only shows how great he is ..

  13. Skip is the kind of guy that will see lebron have 40 pts 15 reb 10 ast and he would be like but he had 1 turnover

  14. Lebron can’t handle truth. His only hope is to brainwash people that he is the GOAT. Control the narrative. Skip has been calling him out and is right on money 99% times. Of course Lebron doesn’t like it. He is used to everyone sucking up to him all his life.

  15. Skip will be out of job if he doesn’t talk about LeBron. He basically built his entire fortune on badmouthing LeBron. He’s never gonna stop, because stopping means no more money for this loser.

  16. Skip’s obsession with Lebron is weird but he made a bag off hating

  17. LeBron is secretly skips favorite player. He never missed a game and is always talking about him. Sounds like a Stan to me.

  18. At this point, to the extreme levels of unhealthy obsession skip is taking this, he should really just say “ i wanna get some sort of reaction from lebron to criticize him even more or i hate you disappear already” kind of thing because this even looks like obsessive compulsive disorder. The dude literally said on undisputed every friday is date night unless lebron plays, what?! Dude literally chose lebron over his own wife

  19. Skip’s hate of LeBron comes only in the context of people trying to compare him to Jordan (which LeBron invited at every turn). I loved LeBron in his first Cleveland run and was ROOTING for him to become the GOAT. The Decision changed all of that forever. He had the goodwill of everyone and threw it away. Yeah, he won some chips. But it didn’t get him where he needed to be to pass MJ. And it made him look weak in comparison.

  20. Okay let’s quit talking about LeBons bitch ass. Let’s talk about the good teams that are actually in the playoffs

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