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Racist white man pummels prepossessing black chick

Rayme McCoy brutally attacked/YouTube

White man pummels black chick.

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JACKSONVILLE — Kevin Williamson, a 59-year-old white man, was thrown in the slammer after he beat the sh*t out of a prepossessing black chick because he’s fed up with Negroes. The racially-motivated ass-whuppin’ transpired May 16th inside a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Kevin punching 23-year-old Rayme McCoy repeatedly in the head while calling her all kinds of n*ggas. Rayme told police Kevin was yelling racial slurs at someone outside the building prior to the pummeling. While waiting in line, she simply asked Kevin to give her some space because he was standing too f*ckin’ close. That’s when all hell broke loose. “I went in BP to get gas and I was walking in… there was a guy arguing with an Indian guy,” Rayme recounted. “When I walked around him to go inside, he came in after me and was basically yelling ‘Y’all [niggers] need to go back where you came from.’ I’m pushing his beers away from me and once I pushed the beers away from me, he started punching me in my head.”

Rayne suffered a blood clot in her left eye and she has knots all over her temple. Kevin was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “White guys are always real tough with women and children. Pathetic.” Another chimed in with, “I’m betting she was acting like a nappy headed ho and got treated like one.”

A third observer added, “Sista better get herself a gun and use that stand-your-ground law.” 

Not sure what’s going on but white dudes are abusing black women lately.

They’re murdering ’em too.

I thought Zaddy love black women?

Kevin is not only a woman beater, he’s a registered sex offender with a crime record like Charles Manson’s.

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m not trying to be races but I hate white people bc they think they own stuff

  2. He’s a Damn miserable COWARD! Hitting a young girl like that! Trust me it wouldn’t have been a BLACK MAN!

  3. She got the bad attitude slapped out of her, lesson learned I hope. 🤔 She try that in the wrong neighborhood it could be much worst. 🤨

  4. This is the kind of assaults that are all to typical of white raged males that will attack Black women and children. These racially motivated individuals use the opportunity of circumstance to attack Black women and children, because there are no Black males around and very few white men would risk their safety to defend a Black woman. We have seen these attacks throughout the Trumpism era and it continues to this day violent attacks on Black women and children by grown white men.
    Unbelievable that these kind of crimes are taking place in broad daylight. Just like the racially motivated mass murder in Buffalo New York.
    Hate crimes against Black women has become a major problem that can no longer be ignored by law enforcement agencies around the country

  5. That is nothing but white daddy handling his business. Ain’t that right divestors?

  6. These some strong black women they don’t no protection. They strong and independent out here in deez skreets.

  7. After seeing her nails plus knowing its a black chic AND seeing that atrocious outfit she had on i would bet that not only did she move his items but she cursed him out and was going back and forth with him b4 he put hands on her.. these black chics are very disrespectful to all and I’m sure she had it coming.. and I’m a black dude..

  8. He was arguing with a man outside….didn’t swing on him. The female inside didn’t say too much of anything to him and he swung on her. Yup, if this is not a clear definition of a coward in action I don’t know what is!!! Wish I had been right there, they would’ve been picking him up off of the floor! #sorryNOTsorry

  9. They think they can just beat up on blacks when they feel like it when no one’s looking. I bet it reminded him of his ancestors.

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