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Broncos guard rips Chiefs, trick play ‘Pissed Him Off’

Meinerz tired of losing to Chiefs/YouTube

Broncos guard hates Chiefs. 

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DENVER — Uh-oh! Somebody has their panties in a bunch. In the second quarter of Saturday’s 31-13 ass-whuppin’ of the Las Vegas Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs effectuated a Ring-Around-The-Rosie play called “Snow Globe” that resulted in quarterback Patrick Mahomes throwing a touchdown pass to receiver Kadarius Toney that was negated by a penalty. It was fun. It was creative. It also ‘pissed off’ Denver Broncos guard Quinn Meinerz who thought the Chiefs were rubbin’ it in. Can’t lie, the Chiefs put clown suits on the Raiders. But that’s none of Meinerz’s business. Nevertheless, the 320-pound lineman vowed to inflict bodily harm when he lines up against the Chiefs next season. “The fact that they did that little Ring-Around-The-Rosie play against the Raiders genuinely pissed me off,” Meinerz told Brandon Krisztal of KOA 850.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was quick to react on his “New Heights” podcast. He told his brother Jason Kelce: “It’s kind of a f*ck you play… I guess he didn’t like it.” Meinerz also said he’s “sick of losing to the Chiefs” and he “really wants to beat them.” The Chiefs have spanked the Broncos 15 times in a row making Denver KC’s bitch. The Chiefs are obviously livin’ rent free in Meinerz’s head.

Do you consider trick plays disrespectful?

Watch Meinerz talk trash.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. truthfully its baffling that the chiefs having fun playing a kids game nearly brought this grown man to tears and is giving him sleepless nights😭

  2. Imagine cleaning your locker out at the end of the season as a bronco player and all your talking about is the chiefs! Not gonna win many games when you can’t get the chiefs out of your head

  3. Being jealous of losing is on you. It was a play that disrupted the defense. Maybe that is why the Broncos lose is because they have no ingenuity. I bet he doesn’t have an issue if he was a Chief.

  4. Not like he is going to do anything about it. KC just keeps beating them, so he can stay mad while he is home on the couch watching the playoffs 😂😂😂

  5. You sure you aren’t pissed about the franchise losing to Kc 15 straight times instead?? Cause this play shouldn’t matter one bit, the losing thing definitely does lol #ChiefsKingdom

  6. And this, my friends in Denver, guarantees that your losing streak will now probably extend into the 4th consecutive President. I mean, it wasn’t against you, you haven’t beaten them since 2015… so you decide to take offense? Maybe you should focus on protecting your QB.

  7. The fact that one pre snap motion of play against another team motivates you more than losing 15 times IN A ROW… no wonder they are a losing team

  8. Lmao imagine being mad about something happened in a game amongst your division rivals that you nor your team were even playing in, how about Quinny focuses on getting the broncos better

  9. Chiefs have the Bills and Bengals sharing a bed together and now the Broncos and Raiders are snuggling on the couch sharing s’mores and talking about the evil Chiefs. As a Chiefs fan, this is wonderful. Hate away kids.

  10. As a Raiders fan…..I can’t say I was mad. Like if you don’t want that done to you then don’t suck for 22 years and prioritize a r spectacle defense. What made me mad was that play did not seem to piss off any actual Raider players 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. Looking forward to this guy getting dog walked by Chris Jones in a 31-20 loss to the Chiefs. This is the softest thing I’ve ever seen.

  12. You want to talk disrespectful? I find it massively disrespectful that the owners of the Broncos make me check out my own groceries! 😂😂😂😂

  13. He’s more pissed off by ring around the Rosie than losing 15 straight times to the Chiefs?

  14. ‘Trick play’ aside, now everyone who hates the Chiefs knows what it was like for Chiefs fans who suffered thru losses to Elway and Brady. Don’t forget, if the rules allow it, ANYONE can dream up and execute similar plays. Stop the whining.

  15. I’d be mad too if I was part of a franchise that has lost 15 straight games to one team. I’d be even more mad being the main reason my wildly overpaid franchise QB is getting dog walked & WWE’d.

  16. Broncos haven’t beat the Chiefs since this dude was in high school 😂 KC doesn’t do that stuff in close games.. start to be competitive with the Chiefs and they will stop treating you like children.

  17. He doesn’t like the Chiefs and anything they do probably aggravates him. If his team or a team he liked did this he wouldn’t have a problem with it. It’s like when a fan who hates cheaters and their team gets caught cheating, they make excuses for their team

  18. Living. In. Their. Head. Rent. Free. 😆 🤣

    In all seriousness though, why does this piss people off? It’s something the players developed together & it’s fun. Don’t people want to see players having fun & creating their own plays?

  19. Wow, Dude This Didn’t Affect You in any way! Don’t Know Why Your Pissed Off. We Are The Kansas City Chiefs Kingdom Enjoying a Bye Week Before Our Next Playoff Game, & AFC West Champs Again, MVP for Mahomes 2023!🏈🏈🏈

  20. Where was he when the Raiders circled Arrowhead several times with their team bus after the game and the following year the whole Raider team stomping the Chiefs emblem on 50 yard line?

  21. Maybe he should be worried now about his dumpster fire of a team before worrying about what other teams are doing. The way the Broncos played this year was disrespectful to their fans and city.

  22. Hahaha cute buddy.

    Maybe it’s not the “little ring-around-the-Rosie” thing but then fact that’s it’s been Patrick’s entire career that you haven’t beat Kansas City. What’s it been? Six, seven years? Hell I can’t remember that long ago.

    Keep crying.

  23. That’s what you call living in someone’s head, rent free!!!😂😂 #GoChiefs

  24. Chiefs main goal is to win the Super Bowl. Other teams main goal is to beat the Chiefs. Sad

  25. Beat us 15 games in a row, I’ll let that slide. Dance in a circle before a play against a division rival, thats 1 step over the line my friend. Now I’m coming for you. 🤣🤣🤣

  26. I would say eat another cheeseburger and drink your glass of tears. This interview was hilarious. Great stuff 😅 You should take this up with Russell Wilson 😅😅😅🎉

  27. Proof that the NFL is nothing more than a clown show. It’s no longer a sport.

  28. I love how people worry about being disrespected. Only weak and fragile people can be made to feel disrespected. That’s just an external stimulus hitting you in your tiny weak nutsack. Grown men complaining about disrespect is nauseating and disappointing. Nothing can make you feel disrespected unless you are too weak to disregard it. Little boys and girls don’t have that level of self mastery.

  29. He knows a Super Bowl run is out of the question so the most they can hope for is to beat the Chiefs at least once a year that’s going to be there Super Bowl the Chiefs don’t care they got their eyes on the real prize

  30. This really makes my season. our chiefs have got him so flustered that he even gets mad at creative, fun, energetic plays in the sport he so “loves”. Reid and the boys are really making this season entertaining.

  31. “I’m tired of losing to the Chiefs” then get better at football instead of complaining man 💀

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