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Black woman attacked by teenagers on a Metrobus

Kyla Thurston attacked on bus/Fox 5

Teens attack woman on bus. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rosa Parks fought for African Americans to sit on the bus. Now we have blacks throwing each other off. A viral video shows a horde of teenage zombies attacking a middle-aged black woman on a Metrobus before throwing her out in the street like a sack of trash. The assault transpired October 17th around 4 p.m. in Washington, D.C. Cell phone footage shows the miscreants kicking and punching Kyla Thurston as she held on to the door for dear life. What’s sad is nobody stepped in to intervene, including the bus driver. Passengers simply remained sedentary and watched. All hell broke loose when Kyla asked the juveniles to stop cussin.’ Instead of respecting their elders, the knuckleheads kicked her ass. “The only thing I said was, ‘Can y’all stop the abusive language?'” Kyla recounted. “They started throwing objects at me, they started assaulting me. I held on as much as I could from them hitting me and kicking me and scratching me… I got bruises and everything on my arm.”

“They ripped my jacket and threw me off the bus like a piece of tissue,” she added

Kyla begged the bus driver to pull over. But it was to no avail. “All I kept on saying was ‘bus driver stop the bus,'” Kyla explained. “But the bus driver never stopped.” Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “Rosa Parks and Dr. King must be looking down thinking, ‘We fought for these people?'” Another added, “This is why I cross the street when I see a group of them. Disgusting.”

The incident is under investigation by Metro Transit Police.

Watch the brutal attack then watch Kyla explain what happened.

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  1. This shit is so normalized it’s unreal! That’s terrible and so shameful.

  2. Why she didn’t get off when the doors was open the first time -she needa leave dat dope alone 🤣

  3. Looks like she was instigating the situation honestly, the kids were unruly, but the adults have to be adults & not participate in this behavior. Someone has to be the leader.

  4. 90% of the time…… it’s the B—>LACKS.
    But they cry racism when they get arrested by police.
    Thats why I don’t give a sheeeeeiddd about them.

  5. Damn black kids disrespectful to their elders and not one black man or women interviened to put these punks in check. Smh this is the culture that is set. I only see blacks doing this worldwide.

  6. Wait a minute! She asked to get off of the bus, but stayed on the bus when she had the opportunity to exit. Then the door opens again and she refuses to get off. Is she well?

  7. To be honest; all society is missing is for a nuke to drop! I mean a scene like this would indicate “post apocalyptic” anyway!

  8. Yeah, something is definitely missing here. They were wrong for putting their hands on her, but I think we’ve only gotten a small portion of the story.

  9. So many things wrong here!!! To start with the bus driver seeing & hearing the loud threats from one young person to another and the VICTIM begging the bus driver to stop the bus!!! EVERY CHILD/YOUNG ADULT identified from these videos needs to be arrested & charged for assault!

  10. This is so sad unfortunately no arrest will come from this. These same kids will be back on the streets in a few hours with no accountability. Until parents are locked up and held accountable for their children’s action this will continue.

  11. Blog King, bus operators are not the police. Aside from pulling over and calling the police do you have suggestions on what the bus operator should have done?

  12. This lynch mob should be brought up on charges for a public lynching. They need to learn how to tell the devil, their master, no! Just say no! They are full of evil! I hope the person they assaulted presses full charges and sues Metro!

  13. Despicable. The bus driver needed to kick those kids off the bus. Complete lack of stepping up to do the right thing from parents to bystanders to driver. We cannot let trash behavior like this persist.

  14. That woman could be their mother. This is disgraceful. I hope the lady sues the bus company for the negligence of the driver. I hope the children’s parents are fined.

  15. Wow !! Welcome to America Great Scott this shows a lack of character and Respect big time wow! The driver should be terminated immediately good God

  16. I need an extension cord to go on a rampage on these outrageous punk ass kids. Welps for everyone!

  17. I pray that lady sues the pants off metro and files charges against those kids. So sad. They can do better than just watching. What happened to black lives matter and silence is complicity. I’m black and I say those ppl watching were complying with the behavior. Not saying they should have jumped in to fight those kids but raising their voices and steeping in front of the lady to protect her would have made sense and the driver calling the police and noticing of the next stop to meet them there. That is better than what they did.

  18. Who is raising these animals?? No one is even teaching their children to not curse in front of adults and in public. Sue! None of those raggedy kids got up for a mother with young kids and let a middle aged lady get up instead! We have no one to blame but ourselves!

    If we act like animals, don’t expect us to riot for you when the police takes you out!

  19. This is what happens when all the men in a city are in prison. Just women and immature boys.

  20. This shit piss me off. How dare we walk streets and scream from buildings “Black Lives Matter” and to see folks stand around and do nothing. Our own people afflicting wounds on another. These kids need to be punished. Detectives let me help you out start from the schools in the area and check cameras of who wore that “MTV” shirt that day. This is where you start and the dominoes will fall in place. I’m so disgusted and I know there is a parent out there that know that was their child.

  21. I don’t care what anyone says, if I was on that bus, everyone of them would of got these hands

  22. This is sad. She could have avoided triggering someone by not telling them to stop cursing, and minding her own business. If people want to curse, let them. Sometimes cursing is the only outlet people have…. and when someone comes by and tells them to stop, that can really trigger someone, especially if they’re very upset about something. She fell into her own trap. This is why I never tell my kids nor anyone else that they shouldn’t curse. The more you push someone not to do something, the more they will do it. My kids chose for themselves not to curse because I gave them the freedom to do so.

  23. This is egregious and terrifying! The perpetrators and their parents should be charged with assault…..and so should the driver!!!

  24. She definitely needs imagining done. Her spine and neck.. you never know down the line from now.. I hope not but most likely she will have issues later…
    Most definitely she has to have contusions all over (bruising under tissue of her skin).. So glad OUR HEAVENLY FATHER had her.. HIS Angels made a fence surrounded her.. Bc THIS seemingly she would have more injuries. Amen Amen amen She was ok to walk away from it🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  25. Most democratic run states and cities are failing miserably. Why? The so-called Democratic leadership is far more concerned with playing dirty filthy politics, and acting like gods. Than they are the welfare and safety of the people they are supposed to be serving. Wake up folks. The democrats are destroying our country. Think of yourselves. Think of your children’s safety.

  26. My God, I’m in pain 😢 …I hope those little bastards are thrown under the jail

  27. These same kids will call people racist, and say the system is against them after doing shit like this to thier own. This new breed is wack as fuck. I don’t even ride the bus any more because of them, and I quickly switch train cars when I see a gaggle of them get on my train car.

  28. This why I drives my car, I refuse to catch metro. only way I’ll get on the bus is if the gas go to $5. I would do that shit to somebody’s child on them buses. They disrespectful and I will smack anybody’s child regardless of their age if they put they hands on me.


  30. Cities are crime infested sh^tholes. Prayers for the lady, those thugs can rot in Hell.

  31. This is going to sound really bad… but it kind of irks me a bit when they keep saying “no one stepped in to help, not even the bus driver”. This is a police matter. It is not the bus driver’s responsibility to step in – he too, needs to remain safe himself. You see how they’re acting; they could have easily hurt him too. It’s extremely unfortunate and sad – I completely empathize with the woman. 🙁 But this is reminiscent of like when people are stealing something from the store, it’s a 100% no no for a sales associate to follow the culprit out of the store as this could lead to a dangerous situation. (And it’s 100% true – once in high school I was working at a popular clothing retailer, and these people clearly were shoplifting and my manager left the store just a few steps to try and confront them and got two glass bottles thrown at him that shattered against the brick wall literally right by his head. It happens! 😳) Imagine if this driver was also thrown off the bus and one of these disrespectful kids decided it would be funny to drive the bus around.. (highly unlikely, but still). I hope they get in BIG trouble.

  32. Shit won’t change until the harsh punishments are instituted…you commit a crime then you do some time…..and even then things possibly won’t change.

    I know they’re kids but if their parents don’t want to parent…let the cells be their mom/dad.

  33. I hope that she sues them down to the cockroaches that skuttle up their walls! This is UNACCEPTABLE! Even a dog wouldn’t be treated like this is public!😡

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