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Single mom tells men pay babysitter or ain’t no datin’

Single mom says pay the babysitter/YouTube

Single mom issues ultimatum.

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LOS ANGELES — A viral TikTok video shows a penny-pinching single mom saying it’s imperative men pay the babysitter if they wish to take her out on a date. Providing transportation, dinner and a movie ain’t enough. Babygirl wants childcare covered too. Damn, she must not be gettin’ child support from the baby daddy. “Something that’s been getting under my skin is men not understanding what it means to be a single mom,” she vented. “As a single working mom, I have my plate full to the maximum. I don’t have free time. The time that I do have free, I just wanna relax. I’m single, yes. Do I wanna date? Sure, if I meet the right person. But if you invite me out for a dinner or drinks… don’t just assume that I’m gonna be able to drop off my child somewhere because most likely I’m not. So unless you’re offering to to pay for the babysitter, I’m not going on that date.”

Social media reaction was hilarious.

One viewer wrote, “Getting my passport tomorrow.”

Another chimed in with, “If the first n*gga that busted in her wont pay, what makes her think I would?”

A third observer added, “Shut the f*ck up b*tch and go find the baby daddy.”

Because of Western popsies like this… the Passport Bros, Passport Brad and Men On The Move are traveling overseas to find wives. The rapacious narcissist spent the entire video elucidating what simps can do for her without mentioning one thing she can do for them. Foreign hotties are on the verge of cornering the dating market and American chicks are making it highly feasible.

Watch babygirl issue the ultimatum.

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  1. Really???? Chic, stay home and watch yo kid….cook yourself a meal….and watch Netflix.

  2. I actually agree with her. If a man believes she is worth all that, then do all that. She has standards. I have standards. We should all have standards. Now will she find that man?? I doubt it, but maybe, it’s a lot of simps out there.

  3. I’m going to keep it 💯 I tell my 24 year old son to stay the hell away from women who have children. This woman looks like a damn alien 👽

  4. Better use grandma or sister to watch them. May be crazy. Wait I wouldn’t even be trying to date a single mother anyway. We can meet and get a room for a few hours. That’s about it.

  5. Biotch, I’m not taking care of no Mutant Rugrat that’s not mine

  6. If your ‘plate is full’? Then you don’t have time to date. 😕
    I am a Divorced single mom of 2; I get it.

    1. Set a day or 2 aside for your personal time.
    2. It isn’t that man’s job to take care of children that he has not sired. That’s their- dad’s job.
    3. Hire a nanny or hire on-call sitters, pay your servants/sitters good and treat them fairly.
    4. You are neither unique or special honey. Standards too high. No one should have to jump through hoops and hangers for you as if you alone are worthy. A real man will meet his woman 100% of the way and a real woman will do the same for him. It’s called MATURITY. It’s a team. 😒

  7. It’s extremely rare that I would date a woman with even one child, let alone children, for anything serious. Man, I travel a lot for work internationally, so i really don’t deal with most of these females with kids in America because they have a warped perspective. Also, I’m not boo boo the fool, and I have standards, so I only have a few exceptions to the rules when it comes to dating single mothers, and I’m really stringent about them. I will not change those exceptions because if I do that it makes me look like a hypocrite and I won’t have that.

  8. As a woman with kids this is insane, do you also want him to support your child in the mean time as well

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