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Lyft driver bit by a female zombie passenger in NY

A viral dash cam video shows a zombie passenger masticating a Lyft driver in New York. The redbone damsel also cussed him out then snatched his cell phone when he tried to call police. “She got really violent. She started cursing me,” the driver told reporters . “I ended up canceling the ride.” Dude suffered a humongous bite mark on his right arm that required him ingesting painkillers for two f*ckin’ weeks. The cannibal admitted she planned to purloin the vehicle before disconnecting the camera. She called her boyfriend too, seeking emergency succor. Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “She’s lucky I wasn’t the driver. I would’ve broke all her teeth.” Another chimed in with, “Ummm zombie much? It’s just a matter of time folks! Better get ready!”

A third observer added, “What the hell? Lol. People biting like zombies. Got rabies?! 😂”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Women like her…..sorry…”little girls” like her are the reason why so many men are behind bars. She was the attacker and then proceeds to call her boy telling him that the driver was “touched her”. Thank goodness the BF had more sense than her and didn’t come.

  2. I think her parents were cannibals so she tried to eat his arm for a meal

  3. If your a man I would stress that you DO not pick a woman. The ball is in their court even if they are the aggressor. Womens rights activists created this problem they can create a carpooling system to pick themselves up.

  4. No common sense he needs to feed his family and she’s acts like that

  5. A human bite is actually one of the most dangerous bites. Take them very seriously. Just because some crazy kid or belligerent Uber passenger bites you doesn’t mean you should brush it off as “just a bite”. You might wake up a week or 2 later and end up having yo go to the hospital just to get your arm amputated. If you get bit by anything at all, especially another human being go to the emergency room immediately. It’s better than losing a limb or something even worse happening to you.

  6. And if it wasn’t recorded it would have been “racist uber driver didn’t let her bite him”.

  7. Nasty! Better go get checked, no telling what it’s got. Sue the 🔥 out of it. Animals get put down if they did this.

  8. I didn’t know poverty was that bad in America that they resort to cannablism

  9. 911 Dispatcher : Officer we have an emergency call. A LYFT driver is being attacked by his passenger.
    NYPD Officer : Pls describe the attacker.
    911 Dispatcher : In her teens, woman in her hoodies, Ethnic background BLACK!
    NYPD Officer hung up, dial tone!
    The next day, report is filed – CASE – CLOSED!

  10. People are crazy! If she would’ve bitten me…. I would’ve kick her a$$! Plain and simple

  11. If he would have beat her a s s , then he would have been wrong? Lyft needs to be sued for punitive damages. Cars should be outfitted with protective partitions. Also, everyone can no longer ride as passengers without proper vetting or without fingerprint scanning to book rides. No more using your account in order to book someone else’s trip ( without other identifying mechanisms in place).

  12. These are the people BLM wants me to feel bad for, to empathise for. Fuckers like her should go to Guantanamo and never come back.

  13. Crazy b*tch. Not fair he’s not allowed to just deck her in the mouth. She asked for it

  14. Ah shit, the vaccine is starting to turn people into zombies.

  15. Man wtf 😬 this lil b*** is crazy now if he would’ve knocked her tf out he would be wrong right? I’ve never punched a woman in my life but 🤷‍♂️

  16. That little S.O.B. Would’ve gotten the shit beat out of her if I was driving. Self defense.

  17. Now imagine if this man didn’t have a camera. She said he “touched” her. This man could’ve been in jail. Its really sad out there. Just a tip guys, always make sure that there are cameras. Atleast then you’ll have a chance.

  18. I don’t give a shit if your female. if you try biting me I’m breaking your face. Disgusting little savage.

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