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Thor: Love and Thunder disappointing & “Woke”

Love and Thunder came up short/MCU

Love and Thunder sucks. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Last night yours truly descried “Thor: Love and Thunder” and came away unimpressed. To be honest, I anticipated moderate dissatisfaction prior to a theater ingress mainly because the film’s predecessor, “Thor: Ragnarok,” is one of the greatest blockbusters of all-time and I knew “Love and Thunder” wouldn’t achieve that level of success. But damn, I expected better this. For starters, let’s pray we never see another film with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) as co-stars because their camaraderie sucks and they’re arguably the most prosaic superhero lovebirds in cinematic history. I’ve seen cats f*ck with more synergy than those two. Hell, Thor & Jane make Superman & Lois look like world-beaters. It’s that bad.

Action, writing and screenplay were trash too. If you recall… in Ragnarok, Thor was the centerpiece of two epic battles. The hammer-wielding Asgardian fought his buddy — the Hulk — during a Sakaar gladiator competition before getting his ass kicked by his sister Hela (the Goddess of Death). That’s how he lost his eye, remember?

Conversely, combat in “Love and Thunder” was borderline pathetic.

The Zeus fight scene was atrocious.

Ditto for the final skirmish featuring Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale).

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie ain’t worth mentioning. The redbone’s character was nothing short of peripheral which is sad because, in my opinion, she was instrumental in elevating Ragnarok to the top. Tessa was also crowned King of Asgard instead of Queen and the director went out of his way to make sure she looked as manly as possible.

She donned three-piece suits just like a dude.

Not to mention Jane’s Lady Thor was more masculine than the lead protagonist himself and, to add insult to buffoonery, she expropriated his hammer.

So you’re gonna see a bunch of Woke bullsh*t in this film.

The exclusion of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki dismantled all hope for theatric nirvana.

The only entertaining thing about “Love and Thunder” was when Melissa McCarthy made a cameo as an actress portraying Hela.

Other that than, the movie is straight doo-doo.

Telling you dawg, not sure what’s up with Marvel lately.

But I was also less than enamored with “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

So it’s been a disappointing 2022 for MCU.

DC Comics’ “The Batman” is by far the best superhero flick this year.

In conclusion, “Doctor Strange” and “Love and Thunder” are equally lame by Marvel’s lofty standards. Only difference is I waited patiently and watched the former on Disney Plus when I should’ve mimicked the effectuation with the latter. Man, I spent $40 last night when I could’ve kept my black ass home and watched the sh*t for free.

Now I want a refund.

Taika Waititi needs his ass kicked for directing this bullsh*t.

Blog King’s Rating: 2 out of 5 popcorn bags

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  1. finished watching this movie, giving it a solid 6/10 not that great.

  2. Is it just me or should they just stop making mcu films for a while I feel like they’re over doing it at this point.

  3. The movie’s plot is crap. A movie with Sif as protagonist would be better than this crap.


  5. Why the f*** did they turn Thor into a goofy clown??? That’s what i wanna know

  6. The absolute worst movie in the MCU. The humor in this exemplifies the 8 year old mentality, intellect and psychology of the entire leftist spectrum. Andrew Garfield’s spiderman is no longer bottom of the barrel.

  7. i am a fan of thor but something is not right in the movie when thor came to seek zeus help how can he kill zeus so easily 🤣i mean common zeus is a God and thor is still not a God 😊

  8. Guys wake up, there trying to make you think and believe that God is evil and selfish and that satan is the actual good one. Please repent God is coming soon ❤️and he loves you

  9. 👎👎👎👎👎
    I wouldn’t even consider buying it on blu-ray. Save your money. Was it the worst mcu movie? No. Did I feel the most disappointed out of all mcu movies? Very much. While it had its moments, I felt mostly underwhelmed throughout. 💔

  10. That same way🔺they🔺want all hovseholds having at least one k/9,this movie preaches too a world order by witch little boys watch female crUsaders🔨fight➕kill🔪so to tvrn them off from liking girls🔼

  11. Shit movie, made the woman Thor stronger than the real one and they are going to do the exact same with the she hulk🤦‍♂️

  12. Worst marvel movie so far. Writing was bad, dry scenes, pushing left agendas. Give it a -2 out of 10. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  13. Christian Bale is the only reason I watched this movie. And oh, God! He is good! He literally saved the movie. And he deserves much more. Goor deserves much more! If Marvel ever thinks of making a movie about Gorr (we can’t just forget about him!!!), they must drop this idiotic, childish, let’s-have-fun style. Make a decent movie for adults with Christian Bale as Gorr.

  14. For every male superhero ,god etc nowadays there has to be the female counterpart who actually ends up saving the world and puts the Masculine man into his place, hints left and right we are all against toxic masculinity all boxes checked hohoho ok 🙂

  15. disney drop the ball on these marvel movies, they are now for 10 year olds….way to much comedy

  16. Love how all these movies show how bad woman are. Always causing trouble.

  17. The film has a very poor script , the supposedly comic parts were trying very hard to be funny with no success The woke agenda very unnecessarily being forced right in ur face,. The film is waste of time and money. Rather watch paint dry on walls


  19. Blog King is right. The worst Marvel movie out of all of them, so boring, dumb and no real plot. This movie gets an F on every category, they went overboard with the comedy and it was not even funny, the cinematography, no real plot and felt like a bunch of differenf movies…hated this one.

  20. Worst movie ever. Who thought it’d be a good idea to sexualize children with a movie to groom children with a hyper sexualized homosexual, transgender movie….Zeus referring to Orgies at least 3x. Thor’s clothes (buttocks exposed) being ripped off /women faint. Really ? A plethora of blatant LGBTQXYZ dialogue and pda.
    And the dark sinister character….can we go there? This was one sick movie….what message ,exactly ,are you trying to convey to children. And having the LOVE kid tell her parental figure to ‘Go To Hell’ while she tried to zap him w/her superpower because she didn’t want to change shoes…..
    Pure evil……. Marvel had an opportunity to bring a cinematic spectacular comedic relief to children and young people who are already dealing with chaos in this crazy world. EPIC FAIL. More evil, vile, confusion, & sinister stuff for them to pack in to their young minds.

  21. I’m a marvel fan since all the marvel movies and saw this one today and I was disappointed .It was kind of a mess. The comedy wasn’t funny at all and no one in the packed theater laughed and the plot was all over the place. However, loads of celebs and special effects and CGI made it watchable. That’s about it.

  22. Just finished watching Thor love and thunder, it was so mediocre that I just wanted it to end so I could go home, it was a very awkward film, the dialogue is terrible, many of the jokes were not even funny, the film had no danger, tension or suspense, some of the best lines and moments in the trailer are either not in the film or come off as boring in the actual film, many of Thor’s lines and jokes seem like they were meant for another actor like Chris Pratt, Thor acts like a teenage boy, in the nude scene I swear Thor has a tramp stamp tattoo, there’s even a ridiculous Jean Claude Van Damme splits scene, they over did the screaming goat meme, the soundtrack songs sounded great but in many cases the music just didn’t jive with what was happening on the screen, it’s like the film was edited with a different soundtrack and then was changed at the last minute to try and make it more exciting, Christian Bale in body paint was so non threatening that I couldn’t take him seriously, his acting was stale and inconsistent, the opening scene with him and his god came off as silly but not in a good way, I was so glad when Jar Jar Korg was destroyed but then his face was still alive somehow, the cgi and green screen effects were very poor, they shouldn’t call this a Marvel Thor film, it’s a slapstick comedy starring Chris Hemsworth dressed as Thor, they had way too many unnecessary force ghost kids scenes, Thor love and thunder feels like a children’s film but with nudity and adult only themes and content, it comes off as very weird and groomer-ish, abducting children from their beds, keeping them in cages, reading them bedtime stories, using kids to get what you want, maybe next time don’t have so many kids running around on set, that way the Disney paedo’s (ahem!) I mean Disney employees won’t get distracted and make shitty films, I guess Disney employees can’t do their jobs properly unless there’s lots of young children on set, it must be in their contracts, the ending was predictable but it was pretty good and emotional, but only because of what came before in earlier Thor films, if only the rest of this film could have been like that I would have enjoyed it much more, I give love and thunder 2 stars.

  23. It was not a good movie. I would honestly say after seeing it, it was probably the worst along with “Morbius”. The whole movie there wasn’t any real dialog! It was all jokes and innuendos. I was so disappointing like I cannot explain how upset I was. They literally wasted millions and millions of dollars. Also the fight scenes between the ” God killer” were sub-par and could’ve been way better!!!! Don’t waste your money.

  24. All the the thor movies are kinda weak among marvel…

  25. The worst MCU movie ever made. I’d rather watch Aquaman again. So much forced “humor” that everything is just silly and awkward. Thor is making a moron out of himself. Christian Bale was a great Villain but unfortunately ended up in hands of a wrong director. Very dissapointed.

  26. I used to not be able to shut up about the MCU with how much i liked it, how well it was paced, the movies one at a time were for the most part pretty damn good and how it slowly introduced things to us and keep it fun to theorize about he next thing and what they could do based on popular stories from so many decades ago…. Welp the beginning of phase 4 just started to DIVE off a fucking cliff with how bad it is and how quickly it became such. Its depressing to see how woke and boring these films and tv shows it is now and there’s no sign of that fuckery slowing down.

  27. Stan lee would roll over in his grave if he saw his creations being manipulated to serve a communist agenda. Way to go hollywood you bunch of cowards. Wake up america. We are being attacked and weve never seen this battleground before.

  28. This movie was hands down the worst Marvel movie I’ve seen…… I’ve never missed one in theaters, through this entire movie I kept checking the time to see how much longer…. The cringey “comedy” the woke bullshit, the fights were mediocre at best. The best part of the whole movie was Christian Bale. Getting really tired of Disney ruining everything Stan Lee created

  29. It’s sad that Thor will never be a character fans could ever take seriously, and he will always be a joke. Robert Downey Jr leaving was smart, I’m sure he knew they would have eventually ruined his Ironman.

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