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Dwyane Wade’s gay son smooched his boyfriend

Zaya and Hudson are in love/Instagram

Zaya kissed trans boyfriend.

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LOS ANGELES — “Bring It On” actress Gabrielle Union is under fire after she shared a woke Easter Day photo of her stepson, Zaya Wade, swappin’ spit with his boyfriend Hudson who used to be a girl. Confused? You’re not alone. If you recall, Gabrielle — wife of Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade — helped Zaya (né Zion Wade) egress the closet two years ago. She took the 14-year-old pansy to a pride parade and everything. Now Zaya believes he’s a black chick. Hudson, born a girl, identifies as a white dude. So, in a sense, the swirling lovebirds are still a heterosexual couple capable of procreating. Discretion be damned, Hudson posted the kiss photo on her Instagram page with the caption: “Passover and Easter have never been more fun, I Love You.” Social media reaction was vicious. One person tweeted, “The Wades need to go to jail.” Another chimed in with, “Circulating a pic of two kids kissing is strange… whoever took that pic and posted it (probably Gabrielle Union) is weird as f*ck too.”

A third observer added, “Maybe I’m old school, but sexualizing minor teens is not okay under any circumstance. My son will be 14 next year, and he wouldn’t dare try this in my presence. My heart hurts for Zaya Wade’s mother, she doesn’t have a say in Dwyane Wade’s foolishness.”  Not only is Zaya gay, he’s also an activist for the LBGT community.

Are D-Wade and Gabby bad parents?

Will Zaya make Hudson gravid?

Watch D-Wade and Gabby explain Zaya’s sexual orientation.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They are using Wade’s son to say it’s OK to live that lifestyle and to except it at any age. He is too young to know that he is gay.

  2. That’s transboyfriend looks like Ruby Rose. This made me want to throw up.

  3. This is so awkward, Gabrielle Union is sick, The ex wife should have took this child from them.

  4. I’m so confused 😕 Zya is attracted to boys, but he dating a real girl that looks like a boy?

  5. They sold that young man out and Gabriel should be ashame exploiting another woman’s child and his father is in agreement with it. Everyone has a right to choose but don’t push any kind of agenda on a child.

    It’s a sin before God to see children being exploited to one’s gain only to lose their soul and my heart goes out to his biological mother who has to see and endure this happening to her child.

  6. Wow…. They after our children fareal!!!And of course its gotta be a black family to push this agenda…….D wade is a coward of a man!!! what is this nonsense?? who would approve of this for there 14 year old son??? SMH

  7. So basically a straight couple playing make belief 🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  8. Now it is a trend and black men took the bate. look how many young black men turning into Trans women some looks a hot mess .you could see the little boy in them. some how some men think throwing on a wig and make up that makes them women. society got these men mess up some they’re struggling with thier sex preference .this is why they’re so much down low men walking around ladies please becarful keep your legs closed they’re many stds in these men.

  9. Ya’ll stay talking about this Man’s family like he actually GAF what Ya’ll Broke Ass’s think 🤣 Stay Mad

  10. He has lost his mind. You don’t promote any sexual behavior between kids. The white boy and his family will be suing these clowns in 2yrs or less saying they tricked the lil white boy. Wade is a whole lame . long live Lavar ball

  11. Its crystal 🔮 clear that Gabrielle wears the pants 👖 in their family & in their marriage . D- Wade’s last son was the oops baby 👶 😏 😳. Gaby & D-Wade broke up for a couple of weeks or months . While they were broken up D-Wade hook up with a past ex from high school . And obviously they didn’t use protection cause he had a third child .Gaby & D-Wade reunited got married but b4 that D-Wade had to confess about the affair & also now there is a child . Gaby forgive him but not really . You never sees the third child in their home . Due the fact it was a reminder that Gaby wasn’t able to conceived at that time for many years . Now since she finally had a child , she is happy . But maybe not . Because D-Wade third son is always a reminder that he cheated . But according to Gaby he didn’t cheated because they were broken up . And American saw how RIDICULOUS she looked in the hospital 🏥 bed 🛌 with hospital gown on like she just gave birth . Knowing that she didn’t carry her daughter . Why isn’t D-Wade first wife doesn’t have a say so on how the second son is being RAISED ? I get it , that’s his ex wife but the whole situation is CRA CRA. I bet LeBron , Chris , & Carmelo are laughing their ass off & talking boo who sh-t about D-Wade & Gaby . Damn D-Wade it’s very hard to see you on 📺 or on social media to watch your wife EMASCULATED everyday of your life . Is she the only va ja ja left on this EARTH 🌎 . If not , you’re sure acting like she is . You was so damn mean to your first wife & didn’t put up with anything . Boy , are you the female now & Gaby the man now ?

  12. I am neither gay nor do I support that lifestyle but there’s just something so beautiful about that picture with D Wade’s son kissing that White boy. With all the racial tensions we got now, that picture beautiful. 🥲🤭

  13. The trans push is to weaken men to not be able to fight. And women to feel more manly but in the end in all societies they fall first if in war or force. It is to control and enslave the people it’s obvious.

  14. People need to understand that celebrities push this shit so it can be normalized in our reality and most importantly to corrupt our kids

  15. I just can’t with any of this bs anymore. This woke shit is a parasite.

  16. jesus fucking christ! this kind of thing is nuts. Why the hell are those morons promoting this shit. They really failed their son

  17. People have the right to raise they’re children how they want to. He’s a grown man with a grown wife raising their children. If it’s abuse, call the authorities, but ya’ll won’t because , technically it isn’t. And why keep blaming his wife, when this 14 yo has a biological Mother? Y no one blaming her? Gabrielle Union didn’t raise that young man. She’s just stepping in to help, hence the term STEP MOM. Now, on the flip, I totally disagree with how they have exploited this obviously confused young man and his sexuality. It’s totally inappropriate. But I do NOT blame the wife. It ain’t her child.

  18. Biologically speaking he is still a boy whether he believes he’s a girl or not, and she is a girl whether she believes she’s a boy or not. So a boy is interested in a girl and a girl is interested in a boy. That’s the bottom line it’s not like he is with another boy who believes he’s a girl and they’re both the same they’re not they are still opposite sexes a male and a female no matter what your brain wants to tell you

  19. Sexualizing children is perverted. Zion is a male/boy and every cell in his body is male, XY. He will forever be male regardless of what surgeries he has, hormones he shoots, or clothes and makeup he wears, and regardless of how this The Emperor Has No Clothes is played out in public. This is sad, perverted, tragic, destructive and all the woke are scoring social credit by expounding on how true it is to see a little boy paraded around as a girl, when they know it’s a lie. You are destroying this child’s life for the adulation of sicko strangers, praise from media, attention, fame and money, but you’re too blind and immorally outraged to understand the destruction you’re bringing down on this innocent little boy.

  20. Ain’t no way in the Hell I would support my children in anything they do, Nobody’s has the right to live their life the way they want, since None of us did not create ourselves
    We live our lives for God’s purpose & not our own- point blank

  21. So let me get this straight. D wade’s son dresses like a girl and is dating a girl dressed like a boy. So his son is not trans, it seems like it’s their idea so they can get attention. He’s kissing a girl. If he was kissing a bio boy, then I’d believe it.

  22. Im REALLY starting to see this sickness for what it really is.
    Even in the supporters. Mental illness.
    Im 45 yo, but i identify as a 89 year old because I FEEL LIKE IT.😑🤦‍♂️

    How Dumb does that sound?
    Better yet
    Monday- im a Woman
    Tuesday- a Hermaphrodite

  23. Some things are just not the right thing to do at the time. They can kiss whoever they want to but you don’t have to publish it. It would not have mattered if they were a boy and girl. I wouldn’t publish myself kissing a man and I’m a heterosexual woman who is almost 60. The reason being it’s nobody’s business. You don’t have to worry about what people think if you don’t put it out there. I don’t care what nobody else does with their personal life. The keyword being personal. They could have found something else to post even if it wasn’t Easter Sunday.

  24. I said this from day one that woman started parading that boy and putting him at the forefront of her photos. She was going to ruin him. Especially as it wasn’t her birth kid….And the simp father went along with it. Where in the world is his mom in all this!!!!!

  25. Dwayne wade is promoting the homosexual lifestyle, and he’s blatantly disrespecting god in a mighty way,if he doesn’t repent,it won’t end well with him or Gabriel union,because ,she’s equally to be blamed and she’s guilty by association,furthermore, publicly she made it abundantly clear to the masses of viewers globally that she’s a co-conspirator in this unnatural mess and she unequivocally endorses what god is against and considers abomination.what a travesty!apparently they don’t fear god🙏


  27. It’s called “ Hollywierd”!!!
    Gabrielle Union has wacked this family unit up.
    What the EFFFFFF does a 14 yr.old KNOW about wanting to change his birth sex.
    HE should be studying his damn books.
    So these parents sanction teen age SEX.??????
    Your child should NOT be ENCOURAGED to be having SEX – while still a 👦🏽 CHILD.

    They need to take themselves to CHURCH.
    What the hell is going on.????
    Since when has a Black family become such a FREAK SHOW???🙄😩🙄😩🤮

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