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Cartoonist warns whites to eschew blacks at all costs

Scott Adams can’t stand blacks/YouTube

Cartoonist slams black folks. 

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NEW YORK — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to cartoonist Scott Adams who was canceled by several newspapers after he instructed white folks to “get the hell away from black people.” The racist diatribe transpired on his YouTube channel. “Based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people,” Scott, 65, said. “Just get the f*ck away… because there’s no fixing this.” Damn Scott. Tell us how you really feel. And what about clueless black athletes? The entire NFL and NBA are f*ckin’ white chicks. Are you saying they don’t deserve vanilla vulva? Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “The feeling is mutual cracker.” Another chimed in with, He can’t be fully canceled because he’s already a millionaire. But he’s old and about to die so he’s like f*ck it. Might as well go out with a bang.” A third observer added, “From a WHITE person…… I THANK Scott Adams for saying what most WHITE people truly feel deep down because of the way we are treated by BLACK people in general. It’s time to pull the tape off our mouths and just tell the TRUTH on racial relations and who the TRUE RACISTS are statistically.”

In addition to being dumped by multiple media outlets, Scott’s “Dilbert” comic strip was jettisoned by the distributor — prompting Twitter CEO Elon Musk to fire back in defense. “The media is racist,” Elon, 51, tweeted in support of Scott. “For a *very* long time, US media was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against whites & Asians.”

Scott also called blacks a “hate group” before validating his whiteness. “As of today, I’m going to re-identify as white,” he said. “Because I don’t want to be a member of the hate group.” It should be noted, Scott once identified as black. But he changed his mind after results from a bogus poll claimed 47% of black people hate white folks. But, are we sure that percentage is legit?

After all, polls are fabricated all the time to disseminate propaganda.

Also, how many African Americans were surveyed?

Anyway, do you agree with Scott?

Should Caucasians “get the hell away from black people?”

Watch Scott’s rant and viewer reaction.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. A white man identifies as a black man that’s racist. Little snowflake can’t handle the truth! Or even understand it!

  2. @Brendan: You mean at the Universities that Black people had to create because of racism? Higher than the Black population at some Ivy league and prep schools…

  3. I agree with MLKjr that we should only judge someone by the content of their character and not by the color of his/her skin.

  4. This guy wants to be relevant I don’t even know him or his cartoons anyway ignore him people are using hate to get attention & make money just like Kanye West did don’t even waste time to cancel or give him space.

  5. i’ve never read the Dilbert cartoon. I’ll be buying comic book I can find….

  6. Slavery … civil rights movement … blacks fought hate for a long time to get equal rights for all. His statement is racist. Black Americans are just trying to survive. Pick another race to hate, blacks are over it. Over it. Who cares what you think?

  7. Just another white dude wanting to be black. They jealous. Nothin to see here.

  8. How stupid to say such crap! I guess Scott Adams doesn’t like his income.

  9. @TL Pricescope: He’s already a millionaire and his life is nearly over. Free speech is free speech weather it hurts your feelings or not. That’s why no one got mad when Don Lemon of CNN said the same exact thing.

  10. First of all
    How could he have ever identified as black
    Sounds crazy
    Also who changes one’s beliefs based on 1 poll

  11. The poll gave him excuse for his racism to come out. How do we know If white people participate in the poll pretend to be black.

  12. God made all of us in his image, so if you hate someone behind their color that means you hate God.✌️👍

  13. Meanwhile a black man just pulled out a gun loaded it and casually shot a white homeless guy in a video going viral.
    I guess the shooter didn’t think it was ok to be white.
    I’m not saying Scott Adams is right but he’s not wrong either.

  14. It’s sad there are so many jackasses out there in this comment section willing to wear the “I’m a proud racist” badge. You are not noble, you bunch of moron, you just are low class ass wipes who need to grow the hell up.

  15. We had jay z say he won’t help white people, we had Lauryn Hill say she wishes white people wouldn’t buy her CDs, we had nick cannon say he hates white people, we even had Oprah say she wishes all old white people would die, and non of you weak left wing fatherless males said anything. So miss me with your fake ass outrage , your just all simply cowards , that’s it

  16. This has to be the silliest thing I’ve heard…
    To say well ” I’m just going to start considering myself white again”
    as if it’s some tangible change or it’s that simple that your being judged based off how you see yourself.
    He literally has no tangible idea on what he’s talking about just small-minded as fuck.

    Your treated based off how others see you

  17. They make up phony polls to suit their arguments they’ve been doing this for years

  18. What about back pay for 300 years of free work from somebody’s companies

  19. The whole point of getting a good education and getting a good job is so you don’t live in bad neighborhoods. Unfortunately bad neighborhoods are usually in the inner cities which are mostly black. What he said really is true, like it or not.

  20. WHO in WORLD does Adams THINK he IS? DICATATING what and who people can be with hang out with, work with, study with, do sport with etc? He is NOT God. I see trolls again who thinks this is hilare. Sad that they are SO limited. I wager the trolls are CHRISTIANS deeply dependant on the Bible, all while forgetting that their SAVIOR Jesus mingled with EVERY person of color, EVERY walks of life. His rant SHOWS how LIMITED he is, and how STUPID he is. FYI TALK TO THE HAND!!!!

  21. Who gives a shit why they might have a negative reaction to the poll, it’s a very simple and straightforwards question. If you read a poll asking is it ok to be white and you respond no with an utter lack of self-control because of some previous experience you had with the statement version of the question you are without a doubt a racist 😂 I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with black people and even some black movements and if I read a question asking if it was ok to be black I’d respond yes in a heartbeat. Why? Because I’m not racist 😂

  22. He is a cartoonist And he is a f ing idiot 1000 people surveyed How many of the 1000 were black … 10 black people so 4 of 10 is the 40%. Adams need not worry He is a white person black folk shun He is on the jobs we are on and make our lives hell. Find the clip of George Carlin. He comments on “why do white people try singing the blues. White people GIVE black people the blues”

  23. he literally didn’t say anything Malcolm X hasn’t said but in reverse

  24. I turn 50 this month. I’m white. I grew up in a predominantly black city. I have never seen or experienced racism like I’ve seen in the last 10 years between whites and Blacks. It’s truly sad times. I knew as soon as liberal colleges and universities started black, only areas that segregation was being brought back. King fought to abolish segregation, and liberals have found a way to make it popular again. White liberals if I’m to be honest. In one situation, colleges are encouraging segregation, and then you have Biden talking about building low income housing right on top of single homes. What’s the end game here ?

  25. It’s far worse than what black people think. When white people are alone, we talk about genocide.
    Nuclear War, the zombie apocalypse, reality television, what ever will reduce the human population to a level that we don’t have to deal with stuff.
    Then we go to work completely, forgetting what we had planned as well as the grocery list for after work.

  26. Why is Scott wrong? Because he’s a “dumb cracka”?
    Nothing he said was racist

  27. If that’s how he feel he got the right to feel that way. I wouldn’t be getting emotional about that shit. Because we ain’t black or African Americans no way. F&@$ it, if MFs ain’t vibrating on your level fuck em all. Black, pink, white, red, yellow, blue, dog, cat, whatever the f$&@ 😂😂😂

  28. Actually, he not wrong it’s just the delivery. I am not white but I still experience hate from black people because I don’t look black in America. See back in Puerto Rico it don’t matter like it matters here. Idk why everyone is like this. The other day I smiled at a black man and he moved his shirt up to show he had a gun and smiled back. He made a statement. I don’t understand why so much hate is being given back to people who are actually trying to love and care for black communities. I care. I don’t look black but I am.

  29. It doesn’t shock me because he’s a trump supporter which makes him a loser.

  30. They took black people from African “forcefully”. Enslaved them for decades, gave them no opportunities, and gave them the worst conditions. By the way they were benefiting from these slaves. They made generational wealth, opportunities, and laws that only help them. Now that they are centuries ahead of them they complain. You made the system the way it is. Fix the problem you made. But no, they are fed up and tired. Oh and it’s not like black people are not being killed by white people. I do not get America

  31. Everyone: “Scott. Why you say racist shit?”
    Scott: “I was trying to make people mad”
    Everyone: “Why?”
    Scott: “Tools for success”
    Everyone: “Huh?”
    Scott: “Looking forwards and backwards.”

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