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Ice-T’s baby girl recorded ‘twerkin’ with mom Coco

Uh-oh! A viral video shows Ice-T’s 7-year-old daughter Chanel twerkin’ with mom Coco and family members at an adult Christmas party. Donning holiday-themed pajamas, Chanel appears to be impersonating Tina Belcher from the Adult Swim cartoon series “Bob’s Burgers.” Tina is an introverted nymphomaniac. That’s why viewers are lambasting Coco for letting Chanel watch the show.

Watch the controversial gyration.

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  1. This is not twerking lmao social media being so extra and obviously never seen REAL actual twerking, this is what y’all consider twerking 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Chanel was having fun and here the party poopers come ready to judge a mother parenting over this ish. Whoever agrees that this is twerking, y’all can’t dance either! Lmao please in 2023 find some real ish to report in the media.

  2. It’s fine for the family but it shouldn’t have been posted. Ice T’s daughter looks just like him and now we know what he would have looked like had he been a girl.

  3. That poor girl looks just like her ugly daddy. Light skinned don’t make u cute.

  4. Disgusting. And FYI bob’s burgers is an adult cartoon. I would never allow my daughter to be doing that but apparently she wants her to spread her legs at a young age

  5. I have seen younger children dancing worse than this on tik tok being egged on by their parents ( usually mom) guess it’s okay for their kids since they’re not famous. LEAVE COCO ALONE SHE LOVES HER BABY AND ICE CERTAINLY WILL DEFEND HIS WIFE AND CHILD

  6. Come on parents.. Kids bust moves dancing silly and a lot of you alls kids have done it too whether see it or not. Just so happens this is a celebrity kid and you making a mountain out a mole hill.STOP IT.. She’s kid having fun ..STOP

  7. All kids shake their bootys lol
    She’s has popular parents . So it leaves the door open for criticism.
    It’s unfortunate the world we live in .

  8. The optics of a 7 year old gyrating her hips in a vulgar manner would demonstrate bad parenting if a parent laughed at it and thought it was “cute”and then posted it to social media for pedophiles to view. After viewing the video, a conscientious parent would have erased it but, instead this exhibitionist mother chose to post it. Also, this gene pool did not mix well. 🤮

  9. Why do people feel like it’s their place to put any negativity on anyone? If they don’t like what someone’s posting they don’t have to watch it yet they have to leave a negative comment it’s crazy. I think she’s a great mom she’s not doing anything wrong

  10. Dear conservatives aka Moral police aka righteous people 😂This child isn’t twerking, her butt isn’t shaking at all. The only thing moving is her back.

  11. Sorry but can we not make little girls twerk and dance provocatively?….she’s only so young and innocent for such a short time. What’s the rush for dancing like a grown woman out in the club? It’s not the child’s fault for doing this, because she doesn’t know any better but damn if that was my daughter dancing like that I would never encourage her to do it. It’s funny if they do it once or twice because they don’t know any better but hell no parents should never cheer this on. You want your daughter this young twerking for creeps online…why not teach them young that they should want more in life rather than being a sex symbol. How about show her how beautiful an educated, smart, independent woman who doesn’t need her body and looks to feel seen in life.

  12. Oh joy. A rapper turned actor and his hilariously proportioned, deeply intellectual partner teaching a 7 year old to sexualize herself to stay relevant.

  13. So here is the thing…,twerking is simply a part of current pop culture and kids are going to do it and as long as they are just being silly and not trying to appear sexy with it it’s fine behind closed doors at home or w/ family etc. it becomes something very different once it’s filmed and publicly posted on social media. And even more so problematic when you are a celebrity or have thousands of followers. That’s when you are openly allowing creeps, pedos, and dangerous characters into your home to sexualize you child. Keep that type of content PRIVATE! My son is 11 and he has a much older sister and myself who like to joke around when we are in our home. So he picked up on the fact that him dancing or “twerking” would get laughs he never stopped lol he’s almost 12 and still will do it in front of his sister and I privately to get a laugh. I have zero issues with it. But I would NEVER post him on the internet or any social media network!!!

  14. great parenting you dipshits!! She will be pregnant by the time she’s 10

  15. THIS is what people are concerned about???? WTF? With all of the craziness going on.

  16. If it was a Black mother, she would have been treated harshly. I don’t feel sorry for this tramp……Ice T is an old, washed up pimp……

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