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Feminine thug shot a man outside packed nightclub

A viral video shows a black sissy in an Allen Iverson jersey shooting his adversary in the leg in front of his voluptuous girlfriend. The shooting took place outside a busy nightclub. Surveillance footage shows the gunman runnin’ up on the man in a feminine manner before lettin’ his gat explode. The victim continued to limp towards the shooter as blood dripped on the sidewalk. Big Booty Judy approached him too. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “Damnnnnn, he made that fool crip walk.” Another chimed in with, “He gets shot in the leg but still push forward with his agenda like, ‘hey man I know you just shot me in the leg but hear me out for a second.'” A third observer added, “He shoots him in the leg that’s not a beef. Dude looked mad because he was with shorty and was saying you should be with me. The body language was really saying something. That was some down-low stuff.”

Watch sanguinary footage.

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  1. Nah this really about two Gangsta homo lovers broken hearted and wanted jerome all for himself aka THUG LUV!!

  2. this look like a lovers quarrel lol look at the shooting pose of the shooter and look at the feminine limp of the victim

  3. Chick’s azz looks like two overinflated kick balls. Her doctors went overboard

  4. I’m confused. You weren’t masked up or nothin on a busy street wit witnesses. You know you goin to jail so you thought “ima shoot him in the legs and just do about 10-15 instead of killing him and doin life?”🤔🤔🤔

  5. Had to be drunk to close distance on the man that just put 1 in yo azz prolly had 11 to 19 more not a good choice ego a get you killed me personally I woulda fell on the ground and yelled and screamed like Dave Chappell till that nucca left then I would be walking again

  6. he dumb for walking towards the gunman but he surely did eat that hoe 😂😂

  7. You can run up on a MF with a gun if you want to. But you can’t be mad at the consequences 😂

  8. Pussssssssss lol scrawny assss would’ve gotten folded lol he was even scared holding that gun backing up lol

  9. They all knew that man was a pucci because even with the gun they still was walking up on him.

  10. baby in the grey though.. i dont know why these dudes rather fight and pop off over getting money and pu$$y

  11. So niqqas don’t fear guns no more huh? Why tf would you be walking up on the niqqa after he just shot you!?

  12. Iverson jerseys makes people be thugs. This never would have happened in a Steve Nash jersey

  13. After just begging for his life he bout go tell gang the opp was pu$sy cuz he wass scared to kill him

  14. Niga acting on emotions
    aint trying to kill nothing, but going to
    pay the same price as if he did

  15. What kinda drugs you on to make you keep walking to the man with the gun who just shot you??💯💀

  16. U can tell by the way he was running that was his first time 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. Idk wtf I just watched 😳. I thought law of self preservation would prevent people from walking TOWARDS the shooter. This new generation got the game phucked up completely

  18. The chick walked with her man towards the danger. Impressive or stupid. But regardless down for each other it seems.

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