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‘Proud Family’ says slaves ‘built’ America, now pay us

Proud Family goes woke/YouTube

Proud Family seeks reparations.

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HOLLYWOOD — Disney officials are submerged in boiling hot water after members of the “Proud Family” demanded reparations because it’s their assertion slaves erected America. The animated characters made the proclamation during a theatrical performance that featured images of slaves working in cotton fields and a Ku Klux Klansman burning a cross. The Proud Family was recently rebooted following an 18-year hiatus. Now viewers are calling it the most woke cartoon ever. “This country was built on slavery which means slaves built this country!” they said. “Tilled this land from sea to sea to sea. First there was rice, tobacco, sugar cane. Then Whitney did his thing and cotton became king. And we were its soldiers, four million strong. Fighting for America’s freedoms even though we remained America’s… Slaves built this country! The descendants of slaves continue to build it. Slaves built this country! And we the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering. And continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in a systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for.

“Slaves built this country!

“Not only field hands, but carpenters, masons, blacksmiths, musicians. Inventors built cities from Jamestown to New Orleans to Banneker’s Washington. Forty acres and a mule. We’ll take the 40 acres. Keep the mule. We made your families rich. From the southern plantation heirs, to the northern bankers, to the New England ship owners, the founding fathers, former presidents, current senators, the Illuminati, the New World Order. Slaves built this country!”

Hold up…

Wait a minute…


New World Order?


Can’t lie, they articulated some relevant points about slavery.

But they lost me at “Illuminati” and “New World Order.”

Many of us ain’t down with that Satanic sh*t.

Since COVID arrived, Disney and others have gone above and beyond to indoctrinate our kids.

They want ’em to become racist homos.

Watch the controversial performance.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. they really showed the kkk in a kids show.. like yea its important but isnt this addressed to 7 year olds? (i watched every episode of the reboot. the first season was good but the 3 episodes of the second season is..questionable)


  3. I respect this comment section way more than the company that created this cartoon.

  4. I mean, by this logic, white Americans should demand reparations from Kazakhstan for the Hunnic Invasion of Europe during the late 5th Century as many of their ancestors were killed and enslaved.

    Or the Spanish and Portuguese asking reparations from Morocco for the Arab Occupation of Iberia or France and Italy demanding reparation from Algeria for raiding coastal cities and towns and kidnapping white women to be sold as slaves, which btw only ended in 1830.

  5. It lied about History. Slaves didn’t construct buildings with cotton or build anything even close to what they’re saying in this stupid propaganda show. It’d be like saying a gardener built a house. If slaves really built this Country then why are people in Africa still living in huts??? Plus not all the states even had slaves. And even IF IF IF blacks did “build this Country”, it was the white men who were planning it on paper.

  6. @Smartest Black Man in the World: Go fuck yourself you antiwhite piece of shit. “Your” people attack and kill us everyday with no Media attention! We will stop your people like it or not. Time is running out for you trash.

  7. I’m not feeling guilty for something myself and my parents didn’t do the people who weren’t even born yet. they can take the entitlement and shove it way up there butts. They want to talk about slavery how about they talk about the Africans who sold the other Africans or how slavery still going on in some parts of Africa.

  8. Just tired of hearing black people bitching, trying to get free shit for something they never experienced

  9. Alright, wanna keep it 💯. Fine, lets keep it 💯. AFRICA SOLD FOREFATHERS INTO SLAVERY. Not Europeans, but other blacks who were the ones responsible for selling your forefathers into slavery. Woke idiots tend to forget Africa was one of the biggest slave trading posts in the world. Selling slaves not only to Europeans but largely to other AFRICANS, Middle Easterns, and Brazil, just to name a few. And the real kicker is, is that there is still slavery going on in Africa TODAY by the millions, and no one’s is talking about it!

  10. they say all this yet ignore the girl of irish decent who’s people were treated just as badly

  11. The double standards are crazy if a white person said this the show would be taken down and anybody involved with it would be cancelled

  12. As if to add salt to the wound, they never once let the white character talk.
    At this point they’re not even trying to hide the obvious hate they have.

  13. What’s this bullshit on a kids show ? Good job Disney + you fucking suck

  14. Absolutely disgusting! If I had the money I’d buy Disney and destroy it. Then every damn cent would go to charity.

  15. I’m white and I will not go to Disney I threw all there movies in the trash Disney is 💩💩💩💩🤡👹👹

  16. As a white male in my 60s I dont feel bad for ME….I feel bad for all the young people who are being fed this misinformation about history. This will cause every young person who believes this incorrect history to be DOOMED to repeat the hard lessons of the past. That is NOT fair to these Young people to be fueling this race hatred when THESE young people will be the ones forced , FORCED to pay the results of this hatred. NO BUENO, AMIGO.

  17. It’s sad to see the hard work of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X and many more being undone today. They all died for nothing…

  18. We don’t hate white people we just love The TRUTH💃 where’s the lie? I’ll wait🎤

  19. I mean should the descendants of slaves deserve to suffer because their ancestors couldn’t build any generational wealth? Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, and systemic racism has led to a massive wealth gap between blacks and whites. For every $1 of wealth held by a white family, a Black family had just $0.25 in 2022. Of course it wasn’t just slaves who built this country, imperialism and genocide also played a descent role. Native Americans have a higher poverty rate than blacks despite being a smaller population, and blacks have a higher poverty rate despite having a smaller population than whites. Is it wrong to say that maybe we should really help these people more, well no it’s actually their fault for having a victim complex or whatever. Didn’t MLK say “We are coming to Washington to get our check.”

  20. SlAvEs BUiLt THis CoUnTRy!
    Chinese people in the background: Am I a joke to you?

  21. This comment section is proof that conservatives are just a bunch of stupid racists.

  22. Black people now need to grow up. You’re not getting paid 200 years later for slavery. It’s better to fix schools, community centres, and homes instead of being angry all the time!

  23. “Slaves Built this Country”. These drooling morons literally think they were lawmakers, architects, engineers, physicists, doctors and politicians. Slaves mainly picked cotton.

  24. Slaves did NOT build this country. They had a hand in it but no they didn’t build it. This misleads children and will cause children to turn on each other. Get politics out of schools

  25. I’m pretty sure that slaves did not install this toilet that I’m sitting on right now.

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