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Kelce & Kayla are toast

Kelce dumped Kayla over Cam/Clutchpoints

Kelce dumped Kayla Nicole. 

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KANSAS CITY — You can stick a fork in Travis Kelce’s relationship because it’s done. Kelce, star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his black girlfriend — Kayla Nicole — are calling it quits after 5 years of cohabitation. Kelce, 32, gave Kayla the boot after the loquacious damsel tweeted her exasperation with Cam Newton’s “boss bitch” diatribe in a recent episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. Cam basically said women need to shut the f*ck up and get in the kitchen. “There’s a lot of women who are bad bitches, and I say bitches in a way not to degrade a woman,” he ranted. “But just to go off the aesthetic of what they deem is a boss chick. I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of: ‘I’m a boss bitch, Imma this, Imma that.’ No, baby. But you can’t cook. You don’t know when to be quiet. You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”

Kayla was quick to clap back and she didn’t mince words.

“A lot of y’all wanna be with your Mama. And it shows,” she tweeted.

“It’s really not a matter of can she cook – it’s more like does she want to cook for your hungry hippo ass.”

Kayla also poked fun at Cam’s unemployment status. The 32-year-old quarterback is currently a free agent. “That man ain’t had a job in months,” Kayla wrote. “He has nothing but time to ‘be quiet’ and get that ass in the kitchen.” Those churlish remarks didn’t sit well with Kelce who jettisoned Kayla shortly thereafter. The NFL is a brotherhood and players usually stick together.

Social media reaction was vicious. One fan wrote, “Kayla Nicole blocked her own blessings and got her pink slip. Congratulations to Travis Kelce for freeing himself from a problem.” Another added, “She fell for feminism. She just had to say something instead of saying, ‘Cam does have some good points.’ But nooooooooo.” 

Kayla, however, claims she broke up with Kelce because he’s too frugal. He reportedly only gave her $100 the entire relationship plus made her pay half of everything. “Travis is very cheap,” said Kayla’s friend. “In the beginning he tried to make Kayla ‘prove’ that she wasn’t with him for the money . . . so she had to pay half of everything. Half of every date, every trip, everything.”

When asked if there’s a chance they’ll reconcile, the BFF replied: “If he stops being cheap and gives Kayla what she deserves, maybe.”

Do you agree with their decision to split?

Should women be quiet and get their asses in the kitchen?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. What a beautiful woman she is..she will be fine lol, random people will over discuss this silly situation. She most likely has moved on easily and he most likely will cycle right back to her 🙂

  2. Any man with success is going to want a chick that can cook and clean. Just like you expect a man to have manly traits you better have womanly ones. Otherwise he will find someone who does.

  3. Divesters are lost self hating blk women that hate blk men. Especially, alpha blk men. Remember that. They are worse than a wht racist with a hood on

  4. Travis was never going to marry her in the first place.. she chased after him . Bad move smh

  5. Travis Kelce clearly thinks like Cam and her words and actions not only disrespected Cam they disrespected him too she just didnt know it.

  6. She was mad at Cam because she felt he was describing a woman that fits her description. Sad thing is had she not responded no one would have known she was one of those types. Hit dogs holler.

  7. 🤦🏾‍♂️ see even the white man, have a problem with black women too, you can’t make this shit up 😂

  8. The man is the head of the household, she’s nothing but an IG Gold digger and Travis is an IG Trick!

  9. Wow the hate for black women on this post. White girls sleep with the entire football team before nabbing her a brother

  10. Lot of these delusional feminist gold diggers are being exposed. Lol! Good job Travis!!
    If you Ever get married get a PreNup!!! Don’t jeopardize your hard work and future for a female. Smh.

  11. She never caught a pass , took a hit , ran in the sun !!
    She was only their for who he was !!
    Glad to see him win this one !!!

  12. So what if he’s cheap.He made that money.Its his to spend like he chooses.She’s a gold digger and not marriage material so what does she expect.

  13. I wonder how many Rappers, Athlete’s and Rich Simps will be waiting in line to wife her up. The cycle continues if you just ignore them (IG Models and women like her) then what they say would have no impact. I never heard of her until she was dating Kelce, besides her looks what else will she offer a man based on her pictures, nothing of value! But what do I know I”m just a 9 to 5 Average Value Man.

  14. Women like Kayla Nicole and others need to learn a valuable lesson from this. If you are lucky enough to get a high profile man, know when to be quiet, stay in pocket, and never make yourself the news story. Kayla Nicole started acting like a wife before she actually became one. Hope she is using the breakup time to hone her cooking skills.

  15. Pimp….😄🤭 These Black women and their White god…. Luv it 😂👍🏾

  16. She didn’t have a dang thing to say as long as she had a Chad, some as he got rid of her and she lost her bag she’s suddenly talkative now. Chad made the right decision…..

  17. Lol if a black man was that cheap she woulda been kicked him to the curb. Anything for a white kang tho!!!!

  18. She thought:
    I’m an attractive BLACK WOMAN
    ILL GET ME A WHITE BOY THEY’LL SPEND ALL THEIR MONEY ON ME, they are Simps, they are docile, I can control him and have my way because white men aren’t as strong mentally as black men
    And you see what happened 😂😂😂😂 you talked all that trash to cam newton to only prove him RIGHT😂😂😂

  19. Listen black people, a high value white man or woman is not going to share his or her generational wealth with you (for the most part, exceptions do exist). Them folks don’t play that…and a black woman can only produce a black child…

  20. Ha! Di(e)vesters take another L! Sorry your Zaddy preference doesn’t prefer you.

  21. Good that white men aren’t putting up with that attitude. It’s fucking disgusting the way they are acting. So….

  22. He satiated his black girl fetish. When the fad is over, all of them will be pumped and dumped.

  23. Travis wants Becky. Kayla is just fun. Sad to say, But that’s how Brad looks at them. Because they do things sexually for Brad, That they won’t do for Black men. When it comes to Black men, They’re always tired and call us thirsty, But when Brad ask for certain sexual demands, Black women turn into sex goddess’s.🤷

  24. That’s what she gets for laying with that wet dog!!! She’s tainted goods! Some trash rapper will wife her and swell that belly up and cheat on her

  25. Marriage is unnecessary for men and women. You can be with someone without a Government contract.

  26. He got what needed from her and put her right back where he found her; in them streets! Walking away clean, no money lost, no babies… 👑 King 👑

  27. I believe a man knows if he wants to marry a woman within the first like 2 months of dating lol they been together like 5 years! And nothing?

  28. When you SWIRL, sometimes this is what you get.
    🗣Used for sex.

    Talking about he did not spend money on her makes her come off as a golddigger/304 eff n for money.

    She is despicable IMO.
    Yeah, keep chasing men of that complexion.
    This is what you get!!

  29. All that submissiveness and years of “service” for a hundred bucks, a stick of gum, cheated on multiple times and some pink penis. Lol! All that crap she was running her trap to Cam about, Travis probably took note.

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