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Kevin Hart admits to Kelly Clarkson he’s in Illuminati

Kevin and Kelly discuss Illuminati/YouTube

Kevin joined the Illuminati.

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HOLLYWOOD — A viral video shows funnyman Kevin Hart basically admitting he joined the Illuminati and he did it on national television. The diminutive comic spilled the beans during a chinwag with American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. The interview was streamed on Peacock. “I don’t know if you’ve had this but I’ve had people throw millions of dollars in my face to do something I didn’t want to do,” Kelly told Kevin, 43, who immediately shushed her as if he had something to hide. “[Oh] you’ve been offered. They’re in the room?” Kelly, 40, replied using her whispering voice. At first she thought Kevin was joking so she laughed it off. Then Kelly realized he was serious as hell. Fans expressed their concern via social media. One viewer wrote, “This wasn’t no joke… You could see how serious he was and the fact he did it multiple times and Kelly didn’t know what to do. She did a nervous laugh and then Kevin quickly tried to change the subject by talking about something else. Just makes you wonder what happens behind closed doors.” Another person chimed in with, “Kevin was like ‘Hush!’ Because he bent over and took the bag… Kelly didn’t obviously.” A third observer added, “Yeah, he knows exactly what she’s talking about. That’s f*cked up!”

Rumor has it Kevin surrendered the derrière to homosexual producers in Hollywood to elevate his métier.

Would you sell your soul for money?

Watch the creepy video.

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  1. I heard Kevin did A LOT of freaky things with powerful gay Jews in Hollywood to get where he is now.

  2. So Kevin is in a one on one conversation with this lady. She tells him she got multiple bribe attempts against her, involving millions of dollars and her doing things against her will. Kevin did not go into details. He let it slide. Why on hell did he not ask ‘Who, when, where and why’? .. How do you talk over that bro? Maybe she actually needs help, who knows. Is it happening still? How does this make you feel? Can I do something to help you? Do you need help? .. You know, things like that. Don’t silence her and literally ignore it. Huge L for Kevin.

  3. He’s trying to warn her that those people are “here in the room” AKA YOU ARE IN DANGER Stop Talking You know the CONSEQUENCES

  4. kevin hart is a little bitch. just say the fucking truth damn it ain’t that hard

  5. Instead of catching on she goes u want me to sshh? Oh they offer u millions too? Lol dummy!

  6. Well, when you’re selling your s0ul for fame, you gotta shut your mouth not to get 6ft under the ground.🏃🏻‍♀️

  7. i am so confused what this meant. powerful executives? rituals? scientology? lol

  8. When he is sshhhing her. He is trynna to stop her from exposing the Illuminati

  9. He also is a puppet of the banks and the great reset by going on Rogan and promoting his plant based meat crap and Rogan called him out on it. He was basically doing a commercial for it. He also crashed his car and took off and called his security instead of 911. He claimed he was injured so why would you go home?

  10. Everyone in this comment section belongs in a psych ward. Fucking loonies

  11. All blacks are bi sexual now it’s really really fkn strange and the gay aspect made them more full of shit crying about fake racism like Jesse smallet

  12. I don’t like him, his humor isn’t funny it’s played out. He a puppet for the New world order. Simple as that. He left his friends in the accident. He’s a sellout to the max.

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