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Pookie’s fight club shows women coming to blows

A viral video shows a pair of corpulent black chicks comin’ to blows in an underground fight club. All you see is ass and titties everywhere. The bout of fisticuffs went down in a gas station parking lot in full view of a gambling audience. That n*gga Pookie recorded the fight. He also provided color commentary. Cell phone footage shows the street fighters exchanging punches. It was a pretty even match until the chick in black clocked her barefoot opponent in the jaw. She then finished her off with a haymaker to the countenance. Rumor has it the chick in black is a quondam pugilist. So the ass-whuppin’ shouldn’t come as a surprise. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “Former boxer my ass!” Another added, “Damn, she had promise when I saw her stance. Then she just devolved and started fighting like your average female. At least she had enough fighting sense to throw uppercuts. Girls that don’t know how to fight throw them off-target ass windmill punches.”

Should women participate in fight clubs?

Has boxing become a lost art?

Watch the catfight.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Over 80% of black women are overweight smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

  2. Cameraman narrated the entire fight..
    But didn’t even show what all them BINKS
    Look like her face when it was ova

  3. This ratchet brawl brought to you by Weaves-R-Us, letting the Koreans get rich when it should be black owned.

  4. Former boxer… They both fought like your average out of shape ghetto roach to me.

  5. She hit that Jaw Bone and made her wooozy yung niggas take notes yall arm punching now a days punks

  6. This is what black people get out in record numbers to vote 🗳 for coming to a Community and neighborhood near you black Democrats voters.

  7. @HWDFOREVERKING954:Because they scary af ive seen Asian females fight and get they äss beat before where do you live at must stay in your moms basement

  8. Dam shame, that It was a BLACKMAN who encouraged that behavior and even filmed it, were really failing blackwoman when we lead them in the wrong direction, Men where made to maintain order, not join the choas

  9. I’m not even bAshin’ Bihtches!…….& You KNOW ……..That THIS fight was Roxanne Shante’ vs. The BB! Mon-ster!…..Fk’n! Liz-zo!

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