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Politician shares sex tape hoping it generates votes

Mike Itkis released sex tape for votes/YouTube

Itkis pulled a Kardashian.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NEW YORK — Mike Itkis, a third-party liberal candidate in New York’s 12th District who’s running for U.S. Congress, set the Internet ablaze the other day when he released his own sex tape (à la Kim Kardashian) to win votes. You can’t make this stuff up. The 13-minute Pornhub video, titled “Bucket List Bonanza,” shows Magic Mike masticating the vulva of porn star Nicole Sage before thrusting his phallus in and out with no condom. The depilated politician even had Nicole moaning and gobbling like a turkey as she held that voluptuous derrière steady with her heels up. Can’t lie, the tape is kinda disappointing; mainly because Magic Mike f*cks like a Republican and Nicole — although beddable — is way too wholesome. Video vixens should be feral and feisty. Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “Is this guy on drugs? A sex tape for his campaign? Really?”

Another chimed in with, “Boring and looks like two raw, uncooked chickens smashing.”

A third observer added, “This man obviously has issues. He must have a sex addiction and soon he’ll be using New York tax money to pay for his porn addiction. 🙄 Our country is falling apart. Sad. 😔”

Magic Mike — a quondam U.S. Army Reserve — swore if he wins, he’ll bring a “sex positive” approach to politics. The Manhattan congressional candidate will also decriminalize prostitution, cease government participation in all things conjugal, and annihilate the notion that copulation should be between a man and woman. So it won’t be long before you can legally remunerate a hooker and/or hit it doggystyle with the family beagle. Magic Mike said the purpose of the X-rated video is “to bring awareness to many unresolved issues regarding sexual behavior in our society.”

Does Magic Mike have your vote?

Will you jack off to his sex tape to show support?

Watch Magic Mike explain his X-rated campaign ad.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Most politicians fuck us over behind closed doors. At least this guy has the balls to do it in front of a video camera!

  2. most right wing politicians cant do sex positive porn videos cause paedophilia is illegal

  3. Well, it’s nice to see Bull from Night Court is getting some action 🎬…

  4. Damn, no Politician, let alone a Political Candidate has ever begun to go this far before. Most bold.

  5. Ask him what my dick tastes like ? I have been getting blow job’s from her for years.

  6. After having a blithering idiot of a President in Trump, and seeing the imbeciles who have been emboldened to run for Congress, I am sad to say that I am all shocked-out. This is an absolutely outrageous stunt and frankly, I think the guy is full of shit and has absolutely no agenda other than trying to get attention. So now that he has gotten the media frenzy that he wanted, I hope he scurries away and joins all the other rats in the sewer.

  7. What a disgrace to that uniform. His actions reflect poorly on his oath and the standards of our Military. Punish this man and extradite him to some other country and never let him back into the U.S. again.

  8. He’s posting this so if and when elected you can’t throw him out of office for committing sexual offensives claiming you knew from the get go. So he’s saying “yes I’m a pig but you voted for me so suck it up.” Literally. haha


  10. He should be dishonorably discharged from the Military. Completely inappropriate

  11. moral corruption. porn has been shown to negatively impact the brain, especially young, developing brains. if this guy is truly passionate about policies like this there are better ways to go about it. i’m not criticizing him for his sex act, what happens between two consenting adults is completely fine with me. but porn is not an appropriate way to promote ideas.

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